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  1. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Official tracker has C rounding the corner in the lead now.
  2. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Comanche back in the lead on tracker and there she will stay for a couple of hours at least. Hope I can stay up to see what happens in the river...
  3. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Odds that WO passes in the light air of the river and then loses line honors on a time penalty? Ugh, would hate to see that, but at the same time, would make the forums lively for awhile...
  4. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Happy Thanksgiving for the Americans out there!
  5. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Go the Vestas! Hey Varan - is your tag from the old Godzilla nemesis Varan the Unbelievable? I thought the new AC boat looks like the old Varan monster.
  6. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Things are looking better for Charlie and crew - go the Vestas! Man... 'go the Vestas' ... they need a good nick name... Makes me want to root for DongFeng just for the fun of typing 'go the Dong!'. Ah well, could be worse. Could be saying 'go the AkzoNobel'.
  7. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Looks like we have a better view on what drone they are using (Phantom 4?). (Tony F-18 called it back on the leg 1 thread.)
  8. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    I think it is mostly SiFi doubling down on the west side. Doesn't look good right now, but I wouldn't bet against him to get Vestas back on the podium by the finish.
  9. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Team Antifa prefers the port tack...
  10. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Benefits of having a wind company as the corporate sponsor...
  11. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Crazy to be sitting on my ass eating pizza while watching drone footage a few hours old from a sailboat 600 miles off the coast of Africa racing at 20kts.
  12. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Yeah, I jumped the gun on that call. Wishful thinking...
  13. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Vestas in a good position, methinks... 2nd furtherest west + 2nd furtherest south = furtherest, furtherest. https://www.vesselfinder.com/?mmsi=319119600