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  1. 220,000 vies and over 8,000 replies and this SJ24 is still afloat, in spite of all the abuse that she is taken. Bruce Kirby, the designer, and Clark Boat Company, the builder, deserve a lot of credit.
  2. Over 180,000 views later, Rimas is obviously the star of the show but no-one sees fit to make fun of a SJ24 any longer. In spite of the clear shortcomings of the skipper, this $500.00 sailboat is still afloat and the mast is still standing. I have sailed SJ24s for 35 years and I still get the impression that, when things get rough, the brew will break much sooner than the boat will.
  3. It is hard to resist making light of this situation. In the picture, Rimas is showing that he has his whistle handy and ready for use. When he goes over the side, does he believe he can use it to get the boat to come back and pick him up? I see that he does have an outboard engine bracket. From personal experience I can tell you that, without it, it is almost impossible to get back in the boat from the water.
  4. Somebody needs to give the San Juan 24 some credit. As an active SJ24 sailor, I would never dream of taking one offshore but they are tough little boats nevertheless and they certainly do not deserve to be abused like this one is.