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  1. That is one of the practical elements of my boat. Just put in on the trailer and tow it to the local Yamaha dealer and pick it up when they are both serviced. Another local has a bigger power cat with diesel inboards and because the hulls are narrow, the engine needs to be unbolted and lifted off the mounts just to be able to change the water pump impeller. He does a lot of preventative maintenance to ensure as much as possible that things will not go wrong.
  2. Pipe Dream

    Units of Measurement and Representation

    Correct. Apologies. I confused decimal feet with decimal inches.
  3. Pipe Dream

    Units of Measurement and Representation

    USA Land surveyors use these a lot. Not sure if that is why they exist though.
  4. As best as I know, there has been only one built. Never having owned a power boat before, I think the main thing that I am getting used to is slow speed steering. Leave the wheel centred and play the throttles seems to be the best approach so far.
  5. Believe me, I am waiting for the day of silent motoring. Bring on better batteries or fuel cells or what ever it takes. At 10 kts those motors are quiet as. Certainly quieter than the motor in my last yacht.
  6. No rough weather for me yet but flat water about 1 litre (0.25 us gal) per nm at 10-15 knots and 2 litres (0.5 us gal) per nm at flat out 27 knots. I plan on keeping it on the trailer so it will be nice one day to remove the antifoul that the last owner applied to keep it in a marina. The trailer was very lightly used over the last ten years so I have some brakes, bearings, etc stuff to upgrade on that but once that is done I will be able to have peace of mind to tow it anywhere along our windy roads. The 100 series land cruiser is more than up for the job (very thirsty ....). This photo is how it looks now (above pics were 10 years ago with the original owner).
  7. I know I'm probably going to cop a bit of flak for the looks of this boat and to be honest, I do not think it is remotely close to some of the above boats in the "row away" factor but for better or worse, this is my new boat. Priorities this boat ticked: - single handed with two kids under 10 (one who seems unable to sit still and understand to stay out of danger (ie a swinging boom)) - easy on and off a trailer to be able to get it around this fabulous state of Tasmania (I can say that now because all you lot are not allowed in at the moment!) - ready to go. Project boats are NOT my thing and I would be delusional in purchasing one. https://www.chamberlinmarine.com.au/index.php/news-events/11-hybrid-7-5-hits-the-water http://chamberlinmarine.com.au/index.php/news-events/10-hybrid-7-5-sea-trials-in-hobart
  8. Do we need to define what transportable is? This entire setup is for sale as a package. https://yachthub.com/list/boats-for-sale/used/power-boats/denis-walsh-expedition-30-catamaran-truck-trailer-package/247333
  9. Pipe Dream

    Coolboats to admire

    Two local boats with some pedigree https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berrimilla_II https://rolexsydneyhobart.com/the-yachts/2019/windrose/
  10. Pipe Dream

    Australian Sailing

    I have always been interested in that Moore 24s can do the Transpac (about 2200nm across the Pacific) but try entering an Australian race that is effectively coastal in one of those. Even the L2H has minimum 8.5m
  11. Has anyone ever seen a price for the POGO LOXO 32? I have been searching and cannot seem to find one listed anywhere?
  12. Pipe Dream

    Vale Albert Uderzo

    I have the full set of Asterix at home. Many happy childhood memories reading those books and even more when I re-read them when I was older and could fully appreciate the jokes and names.
  13. Shamelessly repeated from this thread. Cat anyone? I know it's not trailerable but a lot above are not either.. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/33562870/roger-hill-102m-powercat-multihull-world/4 https://www.alloycats.co.nz/our-boats/kingfisher-cats/kingfishercat-12m-displacement/
  14. Pipe Dream

    My Big Mushy Boat Listing - Selling a Boat in Motion

    BJ What did you do with all of your stuff whilst the photos were being taken? The boat looks fantastic but all I could think of was where the cruising clutter was?
  15. Pipe Dream

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Kim, https://establishedtitles.com/ I saw this and immediately thought of you. Would Lord Bottles of Blakely match the kilt?