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  1. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    ^ Pietro Sibello is 38 and, together with his brother, formed a 49er top-level crew that barely missed a medal in 2008. Unfortunately, he was grounded by some sort of sickness that introduced a risk factor the Sailing Federation had not the balls to accept. Jacopo Plazzi - and Francesco Marrai: showing my age as well as Italy's tradition of familism, I actually met their fathers, Matteo Plazzi being a long time LR member and Antonio Marrai LR's logistics manager. Francesco is a competent Laser sailor, while Jacopo sails a 49er but is really too young
  2. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    ^ Displacement guy - might be of use on the AC75 only if it turns out it can't fly ...
  3. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    ^ No, this is to inform the Chinese investors who own AFAIK 20% of Prada shares. Chinese labor is too expensive, most goods are now made in Transnistria - googling for it doesn't count
  4. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    That's vintage SR - kudos! In a matter of 3 hrs bounced from SA to FareVela to La Stampa!
  5. Italy Anarchy

    ... and tripadvisor, as a necessary but not sufficient condition. This is the review of the (chinese/egyptian) place in question: https://www.tripadvisor.it/Restaurant_Review-g187870-d3155286-Reviews-Osteria_da_Luca-Venice_Veneto.html
  6. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    ^ Great find SR! And it's Euros mind you, they're playing hardball Edit: upon closer reading, it's "just" 65M€
  7. Italy Anarchy

    One final advice, which should be obvious but isn't - witness periodic articles in the national press: in Venice, NEVER let a "friendly waiter" decide for you especially if fish is involved, make sure that what you order is shown/priced in the menu. Normally, victims are Japanese, but better be safe. Turns out most restaurants have been taken over by foreign investors, mainly Chinese - so during your stay in Venice stick to pizza
  8. ^ Not likely. The Pisa yacht club the Lacortes belong to - actually it seems to be the reverse, it's a bit like LE and GGYC with one of the brothers being president - was founded in '89 and organizes well-known offshore races. And no doubt Bertelli would block dodgy Italian entries
  9. Fishy - how can they go ahead with the Resource Consent process on this basis now? Plus ça change ... Sigh
  10. AC36 Auckland NZ

    ^ With due respect to Kiwi sailing prowess, when it comes to base architecture this doesn't hold a candle to Renzo Piano's LR base in Valencia. But again, while ETNZ's base is rightly permanent this time, the Challengers bases look overbuilt for the foreseen short stay of about 6 months
  11. Teams?

    Not sure about Bertelli's degree of expectation. ATM the only candidates would seem to be the Lacorte brothers - see post #221 in the LR tnread
  12. Teams?

    C'mon, even the Gtran is clear enough: "Now we have to reach the goal that will allow us to officially join the competition - declares Azara - involving in our adventure traveling companions who can economically support a very demanding undertaking." - it's all wishful thinking, nothing formal, no money, no mention in the Italian sailing media As for Arzachena, been there: it's a village up on a hill inland from Porto Cervo, there's a flea market once a week - period
  13. Teams?