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  1. They carried 60 liters of water and about 30 Kg of food for the trip stored in the hulls
  2. Team Malingri succeeded! The Transatlantic record comes back to Italy.
  3. Thanks Michele, but you forgot to say how many S9 Turbo will be sailing at Cesenatico against standard S9s. And please keep us informed on the final results of the biggest S9 regatta ever
  4. Team Malingri (father and son) started on Sunday from Dakar to beat the beach cat transatlantic record currently held by two French catsailors on OCTO Finances. They need to reach Guadalupe a few hours before the 24 of April 20, to accomplish their goal (current record 11 days, 11h 25 m). Actually (after nearly two days from start) they have an advance of around 60 nm having sailed 260 nm in the last day. For all info: www.vittoriomalingri.com
  5. A question for Michele: looking at the web site of the Congrega Velisti Cesenatico, the organizing authority of the well known Easter multihull regatta ("Vele di Pasqua"), I found that no 9 S9 are so far pre-registered. How many of them are the new sloop version (let's call it the SL9)? I am curious to learn if the SL9 is faster than the unirigged S9 on a standard upwind/downwind racecourse
  6. Full details on the new design now on the market: https://www.outlawsailing.com/collections/new-boats/products/s1race
  7. I cannot say how large is the niche which the S1 is going to fill in the catamaran market. But, according to my opinion, as I already wrote above, there is not a double hulled boat comparable to the Musto Skiff, the Devoti D-One or the RS 700. If you do not agree, please mention yr candidate/s and let's have a peacefull discussion
  8. WetnWild It is not true that BIMARE has not been able to compete in existing class in the near past. Have a look at the results of the 2016 F16 Worlds and you'll find no 5 BIMARE X16 F in the top 10 and 2 in the top 3
  9. The cat pictured is 1991 Little America's Cup Challenger "Freedom's Wing". Designed by Gino Morelli & Pete Melvin who also helped the built, it is the first M&M's first project together. Skippered by Pete Melvin it was defeated by the Australian Defender The Edge III, mainly for the catastrofic failure of the beams during a race.
  10. www.catsailingnews.com/2016/12/new-s1-by-michele-petrucci.html The first pics of the latest Michele Petrucci's project are on line. Surprisingly the new cat is not (for the moment) a foiler but it is described as a fast planing floater (22+ knots are expected on a close reach). However evidently it can be easily updated to the foiling mode. According to my opinion Michele's aim is to open a new "niche" in the catamaran market: the S1 can be regarded as the Musto Skiff, the Devoti D-One or the RS 700 of the double hulled boats i.e. the "non plus ultra" of solo catamaran sailing.
  11. I found on an online sailing magazine the official (and very well documented) letter of complaint sent by the Russian Sailing Federation to ISAF concerning the boats purchased from Nacra Sailing for the Olympic campaign of their NACRA 17 team. Believe me: it is really worth reading. http://farevela.net/cms/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Nacra17_RussianComplaint-4.pdf
  12. Bench Warmer Micheal Miller worked for BIMARE (I don't know if paid or unpaid) for several months back in 2015 organizing and managing many testsails for catsailors potentially interested to the S 9. The fact is confirmed by the editor of Catsailingnews on his first report on the I Fly 15. QUOTE Following Stunt 9 path, Michael Miller, who used to promote the S9 back in Punta AlA 2015, has launched a new recreational foiler the I Fly 15 UNQUOTE I personally met him in Punta Ala during the A class Worlds and he was all the time behind the S 9 spending warm and passionate words about the boat. Then for sure when he started his project, he had a deep knowledge of the design and building secrets of the S9
  13. The question asked by StumbleNola (i.e. the capability of old cats not designed and built to handle the loads od foiling) is worth of attention also outside the NACRA 17 class. In several countries (Italy and France for sure) several shops are now offering services to "upgrade" old cats to make them "foilers" (expecially A class cats). I heard that in some cases owners experienced big troubles (read major failures) and sued the guys who carried out the "foiling job". Are you aware of such accidents? What do you know about the subject?
  14. The marketing choice of PD and DNA is to offer the most refined and most advanced (design wise) A cat regardless of price. Other boatyards made the same bet in the past someone won, other lost. For sure in the long history of the A class (but the same is valid for most of the other classes of sailing vessels) never there was such a difference (both as regard to the "content" and to the price) between a boat and its competitors.
  15. Simon I was serious. The DNA F1 is the only production catamaran marketed nowadays with all the bells and whistles of AC catamarans. As you know the extra care in every single detail cost a lot of money. Therefore the DNA F1 is surely expensive but not insanely expensive at least so far. According to my opinion the extra work carried out on this design is well worth the 8K EUR more you need to buy one. It is very unlikely that the F1 is so much faster than its main competitors to be worth the extra spending, but for sure it makes its competitors look like rough products of handicraft. The A class is going to become more expensive than in the past, like someone had predicted, but for sure with boat like the F1 it is destined to remain at the forefront of sailing development