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  1. furr_ball

    Umm, tiller?

    Man.......you seem to know so much about my sailing and cat..... I'm pleased for your 25 years sailing and only broke a tiller on the beach. See I haven't done that....must be an operator issue.... No helm balance issues, very balanced thanks and I don't hold it tight. It really was simple, trap broke, twice in fact, and was in before I could let go. Went stuff paying for carbon again when I can do aluminium for peanuts. Enjoy your sailing.
  2. furr_ball

    Umm, tiller?

    I'm in Oz, if you come to Brisbane, go to Capral.... I will shout you lunch. You would need to find aluminium supplier near you, not online as freight would be issue. You want approx. 20mm outside dia. and 1.6mm wall thickness works. Then put a few wraps of grip tape where you hang on to it. For scarecrow.....and others Overhand / underhand, nup, breaking trapeze lines and in before you can let go, breaking extension across side of hull. Regardless, aluminium tube still way cheaper and little weight benefit, also a little longer than stock carbon extensions available. if you like a longer extension Tube $20 for 6.5m section equals 2 x 2.5m extensions, so $10 bucks each, carbon tiller around $160? for one, rather spend the spare money at the bar. Weight? 2.5m ronstan battlestick is 310 g / aluminium 2.5m is 600g, yep almost double but still only 600g and only 300g extra.
  3. furr_ball

    Umm, tiller?

    Used to use Ronstan carbon ones but broke a few. These days aluminium tube around 20mm, cheap as, bend it? can straighten it out a few times. Weight difference is not that much to carbon.
  4. Incredible..... https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/business/companies/aveo-executive-resigns-after-being-identified-as-poo-jogger-20180607-p4zk1e.html Aveo executive resigns after being identified as 'poo jogger' Australia’s corporate reputation is well and truly in the toilet. Just days after criminal charges were laid against ANZ Group and two investment banks, Aveo Group’s national quality manager, Andrew Macintosh, resigned after being identified as Brisbane’s notorious poo jogger. It is alleged Mr Macintosh fouled the private footpath of an apartment block near his Greenslopes home 30 times over the last year. The regularity of his movements proved his undoing after residents set up cameras to catch him in the act with pants down and toilet paper in hand. On Thursday morning, the day after Rupert Murdoch’s Courier Mail alleged he was the poo jogger and said he had been charged by the police, the company announced he had resigned.
  5. furr_ball

    Hug your teenager

    Thanks for the prompt. Hugged one of my blokes today, the other one is not nearby unfortunately. Shed a tear or two as well. My thoughts to you LB and those close.
  6. furr_ball

    Show your boat sailing thread

    My Mosquito catamaran, absolute blast once you pop the kite for the downwind sleigh ride..... Thanks to Julie, photog, for the pic and she does great work here in Oz.
  7. furr_ball

    Best Rock Song Intros

    This sort of thing takes you down a rabbit hole. Try Talking Heads...Born Under Punches....the bass line from Weymouth....
  8. furr_ball

    Yacht Racing Insurance in Australia - WTF???

    Tried Nautilus? They have a partnership? With Yachting Australia.
  9. furr_ball

    Where to dinghy sail off-season?

    Hey, We sail year round here..... If you turned up at our club we could put you in a boat every Sunday. Sailing school in the morning, racing in the afternoon. Dinghies, skiffs, moths. OK through our winter every 4th Sunday or so..... But it is spring now and almost summer. Book your ticket to Brisbane and come down to Manly and say hello. Darling Point Sailing Squadron. http://websites.sportstg.com/assoc_page.cgi?assoc=10477&pID=1 There you go....
  10. Watching that link Mark gave for the Miami radar. I then went to the Melbourne FL radar. Mathew appears to be tracking straight towards Melb / Canaveral. LINKY.... http://radar.weather.gov/radar_lite.php?rid=mlb&product=NCR&loop=yes
  11. furr_ball

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

  12. furr_ball

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Never noticed the wire winch, probably retina overload. Now I'm looking. What is in the briefcase strapped to the roof of the dodger?
  13. furr_ball

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Oh no apology required. Was just pointing out it has been mocked and it is up for mocking again.... Serial candidate perhaps...?
  14. furr_ball

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Oh and it qualifies for the dodger thread too........
  15. furr_ball

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Hey, He has had that thing for sale for awhile. I posted it way back. It was up on the Brisbane River maybe opposite the Botanic Gardens. You should see the extra 'keels' that it stands on,,,,, If he actually cleared all the crap out it 'maybe' alright.