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  1. Sweare Deep

    Splicing: 4 meter endless loop

    I've found a tight wrap or two of millionaire's tape around the end of the D-splicer helps both with keeping the minimal amount of tail in the end of the D-splicer and also helps it slide through. Still not exactly a walk in the park with Marlow MGP Furler 50.
  2. Sweare Deep

    Zeus 3S versus Zeus 3 - worth $700?

    One other consideration is how long the 3 will continue to get software updates; the 2 no longer does. Given that B&G seem to have a 2 or 3 year cycle on releasing new Zeuses the 3S might get you another 2 or 3 years of software updates over the 3. That said, their software seems to be becoming more stable and the updates more incremental so perhaps not a major factor.
  3. Sweare Deep

    Dehler 42c / Dehler 46c

    Around here, because it's an optional extra rather than part of the base configuration I don't believe there's any requirement to report removing it under PHRF. A tonne of work to remove it though.
  4. Sweare Deep

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    Everyone who gets to experience Maine cruising is deeply privileged — so delighted that you got to be part of it. We have two weeks there each summer — if only it could be two months. We’ve cruised the eastern Med, northwestern Europe, New Zealand, the Pittwater, the South-West Indian Ocean and, on many, many occasions, the Caribbean, but it’s Maine that tugs at our heart strings.
  5. Sweare Deep

    Dehler 42c / Dehler 46c

    The 46c comes with a taller carbon rig, a deeper keel and a different rudder blade from the standard 46. What did they start with? To dial up for racing, I would consider a square-top main before messing with another rig (assuming they're starting from the factory taller rig). And, yes, the stern platform would go -- it's incredibly heavy.
  6. Sweare Deep

    Dehler 42c / Dehler 46c

    It came with 12mm dyneema SK78 cored halyards and sheets which I've not found to be "exceedingly stretchy nonsense". The outhaul it came with, though, was just polyester double braid -- that got replaced almost immediately for $200. Clutches are Spinlock (mix of XAS and XTS) and not had any issues there. Deck hardware is mostly Lewmar, for example Lewmar 80mm High Load Race blocks (not the cheapest choice the factory could have made) on the mainsheet. Winches are Lewmar 55 Race -- they seem adequate. Electronics are B&G H5000 with B&G vertical MHU. I feel that's a pretty reasonable spec for a cruiser-racer. It's not pretending to be a Ker 46+.
  7. Sweare Deep

    Dehler 42c / Dehler 46c

    I have a 46c and have a similar experience to dacapo on the 42c. My boat is sticky in the really light stuff, but awakens around 6-8 knots. I think a decent set of sails (we’re still using the Elvstrom HPM main and jib — which are bulletproof — but the main has almost no leach and the jib clew is too low to inhaul far enough onto the cabin top) would make a huge difference. Some North 3di endurance are on my wish list. I’ve only raced my boat a little, largely because we settled into cruising mode. It would be two days of hard labour to revert to race mode (so much stuff on the boat.) Certainly taking off the stern platform would be worthwhile. Cruising, my wife and I have no trouble with just the two of us. It’s great overtaking other cruising boats who are motoring while we are sailing. Agree about the traveller. We’re considering adding a Harken Flatwinder.
  8. Sweare Deep

    ePropulsion and Torqeedo experiences

    We're on our third season with an ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 -- it's been absolutely flawless so far. Way prefer it to a small outboard with a carburetor getting clogged up owing to ethanol in the fuel. Storage is another plus, as it can just get dumped in a cockpit locker in any orientation. That said, if we were instead cruising in the Caribbean where longer dinghy rides to good snorkeling spots are more typical than the short runs ashore we do here in the northeast, I could see the advantages of a gasoline powered outboard, especially given that they don't contaminate their gasoline with ethanol.
  9. Sweare Deep

    Raspberry Pi Geekdom

    Here's a screenshot taken just now on my Mac at home connecting to an Raspberry Pi 4B on my boat monitoring some battery stuff (among other stuff). Looks like batteries reached absorption phase around 10:30. Any device with a browser can access it. The data flow is NMEA 2000 - > SignalK -> Influxdb -> Grafana, all the pieces from Github.
  10. Make that $3/ft (and $4/ft on holidays.) Plus two night minimum on weekends.
  11. Sweare Deep

    First (and hopefully last). Pan. Pan

    Not quite a real mayday or pan pan call, but about thirty years ago sailing in Vineyard Sound (Massachusetts) in a good 25 knot southwesterly blowing against the ebb tide we came across two swamped kayakers. Tough conditions, so I called up the nearby Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship which had several tenders in the water taking their punters ashore. The QE2 declined to render assistance, so eventually we managed to take one kayaker on board and another passing sailboat rescued the other. Deposited them in Vineyard Haven. Thought it a rather poor show on the part of the QE2 not to help. However, a year or three later the QE2 got their comeuppance when they engaged in some accidental dredging of the channel within a mile or so of their original crime. Karma.
  12. Sweare Deep

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    Fog in Frenchboro last Saturday. One of my favourite places in Maine.
  13. Sweare Deep

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    Actually, it’s much more like farming. The diet of lobsters is now largely bait: they feed on bait in traps — in and out after a quick lunch — until one day they’re too big to get out. Explains the concentration of traps in particular areas.
  14. Sweare Deep

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    I took this picture of Jericho Bay two years ago. Sailed across it a couple of times earlier this week and the pots weren't nearly as bad. Remember though that this is toggle country, and the toggles can be 30 feet from the pot, invariably painted a different color (why one might ask?), and connected by a line a few feet below the surface. Fun.
  15. Sweare Deep

    Binoculars revisited again (and again and again)

    A few years ago, my 30+ year old pair of Steiners (originally a gift) we’re getting a little ratty, including the compass illumination having gone over to the dark side. I called them to ask whether I could get them refurbished. They explained to me that their binoculars have a lifetime warranty, and at no expense to me they refurbished them to like-new condition with fast turnaround. Great customer service.