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  1. Make sure the machine screws that hold the luff feeder on the furler are the right length. We installed one that was a tiny bit too long and it tore into the luff tape when raising the genoa. However the tack set back sounds like the more likely issue. We often remove the luff feeder to drop the swivel to be able to do peels and then after a race switch back to cruising RF mode. If you loose the machine screws the ones from the local store may not be the right length. Just saying as it happened to us
  2. I need to get two more winch handles ordered up in the next day or two. The Lewmar one touch has been the standard for a few years but now I see Harken has a Carbo one touch. I have used the Lewmars they are great. I have not used the Harken Carbo one touch. Are the Harkens as good as the Lewmars? Better or worse. Boat is a J 122 Thanks for the replies in advance CWS
  3. How about a float at the top of the mast and then go sink the boat and float the mast off, now thats thinking outside the box and underwater
  4. Question for the local Chicago gang. I am from upper Michgan and am thinking about bringing my 31 Corsair tri to Chicago to be a spectator for the AC races in June. Is this feasible or a bad Idea? We would need a good place to launch from and dockage for 3 or 4 days as well as a safe place to park truck and trailer for the 3 or 4 days. That said will spectators boats be able to be close enough to have good veiwing? Will dockage and ramp fees sky rocket for the event or just be normal? What Marina and launch ramp is best to use? Cheers CWS
  5. Question for the local Chicago gang. I am from upper Michgan and am thinking about bringing my 31 Corsair tri to Chicago to be a spectator for the AC races in June. Is this feasible or a bad Idea? We would need a good place to launch from and dockage for 3 or 4 days as well as a safe place to park truck and trailer for the 3 or 4 days. That said will spectators boats be able to be close enough to have good veiwing? Will dockage and ramp fees sky rocket for the event or just be normal? What Marina and launch ramp is best to use? Cheers CWS
  6. I used west system epoxy and lined the tank with two layers of resin rich 1708 Biax. Five years now and no odor, but we use formeldahide based chemical which might make a difference. You should call West Epoxy direct and ask them. They do answer the phone. Epoxy lets way less moisture pass thru it compared to polyester so perhaps it retards odors better as well. I just do not know
  7. Bravo! Thanks! The inflatable board does sound good, but at this point it would be in addition to the new lightweight dinghy that is coming from the UK, and I won't carry both. What did you do for coldness? I'm leaning toward an ice chest thinking that I could use the melt water (if I keep it clean) for rinsing, but I do have moments where I lurch back towards the convenience of an Engel or similar. Also still mulling over lifePo4 vs carbon foam (weight savings about $10/lb for 50 lbs) and what size/type/how to mount solar panels. The biggest electrical load will be the tiller pilot, but I haven't done the spreadsheet yet. As for cold we took a 5 day coleman extremme cooler, Walmart type icebox. I glued on 2 inch blue construction grade insulation to the bottom and sides using spray foam from an aresol can. To keep the foam from flaking off I wrapped the whole ice box with clear 2 inch wide packing tape which makes the surface durable enough and if it gets torn I will just add more layers of packing tape as it weoghs next to nothing.We buy 20 or so pounds of ice and it goes 5 to 7 days if we only open it a few times a day to make meals. If we put beer in it and open and close it all day it eats the ice up.Since we cruise where its easy to buy ice this works well. For your trip I think learn to go with out cold stuff or get an engle 12 volt cold box. We have friends who run an Engle and a tiny water maker off of 200 Watts of solar using two 100 amp hour batteries. But for us this is too much weight and money. Cost of ice is way cheaper than the 2 grand or so good solar, batteries and and Engle would cost. I am thinking of adding even more foam to the sides of my cooler as ther is space to do so? With the cooler it seems to help to drain the melt water twice a day. We also put a layer of bubble wrap between the ice and the food, keeps the food dryer and ice go a bit longer. When the cooler is not full such as when the ice is half used up we add plastic grocery bags on top of the food to take up the open space and this seems to help also. We also leave a 2 inch piece of foam on the floor of the boat where the cooler sits so that adds a bit more insulation compared to letting it sit on the fiberglass botttom of the boat. If you want refrigeration check out the Engle coolers, they are the best as far as efficiency. You can buy the Engle guts and build your own ice box if you are good at that kind of stuff
