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  1. Xlot

    Team NYYC

    Isn’t their design team based in Spain, c/o Marcelino Botín ?
  2. Xlot

    Third(!) Italian team

    Looking at the bright side: nobody talks about the “second Italian team” (Adelasia) any more
  3. Xlot

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    How much was Prada’s commitment again? Double that should be in Ineos’ range
  4. Xlot

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Isn’t that rudder far too short? Not sure if what I read is correct, but Pirelli’s sponsorship is said to be equal to Prada’s
  5. Xlot

    Third(!) Italian team

    So much for Bertone’s contribution. A far cry from my youth’s Giugiaro-designed Alfa GT Junior And the mystery skipper is supposed to be anglo-saxon ...
  6. Xlot


    Ì That’s what I’ve been asking all along - EMA. Cultural inertia, or perhaps too high loads on the final worm gear
  7. Xlot

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    It’s not just inaccurate (you didn’t even bother to find out the name of the company, it’s Persico) but 90%.wrong
  8. Xlot

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Interesting, thanks. Wish we’d had this available when designing the wing sail for our Miss Lancia C-Cat in 1976, since it confirms there’s no way in hell one can match a slotted wing’s Clmax with a one-element profile. And this was the overriding factor until foiling brought apparent wind so much forward that efficiency became predominant instead. But back on AC75 subject, a double membrane sail is not going to help very much at the critical moment of take-off
  9. Xlot

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Making good progress, excellent. Amusing diatribe about minimum window area for bases, with teams understandably opposed. No disrespect for Kiwi architects, but I hope LR will be left free to design its base: I’m betting it’ll be even more striking than the Renzo Piano design in Valencia
  10. Xlot

    Third(!) Italian team

    They do mention the possibility, but it seems pointless since the immediate hurdle is being accepted. And in amy case there being a single event in Italy, it’s something Prada will want to determine themselves
  11. Xlot

    Third(!) Italian team

    ^ Bertone’s role (like PininFarina’s in previous models) is limited to interior design and graphics. About the video, it’s Adelasia’s script almost word for word. One wonders what the point is, since they recognize the Nov 30 deadline for formal acceptance is imminent - they say they are into “negotiations” about payments ...
  12. Xlot

    Third(!) Italian team

    Right. To be clear: although it would be the least of their problems, Adria is where you get a Wally built, but definitely not a TP52
  13. FWIW, Patrizio Bertelli in the latest La Stampa interview said there’ll be circling, with both foils in the lower (docking) position
  14. Xlot

    Third(!) Italian team

    What really matters is: not a iota about funding commitment - so it’s in the same, well-worn mold of Venezia Challenge, Green Comm and Adelasia. Google Bertone Design: absolutely no experience in engineering. About Adria Custom Yachts: as the name implies it’s essentially a shed where they build large yachts mainly by vacuum molding, some infusion - not state of the art, no comparison with say Persico