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  1. Xlot

    Trumps Approval Rating on the Rise

    Uh? Or is it a SA quirk like elk?
  2. Plenty of info online, start with New England Peak Fall Foliage Map and New Hampshire Fall Foliage Scenic Drives. Of course, driving on the Kancamagus Highway is a must. While in the area, the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods is well worth visiting
  3. Xlot


    The fact that the Rules Committee - which is very vaguely defined in the Rule - is assigned a new, vital area is noteworthy. Also considering that FCS operating conditions have an immediate design and political spillover - the issue of AC72 stabilizer width comes to mind. Funny that, just as in F1, the pretext of safety is used as the picklock to modify supposedly final rules. Effectively, FCS could be changed significantly up to Aug 31, 2020!!
  4. Xlot


    ^ Iain Murray’s dyslexic secretary daughter striking again?
  5. Xlot


    Back on subject for a sec, Jack Griffin’s latest Cup Experience newsletter sheds some light on the latest (V 1.1, June 29) Rule changes - which are far from irrelevant and AFAIK had gone unreported here, apart from the video of the two Italians. Items are: - the creation of a powerful but not yet fully defined Rules Committee - downforce from windward foil is no longer forbidden, but it will be limited to circumstances determined by the Rules Committee The way I understand this, it’s a sensible admission that the boat is so new that inevitably some of the rules will have to be set on the go after initial real-life experience
  6. Xlot

    Trump Administration - The Fourth Reich?

    Funny, I was thinking something analoguous - about Germans and Nazism, that is whether there’s something in the German character that made a dictatorship more possible there - the reference is clearly Daniel Golhagen’s Hitler’s Willing Executioners. But if one considers what’s happening in the US today, and Trump’s approval rating staying nailed above Hitler’s before he was democratically elected - and the Germans at least had lost a war, felt they had been stabbed in the back by socialists, had to endure humiliating clauses, unemployment and hyperinflation, to say nothing of the Great Depression. Nothing of the kind is applicable today in the US, so the conclusion would be there’s nothing exceptional with Germans, and something similat can happen anywhere, anytime
  7. Xlot

    F1 2018...

    ^ The official story is he wanted just a one-year contract, so he'd be free when a slot opens at Mercedes or Ferrari. And RB insisted on two years
  8. Xlot

    F1 2018...

    Let’s hope Lauda pulls through this time too. A lung transplant is not a small matter
  9. Xlot


    ^ Taking lessons in moderation from Angela, Rennie?
  10. Xlot

    Team UK

    ^ Per RG: ”Other teams are rumoured to be building test boats based on the McConachy built MC38 - which is a stock racing boat with a hull believed to be similar in shape to that of an AC75.” https://www.mcconaghyboats.com/mc38 In fact, this would be much more representative of the real thing Max Sirena said LR’s test boat will be sailing in the near future
  11. Xlot

    Sergio Marchionne DTS

    Curious - in Italian media, absolutely no details of his medical condition, such as you describe it
  12. Xlot


    Agree, although image-wise it's a bit of a black eye for the technical guys. And again, IF the amendment was signed off after June 29, all teams have got to concur Odd nobody else’s talking about this
  13. Xlot

    Batshit crazy Trumpskies

    “with men clad in black repelling down ropes ... “ And nobody noted it’s the 100th anniversary of the Romanov execution
  14. Xlot


    Ouch ... dotage approaching fast :( Now that you mention it I vaguely recall, it wasn’t anything as interesting as this. FWIW, the two guys are from Quantum Sails Italy. The date of the alleged amendment is also relevant: if it was after June 29, unanimous consent was required - the boat’s stability must be really critical ...
  15. Xlot


    Who are they?