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  1. Matagi

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Yes, I believe that too. With 160 miles out at 1900 UTC, he has 10:15 h to cover that. Best angle and wind that will probably remain in direction and speed, > 16 knots VMG seems absolutely doable.
  2. Matagi

    Defer the second dose for three months

    If you use it as an introductory element to an independent clause, as I think you intend to do here, a comma should follow after 'otherwise'. I double dare you.
  3. Matagi

    Defer the second dose for three months

    I am so sorry for your loss, this is heartbreaking.
  4. Matagi

    Coolboats to admire

    I often come back to Loon when I try to imagine a beautiful motorsailer. To me, that looks like what I want to live on when I retire.
  5. Matagi

    Daysailer for old people

    That is a very nice looking boat, it reminds me of Hubert Raudaschl's 'Spirit of Piran', or 'RN 20'. It's ca 6m long, 1,75m wide and weighs just 150 kg, it has a lifting keel with ballast. Raudaschl is sailmaker and gave this boat a latin sail and later on a junk rig of sorts, very cool.
  6. Matagi

    Order of Vaccination

    Reports coming out in Germany (Handelsblatt, German only) that AstraZeneca will only get a very limited approval. Reportedly, the AZ vaccine shows only 8 per cent efficacy in people older than 65. This puts the German vaccination strategy massively in jeopardy, if true. Further, this would also be the case for many other countries, foremost the UK. Here are the orders by country and companies as of 4 January 2021: These reports come amid already heightend tensions between the EU and AZ over failed target deliveries. If the reports are true, would it be wise to administer the AZ vaccine in younger age groups, starting now, especially those working in the healthcare sector and other critical roles? Or is it a sign of a weak product that should be dumped altogether?
  7. Matagi

    what is it?

    Looks like this one crossed a line with someone high up the Jedi Order... So what is IT? Besides strange...
  8. Matagi

    Daysailer for old people

    No link, I made this . Here's what went into it: My thinking was triggered by looking at videos of the Dehler 30OD and the L30, its complicated design and construction process and the myriad of lines you can twist and tweak to get it to speed in races like the Silverrudder. And then there is an avalanche of headsails: genoa, jib, staysail, Code 0, A2, A5, some boats have an Asym and a Sym. Furling, cableless or a jib with a reef? Anything goes. To me, that sounds overdoing it for amateur racing. You will find yourself changing sails so much because you fear you might lose 0.3 knots here or there. It is exhausting and lures you away from tactics and gaining miles by simply sailing well. It's also not much fun. So: what is the simpliest way to do away with all that? And what would also be fun when tackling a 24-48 h race alone or with 2? I want to be able to tow it from my local lake, set it up in an hour and enjoy having time to look at weather and routing, while all the others are still fiddling with their ropes. Also, I believe it's a game of SA/D especially in the smaller classes. A catboat design, especially with three reefs and a wingmast should be very capable in all conditions, can provide safety like a large yacht and speed like a dinghy. The idea above is a mixture of many designs I like a lot. Mainly they are: The Hadron H 1 dinghy: It is ca. 4.20m and thus 2m smaller as my idea, but its construction is very close to what I have in mind. Of course, this is a centreboard, and is very, very light, just 80 kg for the hull. My design will weigh around 400 kg, which I think is doable at a length of 6.20m and a beam of ca. 2.2 m. 200kg / 50% will be in the bulb, ca. 1.40 m below. Keel and rudder should be lifting for ease of transport or even ramp launching. Another design I like very much and from which I'd like to take some classic reminescences for the bow is the Pabouk: Here, the mast is extremely forward. But I still think it is a good idea to give catboat a slightly fuller bow. I would also like to have a watertight bulkhead in front of the mast that you can reach via a watertight hatch inside and also from the top. You could store things there for smaller trips, but in racing mode it would be filled with foam bags to ensure insubmersibility even in case of a hull cracking collision. The last design I looked at is the Marblehead 22, I mentioned earlier. I like how it looks classic, but I'm not as much a fan of Wishbone rigs. It's also pretty heavy for its length, and the aft sections are not good for a dinghy-like run. I think of ca. 18sq metres (194sq ft) main sail with three reefs on a carbon mast with three Dyneema stays (maybe even not). With 400kg of displacement, that gives us a SA/D of 33.7, that is more than a Farr 280. Inside, it's very simple: two bunks below, with watertight sections below them. Another insubmersible section aft, below a slightly elevated aft deck, like in this Saffier. You can put large solar panels on in racing mode, or cushions for cruising. I would also give my design its extremely clever foldable windshield and roof for better protection. I think electrics would be something to closely look at. Propulsion should be electric, but I would also spend an extra dollar on a good navigation package and autopilot. The mainsheet could be splitted in a 1:2 part that goes to an electric captive winch, while the other end is for fine tuning. Here is another version, with a slightly different bow, stern and mast position:
  9. Matagi

