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    Radio Control Multihulls

    nice one square. my 2c, I'd Go wide. Any thoughts on rudder/sail servo placements? Mini 40 gets launched this Sunday. If it floats, i'll post some photo's deano Looking for some patio screen door rollers to make/modify to smaller drum for winch so it will fit inside a hull - but my 2" drum is too large. Shooping project for upcoming weekend. Rudders will be under hulls and run from a servo in other hull. Son suggested using front cross tube as a battery holder, and then put Rx in same hull as rudder servo. Can then move batteries from side to side to get optimum balance port to starboard. Looks like right now my sail will have a luff of 38" and 228 sq, inches of sail. I am thinking a flat plate with small holes from front cross beam running fore/aft. Mast will have pin in bottom to fit holes. Then I can move mast base location forward or aft and not "have" to stay only on top of the front cross beam. If I decide a small jib is necessary, I can always run a crabon rod "under" the beams and forward between hulls to whcih I can hook the jib boom. This is one of those "Damit" projects, where hindsight suggests I should have gone with another 1 meter size cat, so hulls could be wider, more buoyancy and I could have used a second "string-eater" winch to handle the asy spinnaker sheets. NOW I thinkk of it ! My major concern for this little one (once electronics are sorted) - is if it will have enough weight to provide momentum to carry it through a tack - and not just stop dead as a wind-vane. !
  2. The Squareman

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Just a photo of nearly completed "plugs" made from foam and awaiting glass covering. Still need to locate and install board trunks. Rudders (tentatively) to be mounted "under" the sterns rather than off the back. Still fooling with radio gear selection and some mior "engineering" for mast attachment that will allow fore/aft location changes. This one is being built to the newest class the R65M (or 65M) class. Wanted something that is easy to transport, with rig in place - yet of a decent size and larger than the "FOOTY" size. Wooden dowel cross beams only for prototype and will be replaced with 3/8" diameter carbon tube when done. Mast will be somewhere in the 40-45 inch length. Beam dimension still to be determined - wide like an 18 Square platform - or narrow like a true "A" Class platform? Photo is about in between those ratios. Overall length is 65 cm (about 25 1/2 inches)
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    Radio Control Multihulls

    There is starting to be some more U.S. activity with the F-48/Mini40 multihulls sized class. The MultiONE (1 meter class) is "quiet", and there are a few 65cm /25-1/2 " multihulls popping up. A fellow posting on the RCSailing.NET forums has popped off a prototype that has sailed well in light winds - nothing heavy yet, and has also built/sailed the Mini40 size boat. Rumors are there may be a set of hulls - or complete kit - soon available. Since we were "teased" back in 2001 by a couple of "builders" who couldn't seem to get any production out the door ( ) if you have an interest in production, go to the forum and indicate your interest so he can judge if tooling is worth the cost. I'm in no way related to person/project - but am building a 65cm version. Seems that conventional wisdom - (SO FAR) - that small multihulls won't sail well., may be dis-proven. If they do sail in stronger winds, the issues of transporting a half sheet of plywood (F-48/Mini40 platform size) will no longer be an issue. Heck - even my 1 meter takes up a lot of interior room.
  4. The Squareman

    Radio Control Multihulls

    In the US the F-48 is being built in minimal numbers, and there is also a MultiONE (1 Meter) if the other is too big for transportation. Not to open old arguments, but unless you are sailing the foiler in a large, open body of water, weeds will definitely take the fun out of the boat when it snags them in the middle of the lake and you have to figure out a way to get out there to it to untangle.