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  1. BobBill

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    Your a sailor, you get in the boat and the rest matters not, meaning the boat makes no difference once the motion begins...or commotion... Amazing that so many like to pick at how many angels there are on a pin...who cares?
  2. BobBill

    Craigslist Finds

    Amazing, isn't it! Offer what you think intuitively...what else...that is a one-of-a-kind. Belongs in a museum, sort of as is, (not on water) with some slight "touch-ups (IMO) just being in such a storage area to me would be an honor...Amazing...but I like old stuff, specially wood stuff. That hull and parts belongs in solid I-14 club sure Stu Walker, who is off sailing, would be envious.
  3. BobBill

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    Mozzy, How's that idea you have meld with "It's easier to prevent a problem than try to fix after it becomes apparent?" Simple, is best...may be most difficult to explain, like truth, but immensely practical, like sailing! IMO.
  4. Although the item centered on Cs, it had me thinking of Rod McAlpine-Downey's beauties too, like the Shark...always ahead of the fleet? +1. Never past tense...even if some dingers rule otherwise (Finn exclusion, for example)
  5. BobBill

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    In my very limited view of rules. The Portsmouth is the only say to go and its "saving" will never be necessary. Young people use the rates to judge speed when buying or thinking about buying, or racing, as I did. The ratings are based on individual OD rules, so when the gun goes off, a swab can just go for broke...thing is subtle, "go-fasts" usually are set to put all in a class on same footing; having said that, if one enters an event with unsanctioned gear, c'est la vie. Example, years back, actually decades, I sailed a 110. I added two Hexaratchets (to replace the snubber on the bridgedeck, so I could sail it alone in a breeze, and a trapeze...which I did not use alone. The changes were not acceptable to 110 org in Mich. The Hexes alone were enough for disqualification, though eventually accepted...such a drag...! However, if I entered to boat in a Portsmouth event, I would use all the gear...and you know what? They would not make much of a difference between the 110 and, say, a C-boat or 1/4 tonner... The only thing wrong with Portsmouth to me is the time it takes to get a rate. Of course, I like it simple.
  6. BobBill

    you're not helping!

    Shit, Just don't jibe---
  7. BobBill

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    We chose, we do, that's it...simple is best. Deal with it...just like the swabs...think about what transpired when the first competitions occurred...none of the bullroar happendd, just sailing.
  8. BobBill

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    I think, the above makes my point. Simple is best...always.
  9. BobBill

    Keep Balanced

    IMO, anything, even "Anarchy" beats PHRF or the rest of ruledom! Just takes some time to accumulate data, but worth the wait, to me. I just went over my ancient stuff and ran across the old ratings...and smiled how we seem to try to always outsmart ourselves and suck wind. Just look what happened with Wild fargin dim!
  10. BobBill

    Keep Balanced

    Portsmouth for all; no more bullroar!
  11. BobBill

    Front Page - Krakan

    +1. Sailing.
  12. BobBill

    Coast Guard Training HUGE Waves

    Grankin+1. Truth be told a few of us did same in other services, we ended up "drafted"... You go guarantees, service or job or life. I knew a couple dodgers who never came back and one had been at it for a few years...Lake M gobbled his whole crew up (fishing for a living)...glad you made my mems fire.
  13. BobBill

    Coast Guard Training HUGE Waves

    Random +1. He makes a good point...but in our selfish PC-ness, breaking news, friend world, what else. Does rub a bit. We are plain dim.
  14. BobBill

    Front Page "Amature Hour"

    Got me laughing, spilling my coffee. so dumb, so quick-dumb...the best laid plan or the best laid...Very Kewl!
  15. I wondered the same thing...but it is SA, so I figured I "didn't need to care!" Blew it off, so to speak. Sometimes we are thinking of one thread while putting that thought to another thread.