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  1. Rules question: the committee boat

    I think it does -see Appendix A6.1 John
  2. Proper course - noob question

    Proper course only applies when a rule specifically invokes proper course. Proper course only exists in R 17, R 18 (several times), and R 24. and not even then before the start, where there is no proper course. John
  3. Upwind gates

    We tried this in RC sailing in a 15 boat IOM fleet, using an inside/out gate at the weather mark. The main issue was an increase in possible collisions as the lead boat rounded the mark and headed back downwind - into the path of boats still beating - so you loose the separation-protection of the offset mark, unless you also set offsets at each end of the gate. I would not recommend this for fleet racing. John
  4. Rule 18.3 technical question

    If you entered the zone already fetching the mark for a Port rounding, then R 18.3 applies. After he tacks, you have to stay clear under R 11 W/L. If he takes you above close hauled, he breaks R 18.3. Under R 18.3, he does not gain mark room, but the other rules of Part 2 still apply. John
  5. Radio controlled sailing

    Lots of photos of the IOM World's, thanks to Sue Brown. here Link to over 40 hours of video from 6 days of racing - here John
  6. Radio controlled sailing

    The IOM World Championship featuring 76 top skippers from around the world, is under way in Pierrelatte in the south of France. There are live video feeds of the racing, click on the video on the regatta home page. Here is the link to the web site. http://www.iomwc2017.vrc-pierrelatte.com/ John
  7. Radio controlled sailing

    The IOM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 is coming soon - Friday 12 to Saturday 20 May. Here is the event web site. http://www.iomwc2017.vrc-pierrelatte.com/ Here is a great intro video John
  8. Radio controlled sailing

    If you look at the stats of how many are selling and being registered with their National Authorities and going racing - they are way cool! John
  9. Radio controlled sailing

    Choosing a boat is like religion - each has its acolytes. I would suggest a better combo would be Dragonforce 65 to DragonFlite 95. But if you want to race against the best RC sailors, then IOM is the answer. John
  10. Radio controlled sailing

    Unless there is a local DF65 fleet, get the DF95 - it is a much better experience. Bigger boat - sails faster and is easier to see. John
  11. RRS 20 hail when no Obstruction

    Thanks Guys. Great help. John
  12. Does a 'specified' hail apply even if the conditions for the rule under which the hail is made does not exist? R 20 specifies a hail and the required response. If a boat hails for Room to Tack but there is no obstruction, does R20.2 still apply. Two boats are approaching the lay line and Red wants to tack, but is blocked by Yellow. So she hails for room to tack. Yellow is still below the lay line. Does R 20.2 still apply? If Yellow tacks she will be below the mark. Being able to protest Red for an improper hail still leaves Yellow with a disadvantage.Can Yellow tell Red to "Get Lost "? without breaking parts of R 20.2. John
  13. Rules Question - Port Starboard - Easy

    Wrong. If you were careless enough to let them go between you and the RC then they are within their rights and you cannot luff them into the RC. OF course we are talking generally here. Wrong. We have this discussion every year; sometimes several times a year. There is always somebody who believes in the 'Open Door' theory of barging/starting. Can any person show us an "Open Door" rule in the book which either grants Mark-Room at the start, or confers right-of-way to Windward under some special circumstances? RRS-open-door02b.gif In this scenario, which boats gets a DSQ? FB- Doug Sorry Doug, but not I disagree. In you diagram yes, Windward gets DSQ, as Leeward did not alter course. But if Leeward alters course and luffs windward into the RC, then leeward breaks R 16.1. Under 16.1, L has to give room to W when she alters course to luff - and room includes W's obligation under R 31 - don't hit a mark. So if you want to close the door - do it early enough so that windward may respond by staying clear without hitting anything.. John
  14. Rules Question - Port Starboard - Easy

    DSQ Yellow, RRS10. DSQ Blue RRS 14 (failing to avoid causing damage) JOhn
  15. 2017 Rules Rule 18.3 Tacking in the Zone

    There is a (new) wrinkle in R 18 when both boats tack in the zone such that R 18.3 does not apply. See Rob Overton's blog, especially the first comment. http://racingrulesblog.blogspot.co.uk/ (note - I sail RC and so Appendix E and 4 length zone) - but he same situation may be drawn with a 3 length zone) Green enters the zone still on port and passes htw to stbd insie the zone to fetch the mark. Yellow tacks from port to stbd inside Green. From the blog - once Yellow passes htw, and even though the tack in not completed, Yellow is now on stbd and Green become overlapped and R 18.2.a applies. This gives Mark Room to Yellow and so she is exonerated under R 21 if she breaks R 13... My question is does (new) R 18.2.e apply - and how? (e) If there is reasonable doubt that a boat obtained or broke an overlap in time, it shall be presumed that she did not. Is this a valid defense for Green if the boats are close when Yellow passes htw and the overlap begins? John