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  1. starsinker

    J/111 as a Multipurpose Boat?

    Where is a good place to search for listings other than YachtWorld? I checked the association website but there weren’t any listings there. There is one in California.
  2. starsinker

    J/111 as a Multipurpose Boat?

    How much is a new J/111? Doesn’t seem to be many used ones up for sale
  3. Just did my first SH race on my J92. It was pretty easy to handle in sub 10 knots. Did a few gybes, doused to the companionway. Very balanced upwind. Easy peezy.
  4. starsinker

    Picture Sharing From Your Boat

    Whale on the bow in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia
  5. starsinker

    Replace Balsa J92

    I hope nobody rolls an ankle, I meant them to keep the crew safer. The wedges are 3x3. Before it was just 1x1 square coamings that were too easy to slip off - especially dangerous going down the lee side to ease the jib. Maybe I will paint the top of each wedge a contrasting colour. Fun project but took way longer than I thought it would.
  6. starsinker

    Replace Balsa J92

    My winter project almost done - replaced soft core, glassed in foot wedges, then kiwi gripped
  7. starsinker

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    J/92 we hit 16.4 kts last weekend
  8. starsinker

    Replace Balsa J92

    I have a 1 x 2 ft patch to do in the cockpit of my J/92. Planning to do it from above and was wondering the cloth layup to use? Also I was going to try and do this at the dock under my boom tent, rather than hauling, taking out the mast and finding shelter. Am I asking for trouble?
  9. starsinker

    Fair price for a J92?

    There is one listed for $40k here...
  10. starsinker


    I'm interested in finding a used J88 and am in Vancouver Canada.