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  1. furr_ball

    Rugby World Cup

    those skirt wearers beat Australia last time they were down under in 2017 and then walloped the wallabies at Murrayfield later in 2017 now the wallabies......they are working out every way to lose so far.....
  2. furr_ball

    Collapsing buildings

    Ish earlier established it was the side fell off Real sad. We have many issues appearing in some tower builds here in Aus that could have been this.
  3. furr_ball

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    Axeman moth axiomatic ’self evident...unquestionable’
  4. furr_ball

    Who sailed today?

    yesterday very little wind east coast of Oz
  5. furr_ball

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    More gold from down south. The franken dragon gave so much........ For your viewing mocking pleasure......I offer you FREE........unbelievable.......yes...... He is honest about it requiring work https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/strathpine/sail-boats/35ft-yacht-free/1209653901 35ft yacht Free Free strathpine Still available, please be aware it will need a lot of work. No engine, No sail gear. No mast. A 35ft concrete hull yacht, has no engine. Mast has been dropped and removed . Requires a lot of work. I’m listing this for my father, he is not able to do anything with it anymore. Yacht is located in cabbage tree creek. If you’re serious about taking it then message me and I can pass contact details on to you. It is a take it away or make your own arrangements with mooring it deal though. Yacht is available as is. Please don’t message me asking questions, I have no idea about a lot of it.
  6. furr_ball

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Not sure what to say...........except.........clearly unfinished though..... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/woodridge/sail-boats/dragon-class-yacht/1207692202 26ft Full Keel Dragon Class Sloop Timber Planked Yacht, Boat is a unfinished project with major refurb works being completed. Boat has mast, sails, small Yanhma Diesle and winches. Please note, (Boat is locted in a suburban address and if interested in purchasing reloction Transport costs will have to be taken into account)
  7. furr_ball

    Flying Ant bring big smiles and so much fun

    That is fascinating... used to sail SQS Me IV at Middle Harbour Yacht Club in Sydney with a school mate roughly late 79 or so? Still have a trophy somewhere for club championship win.
  8. furr_ball

    Show your boat not sailing

    Just leave this here for now..... Cannot seem to get it upright.......sorta like when I sail it.......
  9. furr_ball

    Self Christmas Present For Your Dinghy??

    Went retro.... Picked up 2 old big volume sailboards....Mistral One Design 2000 and an older Tyronsea 370. Grabbed a mixed bag of second hand masts, booms and sails cheap. Gave GF one set up for xmas and cannot keep her from the water on them. Went sailing cheap and easy. GF practising in the pool on the old but simple slalom board picked up as well.
  10. furr_ball

    Michael Weilley

    ....further........they were so good....
  11. furr_ball

    Michael Weilley

  12. furr_ball

    Michael Weilley

    Going down the rabbit hole now.....
  13. furr_ball

    Michael Weilley

    Those were nights..... Spy v spy....cockroaches (now wiggles...ha..!)....allnighters....hoodoo's....saints....models....angels...so many Brookvale Hotel...Dee Why Hotel....Selina's...Avalon RSL....city venues.....too many to remember now and most gone.... Spies punched above their weight......just amazing energy live on stage
  14. furr_ball

    Michael Weilley

    Used to go see them at various pubs back in time. Just awesome.