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  1. Indian Chief

    Dynex/ spectra in salt water
  2. Indian Chief

    WTB Wind / Speed / Depth Intruments / GPS

    On Indian Chief i had a plotter mounted in each hull hatch facing the stern. worked great, bit of an outlay but longterm delight. an iPad is great so long as it doesn't get wet.
  3. Indian Chief

    Dynex/ spectra in salt water

    it might be good to just use 14 mm and it will never break. bugger all weight difference. Its what we used on mine. Also next time I'm out of the water i'm planning on coating my dynex with emmerclad membrane paint.
  4. Indian Chief

    Older fast Aus multies

    Lovely Tri, i owned her from 1999 to 2003. She's a go anywhere cruiser with a good turn of speed in a bit of breeze.
  5. Indian Chief

    Older fast Aus multies

    Look what just popped up, seen by an Airlie Beach local whilst travelling in Fiji. She was shipped from NZ to Fiji and now working as a day charter boat out of Vunda Point.
  6. Indian Chief

    Older fast Aus multies

    Room was built in the mid 90s after my cat, Top Gun. Room was a more cruisy version. Same original builder and owner.
  7. Indian Chief

    Older fast Aus multies

    Been somewhat modified since her best days. Now lives around Airlie Beach.
  8. Indian Chief

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

    Shane, i reckon the builder of them would think you're being harsh. he loved them, i didn't and expected carbon versions.
  9. Indian Chief

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

  10. Indian Chief

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

    Commiseration's to Bushsailer and the Rushour team along with all the other retirees from the B2G race. Well done to the Bergs and the other finishers. Having sailed a fair bit with Joel, i can say he was the right man for the job on the red boat in those conditions. He knew the boat and sailed it accordingly to the conditions. It's a bullet proof boat having tested it myself on many occasions in rough Ocean conditions off the NSW coast. Last year I had Top Gun's Daggers boards, cases, steering, rudders and shafts upgraded to an engineered, all carbon solution. The engineering was done by Stuart Bloomfield, who's generally known for over engineering carbon components. I believe the build and lay up of the rudder stocks was to Stu's engineering specifications. When they were being made the builder kept complaining that it was a ridiculously huge layup that cost a me fortune. Having seen what happened to Rushours stocks, I'm happy for an "apparent" excessively big layup. My rudders are 1500 mm deep x 400 mm chord. The stocks are 80 mm at the hull exit tapering to 60 mm at the top of the hull deck through self aligning JP3 bearings. The core is a rectangular carbon tube. I don't agree that carbon stocks are a problem for multis as there are heaps of newer big cats with carbon tubes having success. What i think is important is having them engineered and built correctly for the purpose rather than fitting something that wasn't ever made for the purpose, or guestimating by self appointed experts without qualifications and then having to rebuild and fix up stuff that wasn't meant for the boat in the first place. I want reliability and generally have it because i believe i give myself every chance by letting those qualified do the thinking and executing. On big powerful multis it is the only way if you want to have every chance of finishing races. If you don't finish after having things engineered then you can honestly say you did your best to make things right. It never hurts to get a qualified persons opinion. After a few initial set up issues we had to sort out, since then my rudders and boards have been great, steering has never been more enjoyable. In my opinion, Deep rudders are also part of the answer on big fast powerful multis. The all round step up from a fast 31 footer to a fast 50 footer is enormous and until i experienced it, i had no real understanding of it.
  11. Indian Chief

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

    Not lining up this year on Top Gun with the current forecast is tough, its what we've been wanting since I've owned the boat. i had a new kite and screecher just made for these conditions. However, family has to come first. My money is on my old boat, Indian Chief. In the hands of the Bergs, there will be no backing off. I've sailed with Joel many times when i owned the red boat. He and Geoff are all over it with loads of experience in Raiders, all be it the red boat is a bit different from a standard Raider as she's a bit longer and a lot lighter, hence more corkier in the ocean but easier driven. It will be interesting to see what sail plan they go for as the big kite may not be needed. Its certainly going to be an entertaining race which no bloody Easter egg will fill the hole left in my gut as I watch it on the tracker. Good sailing and good luck to all competitors, will be watching your progress.
  12. Indian Chief

    Caribbean 600

    Mortica has a very cool sail inventory. Yes, they will have their hands full but they are very capable guys. My hats off to them. I've Ocean raced them in my previous 30 foot Grainger cat in 25 knots and they struggled, in fact we blew them away in those conditions, however Mortica is a very different boat now and modified and set up for such conditions now as they knew it was her weakness. When i sold my Grainger 30 cat I retired from ocean racing 30 foot multis :-) I'm enjoying the water line length of a 50 footer these days.
  13. Indian Chief

    Caribbean 600

    Don't be too quick to right off the Morticia boys. They are tough, experienced sailors with plenty of brains trust and know how on board. The c foil and t rudder mods that have been done to the boat are for this sort of forecast. My opinion is knowing these guys and their capability, so long as it all holds up they will challenge the front runners, maybe even show a couple the way. Go Shaun and team Morticia.
  14. Indian Chief

    Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    I saw your boat on the shore at Wangi on the weekend. You've done a nice job, love it. Well done.
  15. Indian Chief

    Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    We took moulds which are with a mate up at Tweed heads. PM me if you want his phone number. I have the same shape carbon boards in Top Gun now just blown up a bit as in longer and bigger chord. these shapes are also on the X40 cats