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  1. wlrottge

    US Portsmouth Yardstick Change?

    I'm the US rep for SCHRS and we've seen a significant grass roots movement to the system. One of the biggest problems is the lack of measurers; there isn't a cost to get a rating for your Frankenstein boat, but you need someone with "credentials" to measure and sign the form. As such, I'm seeing (and doing my best to support) self-generated UNOFFICIAL ratings. "You've got X boat that you added a square head to? Ok, take all the published data points that didn't change and enter them into the ratings calculator, then measure the stuff that did change and enter that. Bamm, rating!" Granted, this is ONLY if the race organizer allows it. I recommend that organizers require a copy of the rating calculation form and that racers keep a printed copy on hand in case anyone has questions/challenges their number. I presented SCHRS to the USSA Offshore Committee about 2 1/2 years ago and to be honest, they didn't care that the catamaran tables hadn't been updated in ~13 years. We offered the system as a drop in replacement, "just nix the tables for catamarans, adopt SCHRS and you're done, the system is in place, working, maintained and has been for >30 years". (I have a slide presentation that I'm happy to share) The lack of support for cats is the reason I won't join USSA unless I absolutely have to, they don't like us and don't care. Specific to SCHRS, I think "we" do it the right way; it's model based, and performance validated from race results every year and the annual reviews are published online. The 2018 annual review even included a comparison of ratings between SCHRS, RYA and US PN and the correlation (or lack there of) between them. Class developments are tracked (deck sweepers for example) with small corrections made to the formula so as to avoid major knee-jerk movements. This allows us to have a sound rating for a new boat that comes to market (US PN doesn't have a rating for my boat), or crazy one-off stuff as well. The two biggest fights I deal with are wind ranges and discrepancy in sailor weights vs. the assumed values in the formula. Even with those two "problems", the system produces ratings that deviate <1% from expected results, even within fleets that have finish time deltas of 20% or more. SCHRS also works WITH other rating systems (RYA PN and Texel) to validate results for all three systems and make all of them better; as such, there is a conversion factor between RYA PN and SCHRS that actually works. Essentially, the goal is to be the 95% solution; getting the next 5% likely requires wind range ratings, however look at how much more complicated the system becomes for everyone.... so is the juice really worth the squeeze? I'm also a fan of getting rid of the modifying factors that we used under US PN. Not going to name anyone, but it's tough when a Hobie 14 with a square head and huge screacher shows up and only take 0.98 hits for each one. Or in a case that I had happen to me, you start with a boat with a fast rating b/c of who used to race it (remember US PN is based solely on performance data) and then get hit with some significant modifiers only to owe time to a boat there is no way you could ever beat around a course. I've had people push to apply modifiers to SCHRS ratings and I've firmly said, "No", as we have to maintain the integrity of the system. In the end, the organizers play a huge part in the success or failure of any system. If you run a massive fleet of everything from and Isotope to a Mod70 (yes, extreme example), it's going to be hard to have fair ratings/results. If the fleets are broken out logically where you race like boats together; i.e., spin vs. jam, the performance curves are at least more similar than they are different and a single number system works quite well.
  2. wlrottge

    Sealant Tubes

    Less of a poke, more of a forceful ejection, lol
  3. wlrottge

    To Foil or not to Foil, that is the question

    I've sailed several foiling platforms and currently own a Nacra 20 FCS. The S9 is a ton of fun and can be setup with a jib and a small spinnaker (for light air). The boat suffers when the wind is light and the foils are on, but is comparatively much quicker if you remove them and sail with plain straight boards. I had a 2004 Marstrom A and was a lot of fun; it had been retrofited with curved boards and was still close to minimum weight and VERY stiff. I sold it when I bought the Nacra, but would have kept it if I had space. My biggest/only real complaint was downwind in light-medium conditions, it suffered badly and I was in the process of putting a spinnaker on it until I bought the new boat. If you're looking for beer holders, I'm not sure that either of those if right, lol. The S9 doesn't have a lot of space and the A will certainly spill anything without a lid!
  4. wlrottge

    Sealant Tubes

    Had a tube of Sika 291 that I needed for a project and tried using a vacuum bag (food saver). Squeezed a bit out of the tip, wrapped/taped it up, placed in foodsaver bag, vacuumed and sealed. Didn't look at the SDS, but thought that the vacuum might flash the solvent out, but it held a seal and was still under vacuum until I opened it over the weekend... and found it was mostly cured. Luckily the side of the tube blew out while trying to dig/push it out the end and I was able to seal my new ports in with the remainder of the tube.
  5. wlrottge

