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  1. There's a Contessa 26 currently listed on Yachtworld in Rockport, MA that might be worth a look.
  2. I've successfully updated the Pilot and controller (along with rest of the other H5k sensors & expansion modules, including a "SonarHub" data from Simrad) from Zeus2 with data on an SD card, the V50/H50 are on the third set, as the updated ones have stopped connecting 2x now. Thanks -- that's useful to know that the Pilot and Controller can be upgraded from a Zeus. It would be helpful if B&G updated their software update instructions for the Pilot and Controller to reflect this.
  3. It seems as if B&G came up with a different method of updating for almost every product. Here's the mix on my boat: Zeus: upgrade using SD card VHF: upgrade over N2k from Zeus H5000: upgrade using usb flash drive H5000 Pilot & Controller: upgrade using Navico Software Update Program via Navico's USB to N2K interface AIS: Upgrade using AIS Updater program via USB Graphic Display: upgrade using usb flash drive via USB port on back of display VHF Wireless Remote Handset: upgrade by returning to service center
  4. I have a fairly similar setup: B&G but with a Pepwave (Max BR1) rather than Ubiquiti for the connection to shore wifi. The Pepwave allows for Wifi as WAN or cellular (with two SIM card slots so it can fall back between two carriers) for outside world connections. If you have the GoFree hardware providing DHCP on board then it will need to provide a route pointed at your Ubiquiti for traffic intended for the outside world. Alternatively, at least with the Pepwave and I would expect with Ubiquiti too, you could switch off the DHCP server on the GoFree and have the Ubiquiti handle DHCP and all that.
  5. An alternative to dielectric grease is NO-OX-ID which is electrically conductive.
  6. I'm using nv-charts on my Zeus. I like the fact that the charts on my Zeus, my iPad, my Mac, and the paper versions are identical. They seem clearer to me than other charts. I've used them from Newport RI to Maine, and (though not on my boat -- yet) in the Caribbean. If you like to use the chart plotter track-up rather than north-up raster charts aren't so great, but I much prefer north-up.
  7. I added a Pepwave Max BR1 cellular router to my GoFree network. The Pepwave has two SIM slots for failover on cellular, and the WiFi can be configured as WiFi-as-WAN, leaving the GoFree to provide the LAN WiiFi on board. Plus, all the antennae are external on the Pepwave.
  8. Is your iPad getting booted off the Wifi network itself or are you just losing the connection from the Gofree app to your Zeus plotter? I had the latter issue which I think I fixed by giving the Zeus chart plotters fixed IP addresses, but I may not be remembering that correctly.
  9. This is a close-up of Alexseal metallic, though perhaps it's not the metal flake to which the OP referred. Lots of examples on Alexseal's website.
  10. Can you name a vendor or two? 3M Primer 94 should help the bond of 3M VHB tape to UHMWPE -- available from Amazon. Lots of good information on 3M's website. 3M VHB tape is one of those things which once you start using it you find more and more uses for it. Great stuff.
  11. Alexseal have a range of metallic paints. I had my new boat painted at the factory with Alexseal and I'm thrilled with the results.
  12. While deciding on our new boat for performance cruising, two considerations (among many others) were twin wheels and non-overlapping headsails. Twin wheels and a fold-down or open transom make the day-to-day coming along side in the dinghy (especially when off loading provisions) so much easier. Swimming off the boat is easier too. Non-overlapping headsails, of course, make short handed sailing much less work, and can easily be supplemented with a Code 0 when necessary. One minor drawback of twin wheels (with the engine controls to starboard) is coming port-side to a dock which at first is a bit of a guessing game until one learns the boat.
  13. And it can't share cartography with a Zeus, unlike Zeuses which can share cartography with each other.
  14. i doubt any builder will get a bank to do that unless they have the right to claim the money in escrow - and then, what's the point? i think the fact is.., that there is no way for the buyer to be 100% protected.. even a large and established builder is going to ask for money at certain stages of the build even if the buyer has clear title to the work in progress.., it will usually not be worth what he has paid, until it's complete. and even then, if he tried to sell it, he would probably only get 50-75% of what he spent - and that's with the builder still in business! Last year, I ordered a European-built boat. Small deposit to secure a build slot which was increased to 20% or so around the time the build was started. No further payments until closing. Pretty painless and worry-free process.
  15. Well, I just bought a racer-cruiser, but don't post here (until now, though have lurked for a decade or more) so that makes four. But I get your point -- I'm hull number 38 on a Euro boat which is almost certainly more than the total number of all 45'+ sailboats built in North America since hull number one of my boat splashed barely a year before mine. I'm not exactly shoal draft but that doesn't matter for cruising north of Cape Cod.