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  1. Trevor B

    Front Page - Wing and a prayer....

    It uses the power of the wind to travel on water. It’s sailing.
  2. I wouldn’t get involved in a project like that unless you had $2m to spend on it.... you’ll have gone through the first million long before you get it foiling.
  3. Trevor B

    SSS 2021 Corinthian Regatta

    133 of 150 available by 6pm.
  4. You think that diagram is an accurate depiction of flow around a transom hung rudder? Really? You should look back there sometime before you start calling us names.
  5. More hogwash. An e-rudder won’t have to deal with the same heel angles, speed, lack of balanced sailplan nor will it need to keep as accurate a course as the original rudder. It can be severely compromised and still get the job done as long as it’s strong enough and capable of being rigged in gnarly conditions.
  6. I had a blast, home in Santa Cruz 6:45 and asleep by 8:00. Went counterclockwise and finished at 3:20 after starting at 10:41.
  7. Trevor B

    what is it?

    I think it was a couple of lifetimes. Multiple generations of Oyster Catcher owners.
  8. Trevor B

    NY to SFO the hard way

    Good luck Ryan!
  9. Trevor B

    what is it?

    Fun looking thirty footer.
  10. Trevor B

    brazilian style parking

    Do you think the same person fell overboard both times? Might have had too much to drink!
  11. Trevor B


    Anyone looking for some good used spinnakers send me a message. North A-3, dark blue North A-4, bright Pink Also a hanked on Santa Cruz Sails J-4. Radial cut Dacron with square head. Very nice when it’s windy. May also have an Ullman spinnaker staysail somewhere in the basement.
  12. Trevor B

    MOD 70 vs. ORMA 60 - what's next?

    I think the OP may be confusing “better” with “faster”.
  13. Trevor B

    SeaCart 26

    Diam-24 with the “Lake Rig” (screecher/Genoa) is a handful double handed in over 6 knots in terms of boat handling. There is a lot going on in a tack.
  14. Trevor B

    Anchor Geekdom

    That is a great site.
  15. Trevor B

    Anchor Geekdom

    What’s wrong with a Kellet when it’s really nasty?