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  1. Transpac 2017

    Resolute's TransPac 2017 video. TransPac 2017
  2. J/125s Are AWESOME

    More boat porn. TransPac 2017 By the way she's for sale.....
  3. Scary Neel 45 Build Issues

    An older sailor who had shifted to a live-aboard powerboat explained it to me this way. "We wanted to live ON a boat, not IN a boat." Made sense to me.
  4. Spirit-33' s&s

    I grew up sailing on a semi-sistership, capable and wet!
  5. My newest project

    Is Bob F. helping name the other ones too?
  6. Coolboats to admire

    Here's another cool S&S boat, old but also very new. The German mainsheet and the high boom are the only tells. Built in 2010, yours for $950k AUD. https://youtu.be/FzVVhB0jsME
  7. which yacht designer ?

    Paul Bieker or Mark Mills would be my first choices.
  8. PAC 52

    Rumor has that this is it's last bit of racing as BG. Don't know if it's for sale, or already sold.
  9. Frederiksen hardware availability

    Bought out by Ronstan. They probably have something that will fit.
  10. J 121

  11. do the math

  12. J 121

    Nobody at J-Boats has sailed a well tuned and sailed 125 in the ocean, so I don't think they realize how quick they are. At least that's my assumption when I read the silly advertisement for this new boat.
  13. Only if you ignore the effects of waves, which is silly in the ocean. The water surface gets proportionally smoother as the boat gets longer which is a good thing.
  14. Having just raced to Hawaii using COG for heading I can attest that it's too slow to be useful for sailing to the instruments. LoinessRacing, I don't know how much racing you've done offshore when it's pitch black, but it turns out that well tuned instruments are fairly important in those conditions. And the bummer is, even for really good dinghy sailors, to sail well to instruments at night you need to use them during the day as well, it's the only time to learn what the numbers are trying to tell you.