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  1. ortegakid

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    I'm planning on all, either on AC or FD.
  2. ortegakid

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

  3. ortegakid

    Self Christmas Present For Your Dinghy??

    I made a assy pole launcher and pole and lines for my FD, now it's turbo! And my 23sq mtr kite from the AC fits perfect on it! Will post pix when it's warm enough. The 505 is getting all new lines, including spliced 12 braid to wire halyard, like it should have been.
  4. ortegakid

    Self Christmas Present For Your Dinghy??

    23SQ MTR KITE NOW, 289 HAS A 27
  5. ortegakid

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    I'm in, when we get big d's new AC here, hope he will be able to go also, maybe we can convince luzius to sail one, then we could have three! And Merry Christmas to all y'all!
  6. ortegakid

    The VX Evo

    MR IC SAID THAT! Seriously, it is an awesome boat, and could be much fun, but I spent way to much time just learning to sail an AC, not many can. Hope all the best for the EVO in Texas!
  7. ortegakid

    The VX Evo

    It is indeed, and I look forward to sailing one soon! But I love my AC!
  8. ortegakid

    The VX Evo

    OOPS, so cool, can't wait to see all three together with kites up!
  9. ortegakid

    The VX Evo

    SEVEN! In the very back is the IC(A), GBR299!
  10. ortegakid

    The VX Evo

  11. ortegakid

    How long to get FD from trailer to sailing?

    International Canoe, 17' carbon fiber toothpick, with 33 sq meters of sail, see my avatar.
  12. ortegakid

    How long to get FD from trailer to sailing?

    On my FD it takes 30-40 min total, on my IC it takes 10-15 total, but I have seriously rerigged it for speed, and leave the kite halyard and jib on the mast. But I live 13 miles to the lake, so is ok, when going out of town have to strip and takes longer.
  13. ortegakid

    505 vs. 470

    SO CORRECT, IT HAS NO HULL # Built in 1980 by Buzz Ballenger, original owner Jason Spiller, originally named "Cantankerous Canary" 7155! Aaron Ross was the last owner the new set of sails is 7199, has nationals stamps on them, perfect shape.
  14. ortegakid

    505 vs. 470

    And I tracked down the original owner, he said it was the best 50 he ever had, sat in a garage for 18 years not used!
  15. ortegakid

    505 vs. 470

    I picked this up from Colorado, Ballenger hull 7199, for 187.25 with two sets of sails, one new set from hull 7283. It's gunna be epic when all redone.