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    What's happened to the VX One ?

    Other news: The first VX in SE Asia proved it is a fairly decent boat racing under IRC, when it came 2nd in Phuket Kings Cup in a 10 boat fleet in IRC2. The event started two days after delivery of the boat. Orca99
  2. orca99

    If I get blood on my sail?

    then i would recommend that you stop sailing with your spouse
  3. I saw two AC 12 m yachts, masts etc sitting ashore in Miri, Borneo, Malaysia......I believe they are from Japan
  4. orca99

    Race Replays

    Rudder - if you get to Thailand some time - let me know - you have earned a day on my 33' powerboat or a couple on my OK dinghy
  5. orca99

    Corsair Pulse 600

    I just finished sailing a pulse in Kings Cup in Phuket with a mate. I agree with what is said above; we sailed in 0 to 35 knots and found the tri to be quite forgiving; we never stuffed the bows in hard, but both of us have a lot of F18 experience; it is very fun to sail in high winds; on a long distance race around islands, we spent 3 of 3.5 hours in the hiking straps and finished an hour ahead of the next of 5 Pulses. I will take my GF along as coskipper next time we race these. In light winds a Platu 25 is faster; it would be nice with a high performance version with a 2-3 m taller mast and rudders/curved foils on outer hulls.
  6. orca99

    What's happened to the VX One ?

    I know a guaranteed way to get that kite up and down as quickly as you like.......let the GF steer