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  1. Artemis wanted the Jury to review their previous decisions in their (Artemis') and OR's requests for the Jury to "clarify" the ETNZ-LR collaboration. At the time, both camps declared a win. The Jury's decision effectively tells Artemis to HTFU and move on: protest dismissed, and they'll probably be hit with costs.. JN041.pdf The Jury accepted the request of furter clarification about the sense of any words of the Jury's previous decision: "8. Artemis Racing in its Application requested the Jury to clarify "certain aspects of the AC11 Decision..." They argued that "the interpretation made in Para 21 [in AC11] can be read as taking the unreasonable position that design and performance information is not observable" and that such an interpretation is not supported by the Protocol "and may not be what the Jury intends"." ... "32. Artemis Racing in their Application requested an oral hearing. ... The oral hearing will take place prior to the commencement of racing at the next ACWS Regatta in San Francisco. It will be held on Tuesday 21st." http://noticeboard.a...11/08/JN041.pdf "12. On 20th July 2012 Melinda Erkelens on behalf of Artemis racing sent an e-mail to the Jury Chairman as follows: Regarding our phone conversation yesterday, Artemis Racing has thoroughly considered the interim decision issued by the Jury in Case AC13 (Jury Notice JN041). Again, we would like to emphasize that we believe this case to be an extremely important issue for this America's Cup. We also believe that the arguments in connection with our request for clarification have been comprehensively discussed in the submissions to date, and hence, as explained during the ACWS in Newport, we leave it to the Jury to decide whether an oral hearing would be useful before a decision is issued. Accordingly, if the Jury is of the view that it already has the information necessary based on the written submissions, then Artemis Racing agrees to waive its right to an oral hearing. ... 15. The oral hearing ordered in Jury Notice JN041 for 21st July 2012 is cancelled. The Artemis Racing request with regard to clarification will be determined on the Responses and Reply documents already filed and any further submissions that may be filed in terms of the following paragraph. 16. As provided for in Jury Notice JN041 Artemis Racing and the other Parties may file submissions in respect of the request for clarification with the Jury via jurycomms@americascup.com by no later than 18h00 UT on 31st July 2012." http://noticeboard.americascup.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/JN042.pdf
  2. VSail.info ‏@vsail Rumor is that Artemis is packing up everything, AC45, AC72 and ORMA60 and leaves Valencia for SF until the end of the Cup
  3. http://www.americascup.com/en/Latest/News/2012/6/Statement-regarding-fire-at-Pier-29-San-Francisco/ STATEMENT REGARDING FIRE AT PIER 29 SAN FRANCISCO POSTED ON 20 JUNE 2012 We applaud the immediate and courageous response from the San Francisco fire department this afternoon at Pier 29. Pier 29 is not currently under the control of or under development by the America’s Cup. Pier 29 is still under the control of the city and Port of San Francisco and their contractor Turner Construction Company. According to the reports we've heard, there are no injuries reported at pier and that is very good news. Based on information available at this time, we do not anticipate that this will have any impact on our plans for the site and we look forward to moving ahead with the future construction of the America's Cup Village at Pier 27/29.
