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    Classy women sailing

    Never got sick of looking at Jenna de Rosnay as a teenager.
  2. That's why no one has bothered to give him a tool kit. It would be pointless...just give him a box of various sized rocks to pound with.Or we could arrange for various kinds of sand for him to pound.I thought he had the chicken for pounding...
  3. It appears she knows how to hold her caulk.
  4. Hmm. So he averaged ~6kt VMG assuming he tucked himself in bed for 8 hours each night? (4kt w/o the shut-eye). Something is amiss.,,
  5. He should be easy to find: Sat Apr 5 2014 8:26 AM Good morning to everyone on facebook. i am safety in very beautiful sosalito its very close to san francisco later i will get online i made it 7000 Solo voyage Speed: 0.0 mphHeading: N Elev: -26 ft Lat: 37.862963 Lon: -122.480306