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  1. The cruising boats that make you dream thread...

    Just by brochure I think the discontinued RM 1060 was a better looking boat and had pretty much exactly what I want in an interior (big head/wet lock right inside the bridge, just one cabin, a nav desk) and a tiller. As to boats that make me dream: the Boreal from earlier nothing quite makes me think yeah now there's a boat I could take anywhere and do anything with (never mind where I'd find the crew). But it's the Bolger's and the plywood cat's like Wharram and Woods that most inspire the starry eye'd "Yeah man I could just say fuck it all" sort of dreams.
  2. What about free standing rigs?

    Well yeah in an absolute sense the CE will be closer to centerline but in my head the canting was more dramatic, but as drawn on Van deStadt's site it doesn't look like it would move it closer by more than a couple percent.
  3. What about free standing rigs?

    http://www.stadtdesi...g_rig/swing_rig not mentioned any more is that the rig has an off axis pivot so when you let it out the whole rig tips to windward providing lift and when running keeps means the CE is closer to the boat (though I can't remember if it was supposed to be completely balanced when running or just more so). EDIT: N/M looks like I mis-remembered the reasoning behind the canting mast. http://web.archive.org/web/20070101232513/http://www.stadtdesign.com/products/SwingRigInfo.html probably jumbled it up with some random theoretical post.
  4. What about free standing rigs?

    That's probably a Tanton 43.
  5. What about free standing rigs?

    That's the best part with out shrouds you're free to place the belaying pins for maximum aesthetic saltiness instead of worrying about trifles like "function"
  6. What about free standing rigs?

    .... maybe the next generation of freestanding rigs won't have wishbones. Here's Van de Stadt's "swing rig". Wishbones aren't really a generation thing, it's just that they kind of require a freestanding rig so they've kind of created a reverse associastion. And even then catching waves is kind of specific to cat (uni)rigs. You could stick a wishbone on a sloop/cutter and it wouldn't be nearly as much a problem, or a 50/50ish split rig (which is what Tanton does).
  7. What about free standing rigs?

    The Sailrocket actually does have shrouds. Edit: Or at least rigging, I don't know if they count a shrouds.
  8. What about free standing rigs?

    I'm sure it's theoretically possible to make a good looking aerorig'ed boat, but that one doesn't look like they even tried.
  9. What about free standing rigs?

    Now I prefer free standing rigd from an aesthetic view, but regardless if you're guests are spilling their drinks... you need new friends. Practiced alch-ys can take a martini on a roller coaster with out spilling a drop. And you shouldn't trust anyone that can't
  10. What about free standing rigs?

    Probably not and Probably in that order. But the same is true if the front of your boat falls off or the keel decides to rip free. The key is to buy a mast that won't break in the middle of nowhere, same trick as buying a hull.