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  1. Trevor B

    R2AK 2020

    We put it on hold Thursday evening because of the rule change.
  2. Trevor B

    R2AK 2020

    We have a good team, our funding is semi-organized, and have a great boat to charter, but we have NO interest in racing on the outside all the way to Bella Bella. It’s much less of an adventure and much more of a very hardcore race. It really is a bummer that they’ve made this change, I was looking forward to trying to win this quirky thing.
  3. Trevor B

    R2AK 2020 IS ON, bring what ya got!

    New rules are announced, basically the larger boats have the option to go OUTSIDE Vancouver Island on the way north. Yikes!
  4. Trevor B

    vid.clips, 2019 Jazz Cup

    Thanks Slackwater! I'm the yellow shirt.
  5. Trevor B

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    We seem to be settling in at about 11.5 knots in 15 knots of wind, tacking through 85-88 degrees. It’s starting to feel pretty good.
  6. Trevor B

    Mini sailor lost at sea

    So, sailing slowly in light winds (broad reaching in ten knots without a headsail on a 21 footer,) it took him ten minutes during which time he used a knife to deflate his life jacket. I don’t think this a good example of what you are trying to prove. It’s actually an example of the opposite, it’s damn hard to get back on a boat by yourself and Craig was very lucky.
  7. Trevor B

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Another thought on using a Diesel engine for energy generation, how do you cool it on a foiler? Same problem exists for the hydro-generators, tough to do if you’re not actually in the water....!
  8. Trevor B

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    Sounds like the two boats at the Sailing School in BC are coming on the market. More info to follow. Contact me if you’re interested, especially in NorCal.
  9. Trevor B

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    The successful ones are a lot different than they were in 2008, at least in how they sail. Flatter, smaller kites make them much more pleasant at sea. The new rudders help too. Also, sailing them with lots of twist in the main downwind (Melges-24 style,) makes them a lot faster and easier. And the top boats have had a lot of tickling and fairing which helps tons.
  10. Trevor B

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    All said and done, it was about $6,500 from the boat yard in England to driving it away from the Port in California. That includes everything except for sales tax in California.
  11. Trevor B

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    That’s where we found ours. Bought it without an in person inspection and we’re very happy with what we got. My understanding is that if VAT was paid by the earlier owner you cannot get it back, but you don’t have to pay any additional, except for sales tax in your own state.
  12. Trevor B

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    So, how fast is that?
  13. Trevor B

    Schooner No. 5 Elbe Sunk in Collision

    Bummer. My parents met on Wanderbird...
  14. Trevor B

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    Raced it for the first time last night. 12-16 knots of wind, it was the first time we’ve sailed next to another boat so we learned a lot on the first beat about different modes. And remembered that getting stuck sailing through Kelp is slow... as is stopping to clear said Kelp from the daggerboard Upwind we’ve got a lot of learning to do but downwind felt really good. Should we point as high as the A-Cats? We were not. Sorry, no pictures...