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  1. Tom O'Keefe

    Merlin at 75 mph

    So a new carbon rig with shrouds moved inboard. New longer open cockpit. Rudder moved 7 feet forward. Engine and tanks moved forward. And a nice new paint job in the old livery colors. Oh yeah new primaries and secondaries.
  2. Tom O'Keefe

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    While on a family charter in the BVI I saw Donnie Brook in the slings at Soper's Hole. I met the owner's son and got a tour around the boat. I is a very sexy bit of kit. But, definitely rough around the edges.
  3. Tom O'Keefe

    N2E changes

    Again for a minority of the participants it's always about the competition. Over the 39 plus races I've done we've won overall a couple times, class lots of times and second overall just this last race. So, yes there are a community of racers that take all the races seriously. But, N2E is about giving the less experienced an entry level offshore race, a glimpse at what we do. Sure I'd much rather race to Ensenada in February than late April when the percentage of getting in before midnight are higher. But, again that is a slot the Islands Race fills. So, N2E is for a very significant proportion of the fleet a race to enjoy the experience at a slightly more benign rate and a big part of that is the celebration at the finish.
  4. Tom O'Keefe

    N2E changes

    Meat Wad, I think you have different expectations than I do. I've been doing N2E since 1974 and have missed maybe half a dozen in 45 years. N2E has always been a race to the party. The concept has always been to get newbies experience. That's why it's always been run when statistically you're going to see light to moderate conditions. It's not a Cabo race or a So Cal 300. Those are challenges to experienced racers. It's a fun race to Mexico that a few of us take way too seriously. But, we enjoy it all the same. If I want a challenge I'll do Transpac or Big Boat Series or even California offshore race week. But, N2E is just for kicks.
  5. Tom O'Keefe

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    There's a nice one on the front page with a great Ullman sail inventory and one year old new primary winches.
  6. Tom O'Keefe

    N2E changes

    Dude, Congrats on first in ULDB B aboard Carbon Foot Print with three guys who used to crew for us on Power Point ( Shaun, Luis & James) Persistence was also a factor this race.
  7. Tom O'Keefe

    N2E changes

    N2E 2019 was a very challenging and competitive race. I miss not staying in Ensenada to celebrate with all my friends. But, we have a pretty full schedule with Transpac this year. So, sometimes you've just got to prioritize. The conditions on the course were light and variable. We saw wind with gusts all day and night from 2 to 9 knots and shifting through 60 degrees in 10 to 15 minute intervals. Our priority was maximize time in the gusts that came to us while minimizing total distance sailed. For quite a while it was a drag race between us and Vistesse (previously Meanie). Chutes and ladders depending on who got the gust. Around Point Loma they got a puff that brought them steaming back up and past us just about an 1/8 of a mile to weather of us. We never got that gust. They got lifted or sailed hotter angles to end up on a course outside the Coronados. We stayed inside and ended up second boat after Alive to get south of the islands. Then we found a light area just south of Rosarito and the outside pack started to pull back on us. First place over all went to Vestus taking the outside. Second place overall went to us on Destroyer playing the inside. First boat to finish was Alive which also played the inside route. So, I really can't say either route was better. It really came down to maximizing every opportunity. When all is said and done, yes I love and miss the post race celebrations. But, the big picture is more important and that is maximizing the competition on the water. So, we can bring a relatively new team up to speed in time for Transpac. The haters can hate. But, N2E was a success in my book.
  8. Tom O'Keefe

    2018 congressional cup

    So, why didn't Poole use the pin as a pick to shed Berstien
  9. It could be an interesting tactical twist if their battery capacity did not have a significant surplus. I could see a tacking duel up the final weather leg attempting to run the competition out of power. Will power management become a tactical weapon?
  10. Since the foil arm hydraulics will be battery powered, will there be an option to charge the batteries from the grinders during the race? If they do too many maneuvers and use up the stored energy?
  11. Tom O'Keefe

    Cabo 2019

    Congratulations to Fast Exit! Saturday's start was light and flukey. We saw everyone crowding the boat end with a little more pressure at the pin end. We owned the pin end. We led off to the left until CDM. Then the strop blew on our MHG. By the time we were able to recover Bad Pack and Peligroso had slipped past. Thus started 4 days of chutes and ladders. First the outside looked awesome. OEX was boat for boat ahead of Rio on the extreme outside track.Then Pyewacket got launched on the inside. Pedro had us leaning on the outside of middle and then back in just south of Cedros. Staying in contact while playing the middle was job one. We started with 6 in Division 1 and ended up with 3. Wednesday morning we were looking at a Thursday dawn finish with it all to play for between Peligroso, Medicine Man and Destroyer. Mid day the breeze kicked in and Medicine Man jibed in early searching for a knock to cut the corner. We initially went with them only to jibe back to the south. Then it became a call for optimum lay line. Pedro nailed it. From then on it was a drag race between us and the clock on Peligroso and side by side with Taxi Dancer. Thursday night was very good to us. While Taxi was able to finish just ahead, we were stoked to have corrected out on Peligroso and take 1st in Division One.
  12. Tom O'Keefe

    Cabo 2019

    We got out for a practice about an hour and a half after the start. Breeze had filled in nicely from the NW at 10-12 knots. The first start got away well and as of 4 hours ago the tracker showed they were off Ensenada.
  13. Tom O'Keefe

    Cabo 2019

    The forecast looks like it is slowing down again. At least it's warming up as well.
  14. Tom O'Keefe

    Cabo 2019

    I'd be pretty happy leaving with today's conditions. But then it gets pretty funky around Sunday. Next week looks like it will be a real race to get south before the system moves through.
  15. Tom O'Keefe

    Cabo 2019

    Word was that processor was pretty dynamic if you were from Espana. Not a lot of support in the States.