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  1. Tom O'Keefe

    the greatest

    If we're using the first of a design type that has instigated great competition then J Bird lll and Yasuo need favorable mention.
  2. Tom O'Keefe

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    According to Luna Rosa had a bit of an oops this morning.
  3. Tom O'Keefe

    What is good helming?

    Good helming is making the most of the conditions. Good tactics is dealing with the course and obstacles including competitors. Navigation is avoiding the obstacles, making the most of the forecasts and sailing the shortest course in the most favorable wind and seastate.
  4. Tom O'Keefe

    LA Yacht club new coastal race series.

    Yeah, I did a few Whitney Races back when I was young and dumb. And, I spent a pre-Chicago Mac race party getting lectured by the locals about how California's can't sail upwind. Well that was the night before we were first boat to finish under 70' on a N/M 55 in the days of 50 foot gold platers and the first SC52. Going upwind is over rated. Now, I say real men are prepared to go upwind. But, downhill is so much more fun!
  5. Tom O'Keefe

    LA Yacht club new coastal race series.

    Only from the B Class that I've seen so far. Wind up to Mid 20's plus at Eagle Rock. Reports of 17 knots plus on occasions boat speed. It doesn't look like anyone in the A Class raced.
  6. Tom O'Keefe

    LA Yacht club new coastal race series.

    Bummed not to be out there. But, we are shooting for Break out #2. I hope the boys will be sending it in a couple hours.
  7. Tom O'Keefe

    LA Yacht club new coastal race series.

    Unfortunately, Dana Point Shipyard's Travel lift has had a major hydraulic issue. So, no Fast Exit won't be racing and Peligroso won't due to a COVID 19 case.
  8. Tom O'Keefe

    LA Yacht club new coastal race series.

    Not a TP52. But, we'll be out there on a Kerr 51.
  9. Tom O'Keefe

    Sailing downwind

    And further down your proposed route look up Uncontrollable Urge Islands Race
  10. Tom O'Keefe

    Sailing downwind

    And these guys knew what they were doing.
  11. Tom O'Keefe

    TP 52 Cruiser

    We got Destroyer dry enough to shed the foulies, hang them in the bow and keep the bunks dry. Even when going through the waves in front of us.
  12. Tom O'Keefe


    Having sailed sleds and multihulls most of my life, I knew stepping up to a TP52 I'd be sacrificing a bit of creature comforts for more fun sailing. And, I was not disappointed. Yes, they are not as comfortable. Yes, they beat you up more. But, dam they are fun! Every little extra bit of effort you can see an increase in speed. You sail them like a skiff except for days and nights on end. On Destroyer to soften the creature comforts deal. We sealed up as many of the water ingress points as possible. We put Raptor soft deck not only in the cockpit, but also throughout the cabin sole. We worked up a really nice boil in the bag menu. There's not a lot you can do about the head. And then, we sailed our hearts out and had a blast doing it.
  13. Tom O'Keefe

    TP 52 Cruiser

    It's for lower compression loads on the mast, less wear on the halyard and less weight aloft.
  14. Tom O'Keefe

    how about a 20 yo 32' Wild Oates?

    Wasn't the first CBTF proto-type the Green Hornet or something like that?
  15. Tom O'Keefe

    Toilet Paper

    Last November we purchased a building in Utah. The tenant is a surgical mask manufacturer. As we were inspecting the building we noticed there was quite a bit of raw material inventory on hand and maybe a twenty people working the machines. The production manager said that the raw material was left over from 2009 SARS epidemic. I spoke to the production manager about a month ago. They had run through all the old raw material , hired triple their staff and are currently running 24/7 to meet their orders. Their stock had quadrupled in a week. Yes, when this is over there will be a glut and production will have to be cut back dramatically. February 5th -13th was the week San Diego to Puerto Vallarta was running. When we got home the TP issue had already taken hold. We had a couple rolls at home and a couple rolls at work. But, for two weeks we could not get any. Then I saw an article on the supply chain differential between consumer and commercial TP. So, I called up the local commercial distribution center and found they have plenty on hand. It's that super thin single ply stuff. But, it's not sand paper. When I went down there to purchase some they said they were sorry. They were limiting purchases to 20 rolls per customer. Yeah, it was sold to me a plastic trash bags. But, hey we got TP.