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  1. Radio controlled sailing

  2. Radio controlled sailing

    I think the KF11 is designed by Hugh Kidd of Toronto. pm sent to badaka John
  3. Radio controlled sailing

    Some video from the Australian Nationals - A class and IOMs. https://www.risdonbrookradioyachtclub.com/2018-nationals-pictures.html
  4. Radio controlled sailing

    Rod Carr has been making sails for RC boats for decades - he knows his stuff. He uses PX-75 for Santa Barbara class. http://www.carrsails.com/catalog--price-list.html The SB is a heavy boat and the load on the sails is considerable - so the re-enforced PX-75 is a great solution. John
  5. Radio controlled sailing

    If you are in the USA, here a couple of domestic suppliers http://www.midwestmodelyachting.com/ http://stores.rcsailboatparts.com/ John
  6. Radio controlled sailing

    http://www.theamya.org/regatta/ and select CLASS, then df65 This page gets updated as events are added tot he schedule. John
  7. you make the call

    Saw this video today of RC boats racing - and a virtual recreation of the incident under discussion. John
  8. you make the call

    In the ROW rules (10 - 13) the keep clear boat must do just that - there is no 'room to keep clear' So we can dismiss R 11from the discussion. Also dismiss R 16 as S did not alter course as the boats converged - S only altered course at the last moment to avoid P. John
  9. you make the call

    One problem in discussing an item like this is that we never get to agree on the FACTS. We each have our own version and apply the rules accordingly. The nearest we have to FACTS, other than the video, is the provided text. Watching out for the port tacker that is charging in with sheets slightly cracked, sail a little high to clear expecting him to avoid, at the last moment it becomes clear he is doing absolutely nothing to avoid you so you put your helm down but not quite enough and your spinnaker catches their spreaders. So I have created a diagram as best I can. From these here are my FACTS. Green rounded the windward mark and bore away on the next leg but sailing a little high to avoid Red, approaching the mark on Port with sheets slightly eased. Port does not alter course. Green alters course to avoid Red, just as Green's spinnaker is hoisted. Contact occurs as Green's spinnaker is ripped on the port spreader of Red.
  10. you make the call

    As S is leaving the mark and P is approaching the mark R 18 does not apply. P and S are on different legs, so R 24 applies. S is allowed to sail her proper course R 24. It is not clear from the video (the PC would have to establish facts) , but if S is sailing her proper course, then P failed to keep clear of S. P is DSQ under R 10. S breaks R 14 but is not exonerated as there was damage,. S is DSQ R 14. John
  11. The European Commission has just ruled that a ban or penalty on participants in prohibited events is illegal. Quite a bombshell for international sports organisations. http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-17-5184_en.htm John
  12. There is a big difference between my diagram and Case 106. In case 106 the line pulled tight lies on the wrong and right sides of the marks. In my diagram, the line pulled tight lies outside the marks. John
  13. Ok, I'll say it differently - Yellow has finished but may be protested under R 28.2 for failing to sail the course. John
  14. Be careful about 'dipping' the finish line. In this diagram, Yellow has not finished correctly, as the string, when pulled tight would lie outside the finish mark. John
  15. Extreme barging

    There is - its DNE ( DSQ Non-excludable.)