    what is it?

    Sidenote: that anyone can burn through XXXV yachts in a lifetime... ...insanus est.
  10. Matagi

    The UK Variant

    Sadly, yes, and also and more in Portugal.
  11. Matagi

    Defer the second dose for three months

    Well, as harsh as it sounds, I disagree. The consequences of this are unpredictable. There was a plausible idea I posted some days ago, that variants may have first emerged in immune-compromised people, whose immune system is on constant alert. I would not rule out that a similar result can rise from a large number of 'unfinished' inocculations. It also undermines trust in the vaccination process and its adherence to it: people will not show up for shot no. 2 in droves, esp. with declining death numbers during summer, I guarantuee you that. So you would waste shots maybe even worse than now, as many treatments would remain incomplete. It also, in a broader sense, undermines science worse than Tr**p ever did. If we trusted the scientific process with all its stages back then, why should we still trust it in the future, if we throw it out of the window because we are so desperate? (We are, no doubt). I am not 'big on peer reviews', as was suggested on the other side of my ignore button. But I like good data. I work with data and automated decision-making everyday. I am not a statistician, but I have had my fair chunk of it in my Computer Sciences studies, modelling, decision trees, data mining, it is a large part of my life. I believe I can most times tell good data from bad data or not enough data. A decision must weigh its consequences and I believe here, we don't have enough data or knowledge about the longterm consequences. It is urgent, no doubt. But the root of the problem lies with governments that have failed to treat this like they would treat a war, with all its consequences for focus, combined effort, organizational capacities and the ability to ramp up production and distribution. We have had a whole year to get our act together. We chose not to, basically all 'western' societies (lack of better definition, sorry). That's the problem we need to fix now for a longterm solution that rids us from this thing. Not something that only gets us from one petry dish to the next.
  12. Matagi

    Defer the second dose for three months

    I am torn here. I also believe we should move as quickly as possible. But I think the current flaws in the roll-out programmes are in the logistics first, not only on the production side. My impression is that once you are committed to a rollout plan, you must not change it, you create interdependencies (e.g. scheduling appointments etc) that are hard to manage. The graphs above are not good, in my opinion. They show a line for a combination of first and second vaccination. As it is a very straight line, it is tempting to infer that it would be the same if it was only one shot and the second can easily be done after 90 days. But as far as I know, no such trial data exists. You don't know how this curve would bend, with just one vaccination. Further, from 'real life', this: Quote 'Israel’s coronavirus tsar has warned that a single dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine may be providing less protection than originally hoped, as the country reported a record 10,000 new Covid infections on Monday. In remarks reported by Army Radio, Nachman Ash said a single dose appeared “less effective than we had thought”, and also lower than Pfizer had suggested.' Unquote Also, mind you that a large cohort of people with some, but not full protection form a larger petry dish for variants that are resilient to the vaccine. I would not go down that lane, tempting as it looks. It is, sadly, a Titanic situation.
  13. Matagi

    The UK Variant

    True, but these three studies attempt to identify changes in mortality of the virus independently from transmissibility. So if it is more for any one person on top if being easier to catch. Though the studies point out that datasets are still little, their cohort sizes allow for valid statistical modelling. You get a larger variance, but a statistically significant result. In this case, all three independent studies point in the same direction.
  14. Matagi

    The UK Variant

    Meaning in Illinois, or also elsewhere? How many % are taking vs. not?