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  1. Hi Basiliscus. Thinking of that emblematic picture of land yachts taken from above, where one could clearly see the dust vortexes at right angles to their heading. Was it you who posted it? Sigh - remember A5
  2. ^ Or reserve foils for the reaching leg: don't forget the Prot has the intriguing possibility of a triangle course (Edit: is it the Prot or which other doc?)
  3. Let's use the proper terms guys ... a wing mast is a teardrop-shaped, relatively large chord rotating spar. It so happens it already is one of two standardized options on IMOCAs (the other being a fixed spar with spreaders). What you are referring to is a wing sail Now, reefable wing sails, there's been a number of attempts over the years, the latest one by VPLP (pictures somewhere) might be promising. If I understood correctly, the main issue has always been eliminating wrinkles on the leading edge by maintaning adequate longitudinal tension
  4. ^ Once again, don't forget that it's not Just Bernasconi and Verdier: whatever concept they come up with, it has to be something designers from other teams may be able to develop competitively too On the opposite tack, paradoxically Marcelino Botín's hiring by the NYYC suggests that the AC75 won't be a "big TP52". Since all recent TP52s have been designed by him - and by Judel-Vrolijk, with less success, nobody else - ETNZ and LR would be stupid in giving such an advantage to the competition. A canting keel and some embryonic foils are now more than likely
  5. Team NZ

    ^ Refresh ... or RESET?
  6. Team NYYC

    " A light displacement monohull would be the perfect platform for these situations " As expected, no mention of foils. You'll be lucky to get a canting keel. Meh
  7. Team NZ

    On a personal note, I met a beautiful Kiwi family in Positano last summer, and the boys were surprised I knew that saying. SA has some use, after all!
  8. Oracle Team USA

    ^ If there's a person in the world who knows what the sailing spectator market will bear, it's Mark Turner. SR, you won't remember a post of mine from Cascais, where I had gone for the very first ACWS race, with pictures comparing the footprint required by wing-sailed cats with that of the ESS in Muscat that I had attended previously. That said it all
  9. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Sheesh ... evidently, the Bertelli DoG fantasy has run its course, now this: it's not silly, it's idiotic season. Wake me up on Nov 15 [the LE-sponsored "LVWS" already happened - it was called AC35, and was a smashing hit with the general public]
  10. Trump and the Iran deal

    And, not secondary, the nasty, gratuituous stupidity of using "Arabian Gulf" in this context https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/10/trump-arabian-gulf-persian-gulf-iran
  11. Artemis?

    Uh? You mean à la Julian Assange? Doubt it would work
  12. Trump and the Iran deal

    http://thehill.com/policy/international/355508-tillerson-staying-in-the-iran-deal-in-best-interest-of-the-us Respect for the guy. No wall street gnome, you don't get to be an engineer and CEO of ExxonMobil without having a spine Excellent: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/oct/14/trump-iran-deal-lobbying
  13. Artemis?

    Would like AR turning up, but how can they possibly work around the nationality requirements?
  14. Team NZ

    Seriously, hosting the Cup in Italy without having won it would be empty: you Kiwis get your act together!