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  1. Not sure, "ça tamponne" litterally means something like "it bumps from behind" , like when there is a big slow down on a free way, and if the drivers arriving there are not careful they will bump into the cars in the front already slowed down. So a "packing" ? "Restart" ? "yoyo effect" ? Not sure what is the usual English sailing terms used for that.
  2. But the question was whether you use it or not ? (for me I think it was still used for the few dinghy classes I took as a kid, then moved to windsurfing, and "keel boats" later (cruising, some races), where I don't remember it being used. And in fact on some pages it has disappeared, like : https://mersetbateaux.com/voiles-allures-reglages/ or : https://virtualregatta.zendesk.com/hc/fr/articles/115001500854-Comment-avance-mon-bateau-
  3. Do you still use "petit largue" as above Laurent ? Or have you ever used it ?
  4. like 10° above full beam, 20° below ? or 10 and 10 ?
  5. Note : for me now in French "petit largue" as above is almost not used anymore, or merged with "travers" (meaning across), but "bon plein" or "près bon plein" is still used quite a lot
  6. By the way when saying "reaching conditions", which angle does it corresponds exactly ( i mean from which to which) like in below for instance : Note : equivalent in French : Are there in English you some kind of agreed names for subdivitions for close hauled for instance ? (for sure now one often directly speak of the angle in numbers), how about in Italian, German , Spanish, other ?
  7. Interesting interview of Josse, below : https://www.ouest-france.fr/vendee-globe/vendee-globe-sebastien-josse-nicolas-troussel-sera-dans-le-match-6930821 Especially :
  8. The "sailing Frenchman" did 19 (on the 1014) did 19th, not too bad for a first race on a boat he just got a few weeks ago :
  9. looks like it will be a full light wind leg a bit less advantage for the scows maybe, but Bouroullec is doing great with his big ass foils ...
  10. The tracker is up : http://lessables-lesacores.geovoile.com/2020/tracker/ (top left menu to switch between legs)
  11. Sped up like crazy, the sea doesn't even seem real, around the end.
  12. The web site seems to have very little updates, the FB page has more : https://www.facebook.com/SablesAcores650/ First leg start is in fact on the 4th : Video from yesterday : https://www.facebook.com/SablesAcores650/videos/2640151162911167/?v=2640151162911167
  13. Btw, didn't know about that one in much details, quite interesting : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nine-dash_line
  14. Perfect LFP cell size (and part of the EV target market line) : But Maybe too big for Jack_s, although let's hope he admits that if too small and too big both exist, then nothing forbids "right size" to also exist... As to LFP energy density :
  15. Whatever ... Note : And LFP energy density is indeed changing