  4. http://www.vsail.inf...acing-campaign/ ... VSail.info: I heard from one source that the wing broke in three-four pieces. Is that correct? Paul Cayard: That's not accurate, the wing is broken in one place. It's not broken in three-four pieces. We salvaged 100% of it and as I said, it was quite fortunate, the wing didn't even go on the water, it landed all on the boat. So, we just hooked up the bow tow and towed back to the dock. VSail.info: What were the boat and crew doing in the precise moment of the incident? Were they maneuvering when the wing came crashing down? Paul Cayard: No, they were just reaching along, steady state, it was not in the middle of a tack or gybe. VSail.info: I suppose you are currently investigating what caused the failure and the breakage. Paul Cayard: Yes, we are doing our investigation to learn from this, to learn why it broke. Our investigation is both internal and external. We had two external consultants come and do various tests, basically a forensic study of what happened. Obviously, whenever you have something like that happen there was a series of minor failures and then a large failure. It wasn't a rigging failure or anything like that, the structure itself failed. We are investigating so that we can learn. We are right at the outset of building our second wing right now, which is about to get going. Fortunately, we hadn't started that and we will be able to incorporate what we are learning now, not only from that incident but we have been sailing since March 15th with the wing. We have been fortunate to learn a lot of things about the wing which we will incorporate into our second wing. VSail.info: Is the second wing, similarly to the first one, being built at Future Fibres? Paul Cayard: I can't comment on that. I can't tell you what is going on exactly with that. As I said, we are learning from the first wing and, of course, we have to repair it to get sailing again. It is fair to say it is a major damage and we will not be sailing our AC72, as planned, on July 1st, unfortunately. We were all set to do that and this is a bit of a setback but, hopefully, in September or October we will be able to get sailing with our AC72 yacht. VSail.info: So, if I understand well, your initial assessment, at least right now, is that you will be able to repair the broken wing. Paul Cayard: Yes, we absolutely have to. We are only allowed to have three wings, so we have to repair it and keep it as part of our inventory. We are right now deciding exactly what the methodology is going to be but are going to repair it as fast as we can. I'm pretty sure the AC72 will first sail with Wing 1 because it will take longer to build Wing 2. We hope to sail maybe around October with the AC72. ...
  5. Perhaps the complete deal includes Red Bull sponsoring also ENERGY Team?
  6. http://www.vsail.info/2012/05/15/red-bulls-deal-in-the-americas-cup-set-to-be-announced-on-thursday/
  7. An AC45, hidden in a tent in Venice, completely branded with the Red Bull logos and James Spithill’s crew sailing with Red Bull helmets point to a deal between the Defender of the 34th America’s Cup and the energy drink company. According to, yet uncofirmed, information, Red Bull will become a sponsor of Oracle USA Team and in exchange will put its branding on a number of AC45 yachts that will be used during the Youth America’s Cup, to be held in San Francisco between the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America’s Cup match. The AC45 red Bull-branded yacht currently in Venice is believed to be the former Green Comm yacht and, it also believed, the four Oracle Team USA AC45′s will be also rebranded with the energy drink colors once the AC45 circuit is over, a year from now. Finally, a couple of other AC45′s could be added, coming from current challengers that could potentially drop from competition, due to lack of funding, such as China Team. This is a developping story and we will have more information as soon as possible. http://www.vsail.info/2012/05/14/red-bull-to-announce-americas-cup-deal/ Me: Red Bull sponsoring also Energy Team? A good team name for the brand...
  8. VSail.info ‏ @vsail The 4 Oracle AC45's and the Red Bull AC45 are rumored to be the boats for the Youth America's Cup
  9. VSail.info ‏ @vsail Stay tuned for very interesting news from Valencia on Wednesday and Thursday https://twitter.com/#!/vsail/status/197381352012791808
  10. Eleventh Coast Guard DistrictU.S. Coast Guard News Release Date: April 16, 2012 Contact: Public Affairs (510) 772-8865 Coast Guard announces the release of a draft environmental assessment for the 34th America’s Cup SAN FRANCISCO — The Coast Guard announces the release of a draft environmental assessment for the proposed special local regulation for the 34th America’s Cup and related races that are scheduled to take place in San Francisco Bay between August and October 2012 and between July and September 2013. Pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act, this draft EA addresses the potential environmental and socioeconomic impact of the proposed special local regulation for the 34th America’s Cup. The proposed regulation would temporarily reroute vessel traffic between the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island and create regulated areas where America’s Cup races will be held. The draft EA can be found at www.regulations.gov, docket number USCG 2011-0551. There is a 90 day public comment period for the proposed special local regulation that closes on April 30, 2012. The public comment period for the draft EA also closes on April 30, 2012. Comments for the proposed regulation and draft EA can be made at the docket. http://www.d11.uscgn...doc/823/1368527
  11. Paul Cayard ‏ @CayardSailing Tweet Back sailing the Tri and wing in VLC.
  12. Or prefer secrecy and convinced potential photographers to be on their side ...
  13. Naples 30 M $ investment. http://www.serenusbloom.it/sb/?p=4393
  14. The text says it's a drawing from the first photographs available. Therefore, the platform is an assumption ..