  8. a few things we do for small boat cruising on a F 31 Tri that work out 1. water in 5 gallon containers 2 each kept infloats 2. Several 2 liter pop bottles full of water stashed in cubbies 3. 2 gallon water dispenser mounted over sink, we fill this from the pop bottles or sometimes direct from the 5 gallon jugs. Has a small tap on it to gravity feed the water 4. a 16 oz. coke bottle with a tiny hole drilled in the cap, use it to rinse stuff off by squeezing it. If you drill the hole small enough you get just the amount of water you want and no more,, this is a big water saver compared to just dumping water out of a faucet. Best way to rinse the toothbrush while saving water 5. ditch the solar shower, we tried them. Instead get a 1 gallon insect sprayer, add about a 6 foot vinyl hose and a garden hoze nozzle.A cheap plastic one with sevral spray patterns. This is your pressure water system with all kinds of uses from showering, cleaning the deck etc. Rinse the salt off turnbuckles etc. We set it on the mist setting to save water while showering. Leave it in the sun and it gets nearly as hot as the solar shower, Plus in a pinch you could heat water on the stove and add it to it but we have never had to do this. Painting it black helps but ours is clear and still get warm 6 We have a foot pump that brings sea water to a tap over the sink. Most places the water is clean enough to wash dishes, then we rinse with the coke bottle sprayer with a bit of fresh water 7. bath with the two towel system, use joy soap in salt water or or Walmart dandruff shampoo, both work. While still wet use the crappier salty towel to dry off getting rid if most salt before the water evaporates and leaves you extra salty. Then rinse down with about a pint of fresh water from the insect sprayer using the mist setting, then use the second cleaner salt free towel to dry the fesh water off, you are now cleaner than MR Clean. With care we can go a week on the towells before washing them. 8. Led lights only and a few led head lamps to read by and a modest solar panel will suffice. 9. Those 2 dollar fake sham wow rags are great for cleaning the deck on a dewy morning you get a clean deck with out having to use your own water 10. Inflatable paddle board, we use it all the time. We also have dinghyand 2 hp motor but on a F 24 solo sailing a paddle board might do. Ours was only $500 and is quite tuff. They are slow and if the wind is up its faster to paddle while kneeling. Thats a few of my low cost tips CWS
  9. I suppose in the old days if thats where we were to store them until needed ( below in the bow ) that was probably OK. But we tried to keep them centered and low and thats where they stayed until needed on deck
  10. quick question? Is stacking the sails into the bow of a TP 52 for light air considered movable ballast? See the Chicago Mac Race web page Blogs by Matt Knoghton. In his first blog he admits they moved the stack of sails into the bow. Been years since I did a mac but in the old days using sails as movable ballast was tabu. Just asking?????
  11. Thanks for all the input. Have not read the whole thread but there is plenty of info here Thanks for all the help To answer a few questions It was daylight, A casual beer can race, no damage, Near drifting conditions. No hails between boats. And every one still freinds. The race was an extra fun race and not included into season standings. I was just asking to help educate myself and I will try to tactfully educate the others in our fleet Cheers CWS
  12. The other night a port starboard incident happened at a down wind finish. Two boats were headed toward the starbaord finish pin downwind in light air with spinakers up. The port tack green boat was ahead and slower than the yellow boat. Green boats course would take it just inside the right hand downwind finish mark. The faster starboard tack yellow boat came in from behind on a slightly hotter angle and also was on a course that would take it just barely inside the right hand finish mark. When the lead green boat enetered the 3 boat zone there was an overlap between the two boats. It was very light air, no waves. When the bow of the port tack green boat was just a few feet from the finish line the yellow boat collided with it, hitting Green on its port side at about the mainsheet traveler. No damage was done. It was just a light tap. Green crossed the finish first and in 4 th place in the race. and yellow came in 5 th place. No hails were made, no protest flags went up and no penalty turns were made by either boat. The finish pin was an inflatable mark with deep water on all sides. Is this a classic port starboard putting green at fault? Does buoy room apply giving the inside green boat rights. What else do I need to consider.