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  1. I sailed a Solcat upstream from Camas in the late 1970's and dealt with changing water levels (tidal effects and releases from Bonneville Dam), sand bars and wind getting light while the current quietly swept me past the launch point. The wind opposing current built chop quickly and the wind with the current made for lots of pointing and little reaching. i switched to sailboards and loved exploring the Columbia Gorge in 1982.
  2. Bora gulari nacra 17 incident

    That mode of injury can be more damaging than a clean slice!
  3. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Way to go FreeBurd! Adding another brother and another hull seems to have worked out well for you! We are enjoying the same weather as Ketchikan in the Puget Sound area without the 750 miles of effort!
  4. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Cruise ship just departed dock headed toward racers!
  5. 2017 Race to Alaska

    FreeBurd should be in view of cam 6 very soon!
  6. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Big Broderna has 2 cycle stations putting input into one prop via chain drive. FreeBurd has one cycle driving prop. Will they change out frequently when muscles tire?
  7. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Will these peddle drive systems determine the R2AK winner?
  8. 2017 Race to Alaska

    i need a long range recon drone to fly out of Ketchikan! The tracker updates are like watching a slow animation with a few frames missing
  9. 2017 Race to Alaska

    I would fly a kite - any size would help!
  10. Proa question

    Here is a shot of Tom Speer sailing on my hydrofoil stabilized tacking outrigger (Slatts 22). It was his first time sailing with a hydrofoil and he could feel the acceleration as the drag dropped when the 14 foot ama lifted clear of the water even in such light wind conditions.
  11. Proa question

    So momentum doesn't compensate for the added drag of immersion as much as I thought. Useful to know. Thanks. Would you expect the drag of the ama in a seaway, and thus yaw, to be reduced if the ama could pitch independently, as on some designs? Thinking a bit more, do you expect this attention to the correct balance of weight would be needed if a design went radically the other way, with an ama with barely enough volume to support its weight at rest? It should gain very little drag when going through a wave instead of over. Or, of course, a hinged vector foil could let you safely fly the ama, so long as the foil doesn't lose its grip. Or Rob Zabukovec's windward lifting Bruce foil could let you fly the ama through a wider range of heeling moments, without slamming it into a wave, and if the foil lost lift, the boat would only settle and possibly luff from the windward drag, but it should not capsize. I bought a Slatts22 in 1988 and it does what you describe quite well! http://www.signaldesign.net/slattsreview.html
  12. Proa experience

    From Delta V "about a dozen or so mono holes, built a house and tire Lee by myself" I just love voice wreck ignition!
  13. 3D Printing an Catamaran Float

    It is approaching reality: https://techxplore.com/news/2017-03-d-high-performance-carbon-fiber.html
  14. Conversation with Jim Brown

    I'd love to hear more about this design! A stiffer, lighter weight Windrider 17 with good blades would be of interest to me!
  15. Weta anarchy

    The 17 ideas make more sense. The weta was designed for hiking. Those amas are small Who says the WS Equipment evaluations use Sense? Everything was pretty much done in secret in Italy. But the weta has got to be a better choice than the Sonar (slownar), overpriced SCUD and 2.4mR. I just hope the Classification system gets fixed and they stop requiring a mixed team. There are not enough disabled women in the US that know how to sail or want to sail. Any updates on the Weta? I would like to try one but as a low quad, prefer a non hiking boat since I can't move outboard very quickly. The WR17 looks like a pretty good solution but I would prefer something more optimized for racing. I raced Hobie 16 Trapseat class for many years but Like the idea of a solo boat. I have never seen a SCUD in real life but would like to try one as well. I'm in the Seattle area