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  1. +1, like living to make the other guy look good, sailing for its own sake is a creed that spells fulfillment, it goes, the rest goes,
  2. A thought only. I go to the bars to swill and gaze at curves. Dig the info...looks a bit too tidy for me. Might be in for Texas run, I get that far along. Just an outrigger. But fun to think of doing.
  3. Noisy, but swift, to me....loved those rockets, but "not nautical," indeed, as noted above. You like what you did, good on ya...sounds fun, beats scratching, that's for sure.
  4. What is long distance for a non-foiling cat or outrigger, 60 NM? How about Keys to Havana or similar? Or, would that not be the same. not prodding, just do not know and asking.
  5. Been and done...I have one piece of advice...take your time plus two more admonishments: Re-read posts 38-39 Zonker and Ryanminty...and cast a line on boatdesign.net. Those boyos are very knowledgeable and willing to share. Too many to name. And rigging anew, without experience, is a killer.
  6. Aiyup! And if stored horizontal, add another, for if fitting r&r'd and nothing else done, might it be wet still? Take it poll is AL! MIght not hurt to stick "fish-wire" in hole and move around a bit, if not already done so. Gee!
  7. Laser II? But that may be as inadequate...no room for rum, either.
  8. +! SloopJonB or bite the bullet and carefully r&r end fitting. Seems fairly uncomplicated fix.
  9. Two of our genius edger farm-out freaks, if they can read, tried to steal a downed power/utility pole in FL. And got nabbed. Thought someone would buy it? Imagine a utility pole atop a car. Duh! The Sidewinder, too bad, a coulda-been....not quite a Banshee either.
  10. Work it out, start is 90% of it, unless drag race...something has to work and Portsmouth seems closer to reality than most; Rest is flotsam, IMHO. Work it out.
  11. I just went to USC's composite link...West is substantially higher in cost!
  12. 12 Metre, My kind of boat (mind) I have saved the reference you have provided. We use the same source, and will check. Like I said, I must use current inventory first and will peruse USC's West offerings. I do feel a bit obligated, as "epxcy moron" has helped me a lot and and signed me up for their magazine, which I, for one, believe is outstanding, to say the least. Thanks! I am slow, but I learn.
  13. I kinda figured the comment might get a comment. Did not want to hi-jack...but believe me I have checked various sources...as long as inventory works...in for penny in for paound, alread committed stock on hand. I get low will check around again, but doubt much will change.
  14. I have nothing against West, but cost is a factor, especially when the products are essentially the same. I tend to use inventory, but buy only what I need plus a bit more, "in case." When it comes to glue per se or fill, I have used G and had (have) epoxy to mix with on-hand Cabosil to make a decent paste, which has performed so far. But with a better product for high stress areas, might be useful to play with it, like bonding the torched blue sewer pipe to rimmed rubber mats for cradles or trailer hull bunks/s epoxy did not like the torched blue plastic, and with carbon. I just don;t search out "tech notes" etc. Might have to change that. Very informative.
  15. Makes me feel better. The G stuff is the only West I ever used, and that was for convenience. I read up on epoxy over the years and was not convinced West was worth the price...and remain convinced. Plexus will likely become the glue of choice for this dodger, current epoxy for glass work...love the infor. Again, thanks.