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  1. About trying hard in the Qualifiers, a competitive Challenger has a real advantage in coming out at the top because 1) this avoids OR winning and taking one point into the AC and 2) they can select a (hopefully chastened) BAR for the Play-Off semi-finals
  2. ??? My understanding is that from now on ETNZ will be limited to the repaired batwing foils plus the new AP ones they sailed with a few days ago, they no longer have the right to use the Orca ones from their Turbo. The same should apply to other teams, I don't know if 1) any have declared "damaged" foil sets and 2) are still sailing with Turbo foils They can still play with 10% tips, though
  3. In Italy, not so bad after all: on pay-TV, looks like all races live (plus replay of previous day), 80€ reader + fixed costs, 24€/month for the two months I'll be using it. Done
  4. And some sort of book written too?
  5. But isn't this analogous to OR's beast mode in SF? And wasn't it debated to death then?
  6. And ... ???
  7. Nice, thanks. Always interesting to see different cultures aiming for the same goal
  8. Is one foreseen at this stage?
  9. ^ Does the same forecast (no wind) still hold for the rest of the week?
  10. 1) For ease of carrying out repairs like in this instance, I'd say 2) RTFR. (Read the fucking Rule)
  11. Not so sure, what would then be the point of mandati g that a team must have spare bows? No removable transoms on AC50s
  12. Worth reading, thanks Edit: but your report's even better!
  13. ^ The plot thickens ...