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  1. yl75

    Vendée Globe 2024

    Ineos fracking is kind of a tough sponsor to manage regarding PR, somehow But Alex is quite good at green washing, so why not ..
  2. You could try to find something better !
  3. Prada is gona win this final, most probably, but then the prada/etnz thing gets even more stronger ! Part of the show ? But then Britannia wiining could be even better! Won't happen, looks like the fracking limeys are done with
  4. Some Ineos pics would help at what you point out
  5. yl75

    Vendée Globe 2024

    Jérémie is rumored to launch a new Sam Manuard design for 2024
  6. yl75

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Now we have a race between the two "pit stop" girls ! I forgot, did Isabelle fully repair her kill, or is it in the middle ?
  7. yl75

    Prada Cup

    That's great, think will look for the surprise in the morning though
  8. yl75

    Prada Cup

    looks like the limeys are gona be whipped again, a bit sad ..
  9. yl75

    Prada Cup

    But so Jimmy S has lost his leadership role to Max ? (sorry doesn't follow very closely), when did that happened exactly ?
  10. yl75

    Prada Cup

    The "two Europeans team in the final", then Max saying to Ben "But you are out now" or something was funny
  11. yl75

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Last tip & shaft newsletter mentions Jérémie talking to Manuard for a new boat. (sorry if already mentioned)
  12. yl75

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    The ride in the AC boats is rather smooth as well, in below interview (in french), Davy Moyon mentions that the ride in the RIBs following them is much harder.. : https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/regate/coupe-de-l-america/video-america-s-cup-davy-moyon-on-ne-peut-pas-naviguer-si-l-electronique-ne-fonctionne-pas-b0527bde-5efc-11eb-8fd5-8b49da1526e6
  13. His last answer is also very interesting, first he didn't really understood the question (and realized it), but on the structural thing, he said he didn't see why a VG Imoca boat should be any different from a TOR Imoca one (as the max loads can be the same, even if in a VG they will be reached much less often than fully crewed), but that for the ergonomics (number and placements of winches etc), indeed they could be different, and hence the planning issue, really not clear at that point if you can have a project aimed at both. Would the Alex cockpit option be suitable for TOR for instance ? (when it clearly makes perfect sense for the VG)
  14. yl75

    Vendee Globe 2020

    If Armel learned about it through the press (he didn't seem to know about it in his press conference), it seems to me L'occitane is exiting the game, and not planning a new boat for Armel for the next edition.
  15. yl75

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Even if big that would take a lot of "work" to fill it up for that result !