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  1. Tom O'Keefe

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Peter Isler did a prerace forecast on Facebook yesterday that showed a route very similar to Comanche's based on the GFS model.
  2. Tom O'Keefe

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    I admit that Macif made out better than I anticipated. I not sure that their boat speed advantage over Actual might have played into Macif's over taking Actual as much as routing. But, my hats off to Francois for taking the gamble and making it pay at least a bit.
  3. Tom O'Keefe

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Francois has achieved some incredible sailing in the past. But, this looks like a Hail Mary to me.
  4. Tom O'Keefe

    Fucking parasites

    Okay, here's the deal. If an owner wants to fund a program that performs, they pay a premium. If you are a crew that causes unexpected costs, whether performance or financial expect to come under a strict cost benifit analysis. It's a market thing. There are only so many talented crew and there have traditionally been enough owners that want to win to drive up the demand for talent you can get along with. It's all about bringing a desirable asset to the market. If it's tainted by unexpected costs. It gets cut.
  5. Tom O'Keefe

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    It's not always the fastest boat that wins. Tactics do come into play.
  6. Tom O'Keefe

    Will we ever see Half Ton Racing in USA again?

    Here's a thought organize a half dozen owners who already have 1/2 tonners and approach Yachting Cup, Cal Cup, Long Beach Race Week and BBS for your own class.
  7. Tom O'Keefe

    Little Ensenada: Cool, or homo?

    It's a cool race. But, it definitely does not qualify as an ocean race. It's a 60 mile coastal race. You'd definitely have to take a flyer to be anymore than a few miles off the beach.
  8. Tom O'Keefe

    Tilting the mast forward?

    The 12 Meters had arced mast plates and adjustable head stays. So you could really angle the mast head forward of the base. As said before it induces separation between the main and the kite.
  9. Tom O'Keefe

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    With a broken foil That' was quite a come back.
  10. Tom O'Keefe

    minimum wind prediction for regatta

    Oh yeah occassionally for too windy
  11. Tom O'Keefe

    minimum wind prediction for regatta

    I don't know. But it seems we don't shorten distance races on the West Coast
  12. Tom O'Keefe

    RIP John Conser

    My deepest sympathies to Jeri and the family. John was a legend in the industry.
  13. Dad had Tantalus. Alex Koslov had Aquarius a C class. Steve also mention Mickey Munoz. He built his cat on the beach near Hobie and Edwards houses at the end of Beach Road. Looking back I must have been a pest. But, Mickey would let me hang out and "help".
  14. Tom O'Keefe

    Automatic fire suppression

    Most of the automatic fire suppression systems I'm aware of are Halogen. They work by displacing the air in your engine compartment. I don't think that would be a good idea in any living spaces.