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    So he published a new "report", but no details at all...
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    I hope he will tell more regarding the issues, it's not a race, what the heck ? Too bad, was a cool route to follow for the next months and especially weeks.
  3. il y a eu quelques articles dans l'équipe aussi, et dans Sud Ouest
  4. Yes I was really surprised that the victory didn't even get mentionned in Le monde (some short articles in Le Figaro, nothing in Liberation apparently), and nothing on TV, if I remember well Cammas made the evening news on TV when he won, ok there was the stop in Lorient, but still ..
  5. The media coverage has been extremely low in France for this victory, not sure why, ok there is the world cup and Caudrelier is much less known than Cammas, but almost nothing in the press, nothing on TVmain channels I think (not sure). How about the US ? UK ?
  6. Do you know if this 0,4m under the keel was with the keel canted of counted compared to the boat draft (straight keel) ?
  7. They missed a couple, Marie Riou for instance
  8. Must be really tough for Xabi, hope he comes back to win.
  9. They could have brought a French flag ! Or forbidden by Dongfeng ?
  10. having fast RIBs with Drones would probably be much cheaper (and less fuel burning) than choppers
  11. Holly cr..p ! thanks for that !
  12. DF should heel the boat like crazy and get this done !
  13. Not really, they are tired for sure, but no sure about being convinced they lost
  14. Wonder if DF will use the keel cant to cut the corner a bit more ...
  15. So what is the course ? Do they just have to go up this point next to Norway, or is there another round down ?
  16. Thanks a lot, had managed to find them through google "volvo ocean race sailing instructions", but they do not appear anywhere in the site menu right ?
  17. Are the SIs posted on the site somewhere ?
  18. They are all going to be in a serious mess in 10 hours or so, and the two reds will hate having to go up round the mark in order to better enter the wind hole.
  19. No more crystal ball thingy on the tracker ? Too many TSS and stuff on the route or wish by the race organisation to increase online speculations ?
  20. yl75

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    wtf is DF doing ?
  21. yl75

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    Yeah ..., you sure you didn't play with some chickens or needles on some paper boat models or something ?