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  1. eurochild

    AC boats fail

    He did and they are.
  2. eurochild

    Team NYYC

    That's if they reschedule them to the same day. Also means ironically that AM don't lose much (racing-wise) because the others only get 2 races that they don't. (And the others presumably have to trot out and complete a couple of legs to win the AM no-shows... not that either need to worry about those once INEOS gets win 5 anyway).
  3. eurochild

    Prada Cup

    Yep. They were beating LR and the previous race showed that there wasn't a lot in terms of boatspeed between the other two. Would be a hell of a story if they rebuilt and came back to win the Challengers. But is it that much less likely than UK going 4-0 up in the round robin after their Christmas debacle? $5 at NZ TAB to win the Prada currently. (UK 1.62 LR 3.5)
  4. eurochild

    Dean Barker's Future

    For those like myself who are scratching their heads about ages... DB is 47 Ainslie 43 Spithill 41 I reckon if he wins the Prada this time he'd be odds on to get a gig in a small fleet (like this one) next time. Depending on the participants. If it's a larger fleet (e.g. more participants in a more established AC75 class) he'd likely have options in any event. No-one besides Spithill has as much experience test piloting the post-2007 era of AC boats, and he's been to 3 finals (+ 2000). It's like football managers, experience gets hired.
  5. eurochild

    Team NYYC

    It's not clear that - Hutchinson doing some grinding had any adverse impact - there was any significant miscommunication - the decision to go left necessarily caused the capsize - the capsize would have been expected to cause any significant damage (for example it looked arguably more gentle than ETNZ's abrupt nosedive last week) So for all we know it's academic. Having said that, I'd agree it's a really vivid example of on boat decision making. The on board video of them screaming into the dark weather at the top mark while discussing the options is a cracker. Everyone (who races crewed boats) would know about decisions being second guessed coming into a challenging mark. The speeds and stakes are normally just a tad lower. For my money it seemed like Hutchinson & Barker were happy enough going left (after Barker sounded out the option earlier). Goodison raised his concerns late in the piece but Barker clearly reiterated they were going ahead then slung them into the tack and bear away at lots of knots helming from the leeward side in a gust. Amazing action. Pity about the outcome, that LSD livestream last night was getting a bit sickening a times. Great to see them get her back up.
  6. eurochild

    Prada Cup

    Yes it seems like both first Barker and later Goodison were having second thoughts, unclear if TH replied, but the decision seemed to get a bit lost. At the time of capsize despite being dramatic it didn't look especially damaging. Just rewatched the end of the international stream and none of the commentators were concerned about serious boat damage until it came back up. Read immediately pointed out the boat was taking on lots of water and then... they finished the broadcast. Striking video. Helming that manoeuvre from the leeward side, rather him than me.
  7. eurochild

    Prada Cup

  8. eurochild

    Prada Cup

    Thanks @weta27 Where does this stuff get announced? It's not on the Prada Cup news page yet...
  9. eurochild

    Prada Cup

    Gold AM / FM. 1332AM in Auckland, old Radio Sport Freq. And on web stream + iHeartRadio.
  10. eurochild

    Prada Cup

    Up on North Head, spectacular event. And what a result first up.
  11. eurochild

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Any word on which course today? Likely out east again?
  12. eurochild

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Good onboard angles here. Looks like PB did make it across but he was off the wheel while they were staggering through the turn.
  13. eurochild

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Did PB have his hands on the wheel after the initial turn though or was he scampering across while any bail out would have been attempted. (Per Mozzy etc above). A bit hard to see, a longer chopper clip would be useful.
  14. eurochild

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I'm just tuning in post holidays - is there discussion on time & course for today & tomorrow floating around somewhere here (or elsewhere)? Cheers