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  1. Tartan 4100 in Annapolis. Beavertail and only draws 5'6"
  2. sunol

    Front Page: "Ban Them!"

    More plastic there then in the great Pacific Garbage Patch.
  3. sunol

    Front Page: "Ban Them!"

    The all or nothing approach to oil is ridiculous in both extremes. I may drive an electric car to my sailboat, but I still need petrochemical based components in my car and I still have a diesel engine in my sailboat. We need access to petrochemicals, but I have no problem with enforcing regulations that raise the cost of those chemicals to drive market based innovation and maintain a cleaner environment. Also, this is funny
  4. sunol

    west coast cruising

    Yep. We were in Loreto, Baja last year and a friend accidentally left her purse in a shop. By the time she came back it was gone. The store owner was shocked, people in Loreto don't do that. He played back a security tape to see what happened. Sure enough, it was a grungy looking gringo couple that grabbed it as they walked through the store. There are places in Mexico I wouldn't go right now, but anything in Baja outside/between Cabo and Tijuana seems just fine. Just gotta watch out for the drunk gringos, which according to the SA front page, includes the Ed.
  5. sunol

    west coast cruising

    That said, beautiful sailing there. I'm not retired and don't have the time to make even the downhill trip, but I have flown in and sailed with this: No major expeditions, but with a few Pacifico's on ice in the front to sustain me, it made it to the hut 2 miles away that sells fresh seafood on the beach. Would love to charter some day out of La Paz.
  6. sunol

    west coast cruising

    The dream would be to buy a boat in Vancouver in the spring, spend most of the summer in Victoria and the San Juans, then head down south quickly with brief stops in SF, Santa Barbara, SD. Maybe catch the Baja HaHa if you want company. Then up to La Paz and cruise the Sea of Cortez. Problem is the boat is then stuck. It's all up hill back to the States (unless you head to Hawaii!) and pay back for the fun ride down. La Paz seems to be where boats go to die and marriages end. Lot's of listings on Yacht World with 'major price reductions!'
  7. sunol

    Show your boat not sailing

    Motoring up the Petaluma river and at Pier 1 1/2 in downtown SF. For those in the area, the Petaluma river trip is a good one, but more of a motor than a sail.
  8. sunol

    Marine Speakers

    Ditto on the Bose. No problems after a decade. Although I have to admit that someone brought a JBL Flip 3 on the boat and it was a decent alternative for background music in the cockpit. Not going to blow anyone away, but beats drilling speaker mounting holes in glass if you don't already have them.
  9. Watched as soon as the pre-order hit at 9:00 pm pacific time last night. Congrats on a great movie, thank you to everyone involved making it!
  10. sunol

    Wooden boats thread

    Kettenburg was a wooden sailboat manufacturer out of San Diego - I think until the early 60's? Beautiful boats. Never had the cajones to get one, but you'll see their boats for sale and at sail up and down California.
  11. sunol

    Is sailing cool?

    Devil's Triangle
  12. Nice Alctel! Get yourself a good meal and a drink!
  13. This site may be helpful. Some stuff a little out of date, but decent overview of facilities and resources marinas
  14. sunol

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Two different photographers, but ended up with going out and coming in pics from the Single-Handed Farallones in 2015. Going out looks like a drone shot, but taken from Golden Gate Bridge.