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  1. ortegakid

    North Texas Dinghy

    Oh, and had a hobie 16, found local, paid 250$ for it, perfect restored shape, never sailed it, gave it to my son in MN for his birthday!
  2. ortegakid

    North Texas Dinghy

    And watch e-bay, where all of mine have come from, the MX-ray from Minnesota, the J-18 from Tenn, the 29'er from Michigan, the FD from Florida, the 505 from Colorado, but if you want an IC, prob have to bring from UK.
  3. ortegakid

    The VX Evo

    There was a Bongo at yer club, did anyone ever see it sail or ask if it worked?, am wondering how much it will help also.
  4. ortegakid

    North Texas Dinghy

    And sail everything before you buy, some of us are just not catamaran guys!
  5. ortegakid

    North Texas Dinghy

    Rod Favela is the finest man you’ll ever meet, for new. No such thing as used, watch Craigslist.
  6. ortegakid

    North Texas Dinghy

    And now that I have both an FD and a 505,and an IC(A), you can sail with me anytime!
  7. ortegakid

    North Texas Dinghy

    And come up to Texoma, you can sail one of mine if you dare. But really, how much do you want to spend, will make all the diff in recommendations
  8. I use a wakeboarding impact vest, will not move and protects my ribs from impacts. It is not cg approved so will not float you to save life, but works awesome, and is very comfy.
  9. ortegakid

    Sail Track

    WCS is the place. 29er upper sail track, use plexus adhesive.
  10. ortegakid

    Estimating Sailing Time?

  11. ortegakid

    If I get blood on my sail?

    Ok, have the best (worst) bloody story, and my TCC friends can vouch for it's accuracy. Sailing my old IC USA204, at the fall dinghy fest here, big gusty day, wetsuit on, was on end of seat all the way out when at full tilt the seat slid in so fast I couldn't even react. My butt crack hit the edge of carriage so hard I almost blacked out. Recovered enough to start sailing back to start line when I saw the blood trail on water and seat. Went in and stripped down to find massive gash in the worst place possible, went to emergency room and had 17 stitches put in! And I have the scar to prove it, but only my wifey has ever seen it. And probably only an IC sailor can appreciate.
  12. ortegakid

    If I get blood on my sail?

    Try sailing an IC, I look like a gladiator with all the protective gear I wear, learned the hard way.
  13. ortegakid


  14. ortegakid

    Where's "DTA" at?

    how much did you sell the aero for, if you don't mind sharing?
  15. ortegakid

    I14 Capsize Compilation