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  1. You only need to do that if you are using a penalty length pole. If you are cruising, there is no need to carry an extra long pole and big kites.
  2. Other than inline spreaders, there is nothing that complicated about handling Mirage or any 70 sled. Yes, you need 3 people to jibe without a autopilot. But, that's just one more than without runners it just takes longer. Snuff the kite, turn down. Center the main., jibe, ease main and unsnuff kite.
  3. Tom O'Keefe

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Back at the start there was a lot of criticism about how cautiously the foilers (except HB) were dealing with TS Theta. Borris just took the caution all the way to the Horn. Yes, the weather and breakage never allowed anyone to really break away. But, for this rendition it's starting to look like a pretty smart strategy.
  4. Tom O'Keefe

    Transpac 2021

    TPYC is working with an expert Virologist to determine the best precautions to put in place. Cabo in March is a lot closer coming up. But, I believe there will be testing required before the start and probably upon arrival in Cabo. The current test can get you results in 15 minutes.
  5. Tom O'Keefe

    Vendee Globe 2020

    In the article this morning it said she needed to get up to 25-26N to find favorable downwind conditions to get to South America.
  6. Tom O'Keefe

    what is it?

    IMOCA for the Oceans Race
  7. Tom O'Keefe

    Drifter - Free Flying vs. Fixed Luff

    In true drifter conditions, you need to be able to tack almost effortlessly. Keep it inside or on the headstay. Quite often you are auto-tacking anyway.
  8. Tom O'Keefe

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    On Destroyer we had Bruce Cooper as Main Trimmer, Doug McClean as Boat Captain and Pit, Jib Kelly Navigator and Systems expert and Jay Crum as Tactics and driver for the pros.
  9. Tom O'Keefe

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    The line between paid and not paid is not the same as experienced and inexperienced. You can put together a mixed pro and amature crew that will be able to handle a TP52 just fine. We did on Destroyer for 2019 and ended up winning class in Cabo and 3rd in Division 1 in Transpac. We had six amatures and 4 professionals. We are running a mixed program as well on Fast Exit II for 2021 as well. The loads are lower on a TP52 when everything is flowing and in the groove. But, they can go through the richter scale in an instant. It's not just about tonnage. You have to consider how much righting moment and sail carrying ability. So, while yes the loads on the old IOR Maxi's and 12M were some of the highest loads I've ever had to deal with for extended periods. The loads on a TP52 driving into the back of a wave at over 25 knots can get pretty spectacular as well.
  10. Tom O'Keefe

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    For our half way party on Destroyer (TP52) we had Beef Stroganough. Yes, it was boil in a bag. But, I made it fresh just before we started.
  11. Tom O'Keefe

    Transpac 2021

    So far during the pandemic the boat I race on has raced twice a month ever since May. The post race festivities have been curtailed. But, the racing itself has gone on. The TPYC board plans to consult with Hoag Hospital and abide by all the directives of the local and Federal authorities. But, it's up to the owner's and their crew to decide what is best for them. So far we have 49 registered entrants and we are seven months out. No one has a crystal ball. But, all indications are that we will have a race and it will be well attended.
  12. Tom O'Keefe

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Drill through the axis and the plate a put a pin through it. Problem is it will never be as strong if you could TIG weld it back together. But, that's unlikely to happen there
  13. Tom O'Keefe

    Vendee Globe 2020

    On sleds there's usually a little wiggle room to ease the slam. On the TP52 there have been a few instances where you don't have any other options and the driver has to just send it into the back of the wave ahead. I can only imagine it gets much worse on foilers.
  14. Tom O'Keefe

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Gutted for Thomas. After he sacrificed a big chunk of his port foil, he had done an impressive job of hanging onto Apivia. I recall alot of broken keels and rigs in previous editions. But, I don't recall as many structural issues with the bows. Sounds like the slamming loads have gone up exponentially.
  15. Tom O'Keefe

    Cayard to run US Sailing

    Geographically the USA is twice the size of the EU and has 2/3 the population. Sounds like to be equitable we should get additional spots. It seems representing a small country gives an individual sailor easier entry and we all have heard stories of people racing for their country of ancestry to get that opportunity.