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  1. Team Actual west-ward tour

    yes, saw that, but it's getting late for a come back if the window does not work. (spindrift site is really a mess to navigate, don't like these "wanting to be modern" site designs at all)
  2. Team Actual west-ward tour

    Spindrift also in Orange code, but qualifying the poissibility as "small" with another one next week :
  3. Team Actual west-ward tour

    Wow, so he is thinking about going west of that very southern low I guess, and then having the trades recover. Quite an unusual window for going down the North Atlantic, but somehow for the record he is chasing, having a "perfect" window doesn't matter as much.
  4. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Nice catch ! Note that it is about the ice, not the wind/weather in general.
  5. Transat Jacques Vabre

    Yes could be true, but somehow the question is also why the other foilers with "younger generation crew" didn't do better than SMA ? Namely Lagraviere/Peron, Herman/Ruyant, Burton/Escoffier. Maybe lack of preparation on their newly acquired boats ? Or not such a radical advantage to the foilers ?
  6. Team Actual west-ward tour

    The North Atlantic and the trades are really messed up right now, especially with a low system appearing very south (Azores latitude) around next Friday/Saturday (looking at windy). It seems to recover a bit around wednesday 29 Thursday 30, maybe a window around that time ... (same for Spindrift 2)
  7. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Less than one mile between DF and Vestas, Go the Dong GO !!
  8. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    New daily news on the site : https://www.macifcourseaularge.com/actus/retour-de-lhorizon/ (no time for a summary/translation right now)
  9. The Next Boat-----2020

    Quite amazing concept, and what is even more amazing maybe, is to base a new class (and not any class, a 75 foot AC class) on a concept that has never been seen before ! (althoguh one should be careful here, maybe doug L has something in his attic or something ) I'm still highly skeptical on the foiling tack ability though (and so on the match racing interest)
  10. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    New short instagram video : Sunset at 54 South
  11. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    New news item from Macif site ! (these daily ones are quite good) : https://www.macifcourseaularge.com/actus/dombres-de-lumieres/ A quick summary/translation : "from shadow and lights" Major change in strategy this week end due to the weather forecasts having been reshuffled : the mean "Mozambique/Madasgascar" low finally got dissolved and the channel that we foreseen from it to the North of the kerguelens is going to transform itself into a sticky high pressure system. So it's over for the foreseen gliding routes to the antipodes, and we now have to move to a "zig zag dromie" (great circle route is othrodromie in french) between icebergs and wind channels along the screaming fifties (or furious fifties). Forecasting isn't predicting and the sea is there to remind that to us. Even if Scenarios are precisely detailed using thermodynamic simulators and and super computing platforms, nature and previous experiences shows that reality does not always match these forecasts. Especially in this area under the influences of three continents with quite opposed characteristics : Temperate south of Africa, Highly desertic Australia and freezing antartica, this around an ocean with ice at th bottom and monsoon at the north. So that after having put on the brakes to not go directly into the low on Saturday, and having almost went through the centr on Sunday morning, we realized that the highway uforeseen around 40° was not materializing, or at least with roadblocks(contrary winds) and heavy chaotic seas. So after constantly consulting with JY Bernot, FG decided decided to go for the Southern route up to 52°. A choice based on the shortest route, and as soon as the Monday night the South West wind should move towards North West getting srtonger around 30 knts and this trajectory should be ok at least up to Leeuwin longitude in the same wind channel. On the other hand the presence of floating ice blocks is a risk factor, at least up to passing the Kergelens on the South : Satellites images will help in localizing the zones with icebergs and growlers. But Macif will also avoid the continental shelf from the archipelago which often result in chaotic and dangerous seas. On Tuesday FG should go very near Heard Island. And the light came.. But the other advandage of this southern 50° route is a less tortured sea : Antatartica is dyssimetric with most of it in the Indian ocean so tht FG will follow the ice limit around 300 miles from the limit. Not the time, not the distance required for the fetch to create major swells when the wind is from the south and only medium following seas from the west or north west should remain. But this also means much shorter nights ! Let's not forget that it is currently spring in the soutern hemisphere with summer coming right in one month (December 21), along the fifties FG will have nights of barely 8 hours, adding to that that Antartica ice also reflect the sun light creating a "luminescent glow"(really the case ? ) Firework of lights and shadows, these few days deep South will for sure be some of the most stressful of this round the world course, and also probably some of the most magical ones.
  12. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Weather map at +12 +24 +36 +48 and further indeed look quite ok from his position.
  13. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Not sure but from the last news below : (and a small snipet in a TV live that didn't rellay work, starting around 1:54) : https://www.france.tv/france-2/stade-2/322867-emission-du-dimanche-19-novembre-2017.html They might have changed their plan and decided to really dive south to catch another low. Below screen shot from above youtube video : They might have decided for the dark blue southern route above, as opposed to the pink Northern one that they talked about in the new from yesterday.
  14. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    So the 3 legs counting double are the 2 southern ocean ones + Newport to Cardiff, but not Lisbon to cape Town, really kind of strange, but good for dong Feng indeed (except if they win this one )
  15. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Yes, but he will jibe very soon I guess