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  1. eurochild

    AC 36 Protocol

    Presume that's re "Each competitor is only permitted to sail one boat at a time... [except the defender during the challenger series]". What's the thinking there (re the first part not the defender part), trying to even the playing field for 2 vs 1 boat challenges?
  2. eurochild

    AC 36 Protocol

    Thanks Indio, was just reading same. That just seems to step back to the circa 2000 expectations so nothing too dramatic. Should still provide plenty of opportunity for people in Warkworth I'd think. One other thing in the dates is that the Challenger entry cutoff is in June, ahead of the venue confirmation cutoff in August, though it says 31 Dec 2018 for "Late entries close"
  3. eurochild

    AC 36 Protocol

    Also, +1 that having the COR as the title sponsor is a bit suss. The Louis Vuitton Cup is quite a tradition by now. And the party starting in Auckland from late 2019 with super high tech 75 footers - brilliant, can't wait.
  4. eurochild

    AC 36 Protocol

    Nationality rule a little stiffer than I would have guessed. Good on them though. (A bit confusing; it's 20% citizens + the remaining 80% doing 380 days residency - so 100% have some level of requirement). I'd think the 380 days might be a bit challenging even for well-meaning mercenaries given that they are probably travelling with other regattas (Volvo etc) and then from summer 2019 they'll need to spend a lot of time in Auckland. No Constructed in Country mentioned? And no questions about it? Did I miss something? Or would that be expected to be part of the design rule.
  5. eurochild

    So were ETNZ cyclors a factor or neutral

    NP. And I'll stick to my interpretation ;-) Thanks Herald for the misleading title.
  6. eurochild

    So were ETNZ cyclors a factor or neutral

    Thanks @Sailbydate His previous comments on the topic I'd interpreted more to mean that stored power is going away so the dynamics will change. e.g. This story which could be read either way. America's Cup: Cyclors set to be banned from next event, says Grant Dalton but if it literally means cyclors as such are banned (presumably this has been confirmed elsewhere) then I guess we wait to see it crop up more outside the AC.
  7. eurochild

    So were ETNZ cyclors a factor or neutral

    This one has probably been discussed but given the above, will we see non-cycle grinding again? (Except for minor winches or if explicitly outlawed...)
  8. eurochild

    Exclusive Interview with PETER BURLING

    And hey presto mine (dark blue) turned up a couple of days ago. Thanks @rh2600 ! My mint talk might have been a little bullish but I hope you get a pint or two worth it of it, cheers.
  9. eurochild

    Guillaume Verdier interview

    #72 about crew manually intermediating electronic control systems seems pretty relevant. I like question (g) about passing the control voltage _through_ the crew. You'd have to wonder if they were just having a laugh with one or two of these.
  10. eurochild

    Guillaume Verdier interview

    That'd be a fun design conversation to evesdrop on. Also, almost first thing he alluded to the "Oracle got the forecast wrong" story which hasn't gotten as much play as I reckon it could. Likewise GA on the podcast talking about NZ training in light conditions in AKL being an advantage.
  11. eurochild

    Clean Interview of GA

    One thing I agree with in the intro monologue was the bit about making the tech less opaque, and drawing the F1 comparison. Not everything can be disclosed of course but I think there's whole level of understanding that everyone in the AC "paddock" would have that we don't get to know about, and that would be harmless to communicate, especially the visible stuff such as foils and aero. I'm thinking more content like the F1 tech coverage and more talks at the level of for example that Andy Claughton one that was floating around etc. And I don't know how practical it is but changing the press protocols so the team interviewees say a little more wouldn't go amiss.
  12. eurochild

    Team NZ

    The bit at the end about the benefits of isolation was interesting too.
  13. Thanks @~HHN92~ . Good quality trivia that, different times for sure. And these days designs aren't really linked to individuals so much. Though it is a bit on the nose when a national from the defending country takes a lead role for a challenger. 2003 etc.
  14. eurochild

    AC36 - The Venue

    Just as we in NZ will remember this Cup for the 5am starts, and I remember late nights watching the Auckland Cup when I lived in New York. For those that love the sport it is part of the experience. (Actually, 5am was quite convenient once you got used to it. Though it made the rest of the day boring as hell). But I think we would have to agree that for the "casual viewer" it poses a little more of a challenge.
  15. eurochild

    Team NZ

    ART beat ORA 13 times in a row in practice. In the round robin ETNZ beat ART twice (one very close) but loses to ORA both times, in one case the gold medalist Burling getting himself in a clumsy position to be luffed away from the top mark. It's an opaque sort of event...