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  1. One of the more known (sorry) cruising yacht builders on our west coast. They built the AC challenger "Sverige" ( = Sweden) which was active at the end of the 1970-ies. Cruising boats started, AFAIK, when they took over the Comfort 34 (1970-ies again) which at that time was considered by many to be top of the line. Since then they have followed the trend to larger boats, 40+ ft. Many, if not all, have hulls drawn by Peter Norlin. Easy to recognize, all Sweden Yachts have the same style. Upper part of the scale, certainly. Congrats to Dave, that is a boat you will like. It sails good, is comfortable. High quality built, which does have a value. //J
  2. Albert had a sailing boat. So, yes. Also Bohr was sailing. If I do not remember wrong one of his sons got the boom in his head and good-bye. Another son, Aage, walked in his fathers tracks and also got a Nobel prize. Smoked pipe they all did. Oh well, ... //J
  3. Me? No. There is no space internally, of course no power, so no. Then it is not terribly hot where I live :(, ambient temps are low. But, it is an idea, thanks! I'll think about how an external fan can be used. Not fully convinced it is temps that kills these. When I get the replacement and everything works then I will have a deeper look on the old one. J
  4. The game consoles of today are mainly PC derivatives, designed for minimum manufacturing cost. Power supplies are basically expensive parts (power handling is always expensive), thus these are made just on minimum budget, there is no power margin. Generally, when designing electronics one tries to have some nice 1.5 - 2.0 x power marging, the meet the power peak when everything is used at peak power for a bit longer time. Apparently not for the game consoles. I am just in the process of chaning the power supply for a PS4. Had a look into the broken unit - was not inmpressed at all. Obviously, Sony had outsourced design of this as well - the unit is consists of a plastic module with electronics inside, probably in order for Sony to be able to buy these from some few different suppliers. Quality, reliability and all such - bye bye. //J
  5. Ach so, this is a French invention. Who could guess ? The fact that sailing boats LOA have been set in ft for ages, for nearly any boat ... even before Benetå was created - that is just a minor thing. A detail to be forgotten. Some Swedish designers have used the decimal system for LOA, many of the MAXI series boats (by Pelle Pettersson) was named that way, as MAXI 77, 84, 87, 95, ... 140. Then when he re-started he switched to ft: 33, 35, .. 39. And then he switched back again to decimal as 1070 (? I think), 1200, 1300, ... As stated before, Pano, your view is not bad, it is just limited to the environment you live in. You think that local perspective is global. It isn't. //J
  6. Dehler made as series of those, some for racing some for cruising. The latter ones with the CWS concept, central winch system, all line lead down to the mid of the cock-pit. All fast boats, sails good even compared with today's boats. Here a view from a 36 cws cockpit Many unique solutions, very thought through in many small details. /J
  7. Touché!
  8. 1) no need to apologize. 2) do any of you know how damn difficult it is to be funny in a foregien language? 3) jokes cannot be explained. //J
  9. Now it is getting delicate. Should we really enter this subject? Let me just say that I am deeply disappointed on recent developments in your town. And that concerns cars. Tragic. /J
  10. Of course he is. No doubt. But he should use snubbers. //J
  11. Am not. Even defended you in that other, un-mentionable, thread. Pano, Pano, there are some subjects which can only end up in one way. Anchoring, anchores, rig tension, .... and the art of tieing up. Cheer up, man! BTW, I was uttterly proud of being promoted to that gang of who it now was. But only if Whisper isn't there. Not sure I like him, he hss said some un-nice things about me. But just wait. //J
  12. Whisp, it is not a case of either or. Snubbers are simply tools in the toolbox. As you indicate in your post, snubbers are softer springs (lower spring constant) than most lines. That is actually why it is good to - sometimes! - combine. It is not good arguments that some buy low quality, or that some fail to use snubbers right. In some cases, as with highly varying tide (S:t Malö ) snubbers are not of much use, Probably from this reference Pano makes his statement - lack of experience, and lack of understanding of basic mechanics. In most harbours around here, snubbers are mandatory for permanent mooring . There is a reason for this. /J
  13. It is clear that Proa is not an engineer, can be seen from his suggestion on how to tie up above. But you, Pano, haven't you claimed to be a "structural engineer"? And you present this? Is this a result of French universities? Basic mechanics, usually on 1st year of studies. You aren't in car industry, are you? //J
  14. were we discussing the Arch, or ?
  15. Oh, well, this become infected. Shock absorbers are good as they extend the time for the boat movements (aka slow down). Looking at Newtons law F = m*a, where a = d2x/dt2 (the second derivate of position) we immediately notice the time dependence. Without anything absorbing, the de-acceleration will take part during ~0 time, resulting in an infinite force. Everything placed in-between to slow down the process will result in more time for the de-acceleration. As we all learned in school ... a standard spring has F = k*x, ie the force of the spring is proportional to the change in position. Combining the boats force equation (upper clause) and the spring force equation will result in a simple diff equation (much loved by Smack). Other absorbers may have another behaviour, the rubber things is probably like a spring but may also have another ingredient as proportional to speed. All these will damp the movements, considerably decreasing the forces on cleats and so on. As pointed out earlier the rubber things have the advantage of varying the spring constant. The easy way is to study the boat when tied up and then find an optimum spring constant. Most likely make these stiff if the external forces are high, and vv. It is easy peasy to set up the equations for a tied up boat, but to actually solve the equations a lot of facts and boundary conditions has to be known - most often it is easier to test some standard ways to tie up and take the one that works best. I have been using shock absorbers for many years in varying conditions. Most often the springs are too stiff, overprotecting, resulting in not use the full advantage of the springs. I have never had any shock absorber to fail. Never. Oh, of course you knew all this before. We all know it, don't we? //J