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  1. I agree much more with your simultaneous post in the “5th challenger thread”: “Everything here suggests that the DeVos family, most likely in large part Doug DeVos, has a foot in both American Camps - one way or another. Yes, McInnes has a long impressive record in small boat and big boat competition and especially in the DeVos stable. The question to ask is how he vaulted from long-time, core Windquest crew and support guy to CEO of a very well capitalised composites shop with all the latest and expensive tools? And coincidentally in Doug DeVos' backyard. Clearly by dint of hard work and advanced study. But someone had to bankroll him.” Now, it would make no sense, even for a billionaire, to set up a state of the art shop and then not move all available business to it - I mean not even Ellison would do that All the more so since S&S alone is certainly not an ideal client, flush with cash
  2. Well, what do you know: read post #96 in the “5th challenger” thread, it would seem that both the AM and S&S boats are being built ... in the same state of Michigan ...
  3. Not clear: here they seem to make reference to AM, in the later post #90 to S&S. Who are they working with - or both??
  4. And that’s unfortunate. I was lucky enough to start working in the heyday of the multinationals, when concern for workers wasn’t far behind attention to the bottom line, and being made redundant was unheard of
  5. Xlot

    MALTA Challenge...all but confirmed

    Interestingly, Cataldi had never heard of the AC, and only got involved through the Adelasia di Torres guy - and then decided to cut out the middleman
  6. It also says somewhere that contacts with the original Columbus 2021 group have been severed, so ATM it’s just the Imperia Yacht Club ...
  7. ^ And they’ve already downgraded from two boats to “one, perhaps two”. Still, I miss Paul Bieker
  8. It’s almost as if I couldn’t find my rose-tinted glasses today. But pray tell me: what has changed in hard, monetary terms - other than now having also to pay theoretically the late fee - since talk started about the second US team months ago, and it was universally written off as not viable?
  9. At a reported 5M venue fee? Newport I believe, Long Beach not so much
  10. Hard not to, with no naming sponsor - or any named sponsor, for that matter - and a design group of one ...
  11. Trying to make sense of the last minute flood of prospective, but manifestly marginal, challengers: why and why just now? A possible explanation is that Defender and COR have become convinced that the number of serious teams is capped at the present foursome. Both, however, have a vested interest in adding several, ideally non-threatening teams: first priority, as noted here, to at least match the attendance in BDA and if possible to exceed it A way to achieve this is by limiting a new teams’ budget exclusively to marginal costs: in practice, each “serious” team becomes a sort of Fairy Godmother to one “weakling” and passes on free of charge all design work related to boat 1 and the relevant hull mould. So, Malta would depend on LR/Persico and S&S on American Magic. ETNZ might tie up with a Chinese team, and even Jim Ratcliffe might go with the Dutch since the obvious quid pro quo would be that two-boat training would then be allowed, Def and COR having notoriously the only say on Prot changes Too far-fetched?
  12. Any idea how much the design package goes for? Still, I’m a fan of one-boat teams piggibacking on larger teams and borrowing their boat 1 molds
  13. Xlot

    Second US Team

    And ??
  14. Xlot

    Second US Team

    The bow?? RTFP
  15. Xlot

    MALTA Challenge...all but confirmed

    No direct info whatsoever, but never heard of advanced composite lamination locally. Yacht fitting yes, but it’s a different story. So, the alternatives are either have the hull plug and mold made somewhere in Europe, or fly up the ETNZ boat 1 mold, or use the LR mold