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  1. Matagi

    Gaff Rigs

    ^ Reminds me of Wolstenholme's Kite
  2. Matagi

    Gaff Rigs

    I believe, it's about leaving others stunned. Either way. Or both, in best case
  3. Matagi

    Gaff Rigs

    Amen to that... Idee Nissen design, Owner: Nils Springer (sailmaker from the Kiel area) Had her built in 1999, strip-planked, roughly 32 ft of waterline and this is how she looks below: see more here:
  4. Matagi

    Gaff Rigs

    In this specific case, the design brief was to have no sail larger than 25 sq.m. or so, I think, to make handling easier, and also to have maximum versatility. Especially flying two smaller kites from the two masts here was a common setup for Bylgia. The danger is of course that the wishbone sheet, once entangled at the top of the mizzen, needs some nasty repair effort aloft (it happened, also depicted in the book)
  5. Matagi

    Gaff Rigs

    Bylgia, Koopmans design. Boat is still around, it is aluminium. Wishbone rig today is gone, though. Brought Eilco Kasemier around the world, as so beautifully narrated here: Eilco passed away this summer, on his 97th birthday.
  6. Matagi

    Gaff Rigs

    A beauty, too Not cold molded, Oregon-pine, double planked over frames
  7. Matagi

    Gaff Rigs

    It absolutely is. Look at how high the second reed line is. Plus kite from the top or minus the outer jib, it makes for a great range, very versatile.
  8. Matagi

    Gaff Rigs

    This is what a young boatbuilder came up with, when he and his girlfriend built a modern underbody, kind of traditional gaff cutter: Wishbone rig, also giving it some sort of permanent topsail. Love it.
  9. Matagi

    Bente 39 splashed

    Picture: If it sails well, this should be a good competition for Pogo and RM. If.
  10. Matagi

    Re: what sport is this again?

    If you watch it without audio and imagine he's explaining the inner workings of his newly invented dinosaur sex toy, it's actually quite fun.
  11. Matagi

    what is happening?

  12. Matagi

    Coolboats to admire

    That's not the hull to the deck. I suspect the hull in the back belongs to a Bente
  13. Matagi

    Coolboats to admire

    Very nice. Reminds me of Stefan Z├╝sts Lake Constance Pilot Cutter project btw: would anybody know how this forward raked freestanding rudder behaves? I imagine it to feel quite unbalanced? Or is it rather neutral, as long as its not too much raked forward with respect to its pivot axis?
  14. Matagi

    jack the dull knife

    Not to hijack this topic, but I agree with your figures. Shows how much of an investment deficit is preparing itself to come crashing down on us. That said, some loves are meant to last and some are not. In humans and in boats. And in my opinion, once you have sold a boat, you can always be fond of your memories, but you have no further say in its current handling or status...
  15. Matagi

    the greatest

    Agree. I think it's just the same as with music...