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  1. Bad Company

    Get someone to skirt that jib over the stanchion it's hung up on, and she might go faster...
  2. Random PicThread

    Is that Randy's?
  3. Question for the SA Gun Club

    I'm gonna go with semi-auto, compact or carry size, and probably 9mm in a pancake belt holster at 4 o'clock. Glock 19 most likely. If she's a metal kinda gal, Sig P229 or maybe a P239, though the capacity suffers. S&W M&P9c or Springfield XDm might sub for the glock. A commander length 1911 in 9mm or .45 might replace the Sig. Cover jacket sized to conceal the gun. She's going to have more than one gun. I'd guess four. She'll have a duty sized weapon that will be whatever she carried in the service as a nightstand gun. Probably a pocket/deep cover gun, which could be a lot of things. First bet is a S&W airweight snubby in .38spl. A Ruger LCR in .327 would be my choice, but she's going to want to stick with what she knows, and the Military doesn't do Ruger, even back when they had revolvers. She may also stick with semi auto, so a small polymer framed .380, like a M&P Bodyguard or a Beretta Pico. Or, if you really want to be cliche', a Beretta Tomcat .32acp in a garter belt. Third additional gun is probably a Remmington 870 express/Mossberg 500/ AR-15 in the trunk. Sounds like a fun gal, when do we get to meet her?
  4. Foredeck Union- Safety First

    +1 As long as it goes on to add... *oh, wait...I had it cleated. My bad.
  5. Joke

    Interrupting cow is good. next time try "interrupting starfish". When he starts to say "interrupting starfish who?" clamp your hand over his face.
  6. Guns Must Microstamp in CA

    As has the Brady foundation, Mme Pelosi, Mayor Bloomberg, and several other groups who've articulated that a registry is just the "first step". If only they mentioned confiscation. Is it pretty in fantasyland? Are you saying that registration wouldn't make confiscation a piece of cake? Are you saying that there is no historical precedent for such a thing happening? Because I think it would and there is. Whether the current power-holders have any interest in confiscation or not is irrelevant.
  7. This Non-Violent Stuff Will Get You Killed

    No, but it is the media's fault for characterizing something as so common that I should be afraid to stick my head out the front door for fear I'll be shot and killed. Do shootings happen? Of course they do. Is gun related violence a problem that should be addressed? Sure it is. Are Shootings "common"? I don't even know what you mean by that word. But I know I provide field service for dialysis centers and home patients in the greater Seattle area, including the worst places the area has to offer, and have for the past 22 years. Guess how many times I've been shot and killed? I realize Seattle is a pretty rural Podunk place, but you'd think by now I'd have been killed at least half a dozen times already, what with how common it is... The proliferation of firearms in this country is, in my opinion, a problem, especially as it facilitates access of same to non- law-abiding citizens. But the hand-wringing fear mongering is counterproductive and wrong headed besides. Cars kill more people a year than guns, shouldn't everyone be afraid of cars too?
  8. A tank? Seriously? If I was a cynic, I'd think this was all a publicity stunt.
  9. Guns Must Microstamp in CA

    I think we should be microstamping guys dick's----so that we can nail them to the fuking wall for knocking up women then bailing out and leaving their spawns fatherless.... Well, at least then there'd be an advantage to having a small dick. NTTIAWWT.
  10. Guns Must Microstamp in CA

    Well I think microstamping is a great idea. All new revolvers should have this feature.
  11. Guns Must Microstamp in CA

    Beautiful post, in a narrow-bandwidth sort of way. It won't "end well"? We soon rot in graves or become ash, yes, but you are ignoring the march of culture, the worlds of our expansive sky, matters of frequencies both unconquered and undiscovered, and the matters of the great beyond, if any. Native American primitives cultures called it The Long Journey. Who knows what it is. Physically, you are ignoring our many (instinctual) efforts to make this not a perfect world, but a better world. Unvetted citizens walking about with unaccountable arms is not a better world. Thus the discussion. Well, whatever is going on, it's working. From 1993 to 2011 firearm related homicide decreased by 39% and non-fatal firearm related crime decreased 69% Now obviously, it's either the increase in gun sales, or the AW ban expiring. I just haven't decided which yet... Quit with the alarmist hand wringing and doomsaying already...it's making the wimmin nervous. http://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?iid=4616&ty=pbdetail
  12. Police Perspective

    Meanwhile, in Ferguson... http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/ferguson-two-police-officers-shot-after-gunfire-directed-exactly-at-officers/ar-AA9Ga81 More gasoline on the fire. America is a tough place to be a cop these days. I hope the officers are going to be okay.
  13. Police Perspective

    I never once said that the problem was "too difficult to tackle", nor have I denied any facts you've stated, though I think your "murder-suicide" comments are specious. I also haven't held up any statistics to support my point of view. Agree or disagree, totally up to you...plus I agree with you: Statistics are too easy to bend to an individuals narrative. If I left the impression that I disagree that the proliferation of firearms is a problem, I apologize. It is clearly fuel on the fire. What I did say, and the only point I intended to make, is that as a country we are collectively focused on the wrong problem. Wave a magic wand and make every firearm on the planet vanish in a puff of smoke, I firmly believe that the US would STILL be a violent place.
  14. Police Perspective

    Boink, I have two problems with yours. 1) The intentional homicide rate paints a (slightly) clearer picture. Sorry, but if you see someone committing suicide with a firearm instead of jumping off a bridge as being a firearm problem, all I can say is that I disagree. 2) Correlation does not prove causality. Switzerland, for example, which would rate much higher in the Wiki list if it included government owned guns in the possession of citizens (military reserves), has a rate of gun related deaths/intentional homicide that is quite low by comparison. In other words, we are not violent because we have guns. We have guns because we are violent. If more time was spent addressing the root causes of violence (sorry, but I don't believe 15 round magazines is one of them), then maybe we'd see some progress. Unfortunately, those are all going to be insanely difficult to deal with. And politicians don't want to deal with anything difficult, they want to be perceived as doing something so that they will be reelected, and that's all. And while I agree that having a shitload of guns in the US is not an answer to anything, taking them away from responsibly armed citizens while leaving the criminals theirs isn't either. It's a deep dark messy problem, it's NOT going to be solved with a quick and dirty gun control law, and quoting Wikipedia stats is not going to change that.
  15. Team Vestas grounded

    I hope your not a lawyerI hope you're not a grammar teacher. Zing! Ha ha! A little mere negligence with my grammar. I take full responsibility for my actions, though. ;-) This sort of negligent incompetence will NOT be tolerated!