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  1. wlrottge

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    I'd say that the max RM is more like this: Realistically though, probably just a bit lower b/c you'd want the hull to be clear of the water. Regardless, I'm glad I threw this into CAD b/c I thought that the foil would provide more resistance to leeway that it looks like it will.
  2. wlrottge

    Shrink Wrapping

    If you're having a professional do it, then you should be fine. My grandfather started our boat yard in 1962 and I worked for my father on and off until college, so I learned a few things. He typically had 150+ boats on the hard every winter, with a portion of them being shrink wrapped. We'd use carpet to pad the sharp points, put wood over areas where snow or rain would collect and used nylon strapping like a web to support big gaps (fly bridges to bow pulpit). Light duty hardware (plastic windscreens, or anything that stood above the deck) had to be protected so that the wrap wouldn't crush it as it shrinks when heated. If you haven't seen this material up close before, it's a LOT thicker than the consumer grade packaging stuff that we're used to. Just make sure that they know that you want an access door installed. Might cost you another $50, but it will be zippered and make getting in and out much easier.
  3. wlrottge

    Shrink Wrapping

    I'm sure you know that shrink wrap is serious stuff and can crush/break hardware. When drying boats out, we puts fans in the boat to circulate air and used dehumidifiers.
  4. wlrottge

    Team NZ

    Because that worked out so well for them in the past....
  5. wlrottge


    Just think, if you get a good nose dive, you'll flush Sir Ben and the rest of the crew right out the back! Worlds first "flush thorough" transom?
  6. wlrottge


    Maybe I missed it, but I'm shocked that nobody has posted this
  7. wlrottge

    Telescopic main foil inserts

    I'd be worried about twist/racking and therefore unstable foil angle
  8. wlrottge

    Team NYYC

    You betta adze somebody
  9. wlrottge

    Boats and foils comparison

    That was my thought as well. Similar to what someone else said, a single actuator in the bulb would result in a lot of twist/deflection as you get further away. The second actuator would allow better control of the foil twist.
  10. wlrottge

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I'd guess that it's a foil actuator
  11. wlrottge

    Team NYYC

    Learned a new word today.... that I'll probably never use
  12. wlrottge

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I don't have time now, but if you look at 5.6 of the rule (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xZRwGU-q4zGlD1jfStdY2kpzVB9PM96w/view), that seems to indicate that if you fit it to the boat, you have to declare it and once declared, it counts against your limit.
  13. wlrottge

    Fduck Foiling!

    Funny enough, the UCI (governing body of cycling) requires that bicycles meet a set of standards which includes the classic triangular design and a maximum tube diameter.
  14. wlrottge

    Silly daggerboard question

    I'd disagree.... a lot actually. Older cats (Hobie 16, etc.) were just efficient enough to move the apparent wind forward far enough that they had to head off to reach their optimum VMG. Newer boats with greater power to weight ratios and higher aspect rigs and foils can point much better than the older boats. I've sailed up and over sport boats like they were standing still. A good example of this is the Tornado Sport vs. an F18. Both have well optimized sail plans, although the F18 masts are wings while the T is still teardrop. The T has low aspect boards which are really a little too small for the sail plan; compared to an F18 with higher aspect boards. The F18 out points the T simply because you can't fly the hull as soon and don't get the same lift due to the shallow, low aspect boards.
  15. wlrottge

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    People keep referencing "touching water", but based on what I read in the class rule, I don't think this is the case. The rule states, "fitted to the boat", nothing about getting wet...