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  1. Which autopilot?

    Jack, your are always so ... nice. A lot of meaningless post you have produced, just trying to provoce. Now, if you want to go to details ST 6000 is of course the series. If you look at Rays AP in the 4000 / 6000 they are about the same, sharing many parts. Quality of these are not the best. Many owners have problems with these. When it comes to the OP computer he is stating that in his first post. Suggest you read again. //J
  2. Which autopilot?

    Guys, the OP has a ST 6000. It is those that are under discussion. Shape up, will you? //J
  3. Which autopilot?

    Ray's older AP's had many problems. Cheap (or, if you prefer, cost effective), but not very reliable. The new models, Evo xx are much improved both from navigation and electronic building pratice point of view. Suggest you take a look on these. There's one aspect one has to look out for: Ray has now changed their way of acting, issue new updates annually. To update requires a Ray mfd ... OTOH, software for the EVO is quite stable now. If you go along that route see to that you get the latest software, or reasonably new. //J
  4. Craigslist! What do you think of this boat?

    Bene's Firsts from that period are well built, sails reasonably. the xxs5 series have the internal layout designed by Philippe Stark - som like it, some not. It is a 25 year old boat, much depends on how it has been maintained. Engine, sails etc. Bene use to have a rather special way of boat construction with a single layed up hull (not sandwich) and then a strong inner liner which is glued to the hull, this to get increased strength. That is OK in itself, but if there has been any damages repairs can be extensive and costly. Not all yards do that right, resulting in lower strength. Thus the recommendation on having a surveyor is very good. The price seems high to me. OK, it is just the asking price, but still ... here boats of that type and age go for about half that. And no, I doubt the boat listed on Vancouver Craiglist is the same as is listed on Yachtworld. It is the same type / model, but that's it. //J
  5. My newest project

    Taste: no no, most of vodkas do have a taste. It originates from fusel (if Gogle translate now is correct), which probably is lower than the 2% residue you are refering to. The fusel also have some side effects. Swedish vodka is usually rather tasteless, I prefer vodka from Poland. You get back the credit. "Absolute vodka" was a success in the US as it is tasteless - which says it all. However, we are in full agreement on beers. Polish beers are drinkable, but there are much better. You are probably doing something wrong when drinking vodka. We are awaiting the report from you next meeting with Yigael, if he succeeds to convince you. //J
  6. Lief Erikson

    Quite so. And he does have descendants. //J
  7. Coolboats to admire

    how do you see that without seeing the rudder stock?
  8. My newest project

    Understand. I do not like pure alchol either - but vodka is not pure. The good vodkas do have a taste, all their own. I don't want to turn you into a drinker, but try some different - Yigael surely can show you some of the better ones. And one has something to eat to it. Russian Caviar fits very well, indeeed (some say one should have Champagne to the Caviar, but they are wrong - vodka it is). Some drink their vodka ice chilled. No, then one doesn't taste anything. With Caviar it should be cold, but not ice cold. Otherwise as with pickled cucumber (maybe not pickled, more salted) then lukewarm. One drink which is (or was) very popular here is vodka in hot (black) coffee - put a silver coin the bottom of a normal coffee cup, pour coffe until it is not visible and then vodka until it is visible again. Don't stir! Drink carefully from the top of the cup, without moving the cup. The first sips are extra ordinary. (OK, this was a drift from pure vodka) There is something interesting in most things in life. //J
  9. My newest project

    Your kidding us? You two met in Warsaw, were eating and drinking, and no vodka? Every time I have been in Poland there has been vodka involved. Stil remember when flying with LOT - they served orange juice with generous amounts of vodka to all, without question. //J
  10. Who could guess - LB has been active in almost all threads this weekend.
  11. Swede 55

    Then there is this one https://www.blocket.se/stockholm/Swede_55_75738083.htm?ca=11&w=3 current owner has equipped it for sailing by "an older couple" with bow thruster, electrical winch for the main, furler for the head sail, electrical anchor winch for the 18 kg CQR anchor (+ endless amount of chain). Asking price 750 kSEK ~ $90 k (maybe a bit less). Most boat ads on "Blocket" has 6 picuters. Here all are external, none show the status of the internal. Engine is a bit old, propbably has had extensive use so a new one has to be factored in. //J
  12. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Stupid and anfair. And you should learn to spell. "Brohall" ... sic! //J
  13. what is it?

    nope, IW-31 doesn't look like that. This one looks larger, but not 40. //J
  14. H-Boat Renovation Project

    Last weekend it was time to put our boats on the hard. And you were not only out sailing but also spending the night - and came out with a smile. Something is not fair. //J
  15. Longitudinal Rudder movement

    Yes, to measure is to know! When I fixed my rudder bearings I found the shaft (Alu) had deformed slightly, not round anymore. As I had Delrin bush bearings I did consider rebuild to a Jefa - they have more than one type - but did not have time for it and just polished the shaft and got a new bush bearing. So far, works fine. New rollers - well, why don't you ask ... Jefa? They have roller bearings solutions as well, may have had similar questions from other Bianca owners. Personally I would have stayed with stainless rollers as it has worked fine for many years. It is also possible to contact Bianca, still going: http://www.biancayacht.com/home.aspx Lubrication: Delrin and similar bearings shall not be lubricated, they are water lubricated. Metal bearings shall be lubricated, even if the bronze alloy to some extent is self lubricated. In the manual to my boat it is described how and where this should be done but I couldn't find where to grease on the boat, Removing the rudder I realised it had Delrin bearings ie the builder had changed from bronze to Delrin without chaning in the manual. //J