    Scissors for high tech lines

    Another vote for the cheap ceramic knife
  6. wlrottge

    Which foiling cat should i get? Advice appreciated

    eXploder slightly updated the platform in 2018(?) which only moved the rear beam aft a couple of inches, so nothing dramatic. I appreciate their modular approach as it does what Sam says, keeps the resale higher and I suspect the owners happier. Sam also said that you can't single hand the N20 FCS, but I think I have pictures of that being done in the UK . I've thought about it... could be fun in 0-8kts of breeze. I kinda wish Nacra would produce a set of Z-boards for the 20, but since I already have the L's and C's, don't think I want to spend what a third set of boards would cost!!.... heck, not to mention another $600-700 on bearings.
  7. wlrottge

    Phantom International going bankrupt?

    I have a Nacra 20 FCS and know a couple of guys with Phantoms. I think there are two things that Phantom missed; first, no rake adjustment for the rudders. The Nacra rudder system, like most of the other systems/details in the boat is a little agricultural. I think the Phantom is a bit slicker in some areas, but... Why didn't they give you adjustment on the rudders? I think that would have really improved the boat across the whole range of conditions. The Nacra setup is quite basic and you can't easily adjust the rudders on the water, but... You can adjust them. The other thing I think they missed is versatility with the dagger boards. Yes, it isn't cheap, but I have a set of curved boards for my boat as well. The ability to sail it with the foiling rudders, but curved boards REALLY makes the boat more versatile. I am now able to change the bearings in five minutes, so if it's really windy, or really light, I can shift gears to better suit the conditions. I've been out in 30+ on my boat and with the curved boards and T-foil rudders, it's really controllable.... Can't say that about it with the L-boards, lol.
  8. wlrottge

    Phantom International going bankrupt?

    https://www.catsailingnews.com/2020/02/phantom-international-company-status.html "....due to the market drop which makes it not sustainable." I don't know any specifics, but it sounds like the same reason that most businesses fail; operating expenses exceed profit margin.
  9. wlrottge

    Harken 462 swivel cam accessory? 3d print?

    Beat me to it. Have used this same thing as a low profile strap across the top of a cam cleat as well.
  10. wlrottge

    F28R Rudder eye bolt repair - or improvement?

    Not my boat, but as eric1207 said, that hole in the post is what the line runs through. The owner wraps the line around the tiller near the base and uses it for leverag to pull the rudder up.
  11. wlrottge

    F28R Rudder eye bolt repair - or improvement?

    The 28R I sail on has the aluminum tube just like that, but no eye bolt.... I think that was an aftermarket addon to try and fix a damaged tube. I'm guessing the rudder was too difficult to pull up and they bent or ripped the tube out. On that boat getting the rudder up/down was a chore until the box was loosened, squared up and tightened again. No slop and it goes up/down MUCH easier.
  12. wlrottge

    Keeping Me Man-Parts Warm

    I sail out of AYC as well, slightly different (and wetter) flavor of boat though. I'm a fan of the Zhik microfleece wetsuits. I wear a spray top with a farmer john suit (various leg lengths; short, med and long length depending on weather), a rash guard shirt under it, trap harness over that and vest over all of it.
  13. People keep talking about visibility, speed, etc. of the PB, but nobody seems to be using the great and powerful oracle of knowledge, Google. The vessel is a 28' True World Marine I/O, probably something a lot like this: http://www.boatersresources.com/bfs_detail.php?adid=414214 It's listed as a 20 degree hull, so pretty flat and shouldn't ride bow high. ~300 hp Yanmar with a Volvo DP should have plenty of bite to keep it up on the pad while running. I've read cruise speeds of 30 kts, so figure if he was running behind/meeting people/"missed his turn", he was probably close to that or faster. Here's an ad for one with a good shot of the visibility out the windshield (looks nice and open to me... especially when considering the size of the F18 rig): http://www.boatersresources.com/boat-for-sale/2005-True-World-Marine-TE288Yanmar-Diesel-Used-400062 This was posted on a catamaran sailing site regarding the most recent court date: https://turnto10.com/news/local/portsmouth-man-involved-in-newport-boat-crash-faces-judge
  14. wlrottge

    Team NYYC

    There's an active group of cat sailors around there that will make it a point to get out and see AM this winter.
  15. wlrottge

    Team NYYC

    Per the DJI software, not any issues (below 150m) to fly there.