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  1. Jaramaz

    Japs kill pregnant whales

    Danish? Are you really sure? The Norwegians are hunting whales, that is wellknown. But danes haven't for many years. The Danes are a peace & beer loving people. /J
  2. Jaramaz

    S&S 36... thoughts

    Which S&S 36?
  3. Jaramaz

    Bavaria in administration

    Suspected so: you lived in Stockholm City inner parts for some limited time and then you make sweeping statements about Sweden and swedes. You have no idea ... //J
  4. Jaramaz


    We have had a series of different dish washers: Electrolux, AEG, Cylinda, Bosch, ... All dishwashers in the Electrolux family, AEG is, share many components. Unfortunately, quality is generally low. Never again. Bosch has two major quality levels, the low cost ones has a real bad reputation. In any case, Bosch interior is not efficient, when we had one it was always running because it did not have sufficient capacity for a family of four. We now have Asko, as J28 mentions. Works excellent with a multitude of programs and possibilities. Quiet of course. //J
  5. Jaramaz

    Bavaria in administration

    Hm, were you sober any time you lived in Sweden? Stockholm has more restaurants than most cities / capita. More than 60% of all households in Sweden live in their own house. Average number of cars in Sweden is about 1.5 / household. As Sweden actually is a small country with few citizen then Stockholm is the only real city, all other are considerably smaller towns. If living in Stockholm centre, which is quite small, there is no real need for a car, for living in any other place at least one car is a must. Being tight arsed about money is an old tradition, Scandinavian / Nordic countries have been poor for centuries. Todays wealth is relative new. //J
  6. Jaramaz

    Coolboats to admire

    Sure Pano. Sure. //J
  7. Jaramaz

    "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    Add a small amount of thinner in the can, without stirring. Close can, carefully. Don't shake. Put on shelf. Thinner will then form a liquid seal. /J
  8. Jerry, don't be so hard on yourself. You are so agressive - why? We have to clear some things here: Dynamic range of a mobile phone is not really the most important factor wrt its radio range. Instead reciever sensitivity in downlink and output power and PA linearity in uplink are the important factors. Coming to the first link you offered, the one from ADI, that was about radio base stations. The paper discusses necessary dynamic range for the reciever in a base station, not the GSM System dynamic range (system dynamic range is not the same as receiver DR). The paper use a 12 ADC as an example - that was what was used in base stations at that time with the architecture used. A 12 bit ADC gives about 75 dB dynamic range (probably drops some 4-6 dB as enob is likely to be ~11 ), to improve reciever DR further one adds AGC and in the paper it is suggested to go for oversampling to supress noise which further improves DR. In 1995 that was what one could do, nearly state of the art. A mobile phone does not have the same requirements; a base station is a multi user system whereas a mobile is a single user. Radio and baseband architecture is quite different for base stations and mobiles: A base station must be able to handle many simultanous mobiles near and far, to handle blockers, interference etc whereas the mobile will be assigned a frequency which isn't full of interferers. A mobile simply doesn't demand such high DR, and to in 1995 put a 12 bit ADC in a mobile - no, that would be too powerhungry, too large footprint and too expensive. The paper of the second link you offered is very general. Doesn't say anything about application it is just about how it is possible to design a high performance reciever - figures are reasonable and generally ok, even if the architecture it is based on is somewhat dated. Of course it is possible to achive very high DR - if you can afford it in terms of power consumption, cost and size. Which you can't in a mobile. Lately it has been discussed to use real low resolution ADC in eg 5G due to the high isolation in those systems. As 3-4 bits ... something for you to consider . Myself, I am not so sure this will be the case in products, but you can easily find both papers and patents on this. The argument " my last 2 boats were largely paid for from contracts working for Motorola, Broadcom and Qualcomm I got a different story to tell. " is a rather weak one. You are not saying anything about what you really did in this work; very few, if any, is designing a complete mobile by themselves. There use to be different teams - rf, baseband, audio and so on. //J
  9. Dear Paul, You have not really understood the charm of an anchorage which offers a full nights sleep (or whatever). Denmark has about none such outside their horbours (OK, I know about some very few places), compare that with Swedish west coast which has some few hundreds or the Swedish east coast which has about infinite amount of completely safe and good anchorages. Similar in Finland, there are endless possibilities to just drop the hook, fix your dinner and go to bed. Then in the morning , start with a nice drop and a breakfast while the wind builds up. This does not exist in Denmark (or Germany). Been there, done that. //J
  10. Jaramaz

    Commonwealth Games (or Australia Games)

    Agree on that. However, Sweden has neighbours: The pic was posted by "Finnfish". if that may be a clue. //J
  11. Jaramaz

    Longitudinal Rudder movement

    Suggest a look at the Jefa webb page: http://www.jefa.com/ they have method and solutions for non-round shafts. Having said that, when I dropped my rudder some few years ago I noticed my shaft was not really round / circular (plastic bearings, ss shaft). I polished a bit, most probably with little or no effect, and re-mounted with a new plastic bearing (non Vesconite, btw, based on some research.). Worked fine, better than I hoped for. Agree that 0.001 is not to worry about, can you even measure it? (depends on what unit you are referring to). //J
  12. Addendum: Most operators publish coverage maps. Easy to find and understand. Use to be somewhat exaggerated. For KPN there is https://opensignal.com/networks/netherlands/kpn-dekking or KPN itself http://www.kpn-international.com/network (but then you have to use flah, which I refuse). //J
  13. For sailing in Finland and Sweden a cat works fine, there are many natural harbours (no service,, no fee) where a cat is nearly ideal (limited draft, can tie to nearly any rock). Denmark and Norway has about no archipelago, thus one has to visit the harbours / marinas and then a cat is problematic (to put it mildly). In particular as large as > 45 ft! 5 months in the Scandinavian waters is a stretch. Doable, but limited fun. Water is very cold in the early season (until June), nights are getting dark in end August / Sept and weather detoriates quickly in the early fall. //J
  14. Jaramaz

    Longitudinal Rudder movement

    Bearing bronze should be somewhat oily when you touch it. One would guess that bearing bronze has been used but with boat builders you never know. The bronze bearings are often thinner (thinner walls) than those made of plastic - otherwize I would recommend plastic (some UHDM or even more advanced) but that would probably require a new ss tube. Congrats to the bearing removal, btw. It is always good to do such operations as one learns a lot on how the boat is built. //J
  15. Jaramaz

    Yamaha 4hp 2 stroke

    Did that on such a one from early 1980-ies. There are some screws - if you have the manual then you have removed all (?). and then the gear handle. Actually, I had no problems at all with that part - but the lower part, the gearbox, that was not nice. When re-assembling and running it I realised that it is much more quiet now, maybe I had a leak in the exhaust part. There is a gasket at the bottom, it is tempting to use some kind of liquid gasket on that part which also works fine as a glue. Suggest some (careful) heat. //J