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    what is it?

    Fun looking thirty footer.
  2. Hi, I'm thinking a Diam-24 might scratch the itch I've got. I'd love to talk to the North American Diam-24 owners but I'm having a hard time tracking them down. I've got Fred in San Francisco's contact info, but I'd love to talk to Steve in New Jersey, Stuart in Comox (he has two!) and somebody in Texas and Florida.... Thanks, Trevor
  3. Trevor B

    brazilian style parking

    Do you think the same person fell overboard both times? Might have had too much to drink!
  4. Trevor B


    Anyone looking for some good used spinnakers send me a message. North A-3, dark blue North A-4, bright Pink Also a hanked on Santa Cruz Sails J-4. Radial cut Dacron with square head. Very nice when it’s windy. May also have an Ullman spinnaker staysail somewhere in the basement.
  5. Trevor B

    MOD 70 vs. ORMA 60 - what's next?

    I think the OP may be confusing “better” with “faster”.
  6. Trevor B

    SeaCart 26

    Diam-24 with the “Lake Rig” (screecher/Genoa) is a handful double handed in over 6 knots in terms of boat handling. There is a lot going on in a tack.
  7. Trevor B

    Anchor Geekdom

    That is a great site.
  8. Trevor B

    Anchor Geekdom

    What’s wrong with a Kellet when it’s really nasty?
  9. Trevor B

    Hard dinks, nesting dinks, and why we like them

    Not shut down, overwhelmed with work and not taking orders in order to fulfill existing orders. I think.
  10. Trevor B

    American Dumbass

    We are now, at least in the Western US.
  11. Trevor B

    Drilling precise holes in Carbon

    Which ones?
  12. Trevor B

    Gunboat 80

    La Grande Motte is their location in France and GLY is the parent companies name.
  13. Trevor B

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    Went “cruising” last weekend with my daughter, adventuring might be a better term. Stillwater Cove near Carmel, Ca. About thirty miles each way.
  14. Trevor B

    Sailors Powerboat

    LOXO-32 is saying .5 liters per nautical mile at 12 knots. Light, efficient and gentle on the throttle makes for about 7.5 nm/gallon. And it looks like a sailboat without a rig!
  15. Trevor B

    what is it?

    Plasti-teak deck on a Santa Cruz 33? Or something else... Mega-30?
  16. Trevor B

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    A friend/teammate from NorCal who now lives in Miami. Hopefully it’ll be in the Bay Area eventually.
  17. Trevor B

    What are they hiding?

    Probably either rig loads or foil angles....
  18. Great to see her sailing again! ’98 PacCup was a blast, in fact that whole spring/summer on the boat was fun! Sailing with great people on a great boat.
  19. Trevor B

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    There’s a rumor of another one somewhere in Texas that’s for sale too.
  20. Trevor B

    What custom cruiser...if money were no object?

    It would come out overweight, over budget, and not quite as fast as you’d hoped.
  21. Trevor B

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    We also got buzzed by a drone just below Davenport in really chopped up water and big breeze. We were about a half mile off the cliffs- quite a surprise! Love to see that footage.
  22. Trevor B

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    It gets bouncy in the swells, but is fine. Like almost every boat it likes flat water.
  23. Trevor B

    What custom cruiser...if money were no object?

    Farfarer looks right to me, if you wanted to mostly be a passagemaker.
  24. Trevor B

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    BDA64603-E193-4DB6-A044-775783739DF7.MOV Heading home to Santa Cruz, finally. Beautiful sail down the coast today.
  25. Trevor B

    what is it?

    Rapido 50 ama