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  1. Sydney 36 Moulds for Sale

    i fixed one a couple of years ago which had a similar problem. We pulled the bearing assuming it was leaky seals but found the moulding (in which the whole bearing is fastened) had cracked loose from the hull grid moulding. they pre fasten/seal the bearing into the moulding then (probably with a dummy shaft) spooge the whole lot into the grid. fix involved getting rid
  2. Sydney 36 Moulds for Sale

    the franken syd36 looks a pretty likely contender for southport. with the sugar scoop and mods, their rating has dropped from 1.065 to 1.061, going to be hard to beat in irc4
  3. Sydney 36 Moulds for Sale

    l'A D unchanged at 1.065. that number is likely to be falling due to remeasuing some sails and some scissors
  4. Sydney 36 Moulds for Sale

    doesnt seem to worry thephilosophersclub. thought thats looking more like a franken-boat these days,
  5. boatbuilding

    http://www.amazon.com/Ice-Bird-Classic-Sin...a/dp/1574091514 this should help to motivate you also
  6. DC Designs

    mast gate, or where the mast goes through the deck
  7. DC Designs

    pulling it together more would flatten it further, need to spread gunwhales to get extra rocker. having been involved in a few of these stressed ply boats with phil over the years it looks to me that the boat needed more spread whent eh seams were laminated to push more curvature into it, this would also mean that the transition are eround the end of the chine would be smoother. no doubt phils would be here later to comment further
  8. Joke

    Whats the difference between a woman and a mosquito? The mosquito stops sucking when you slap it
  9. Joke

    dont you mean testicle? singular