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  1. I have a Macgregor 36. They have their problems, but every owner I have talked to likes their boat. They originally sold for $18-20,000. Between depreciation and inflation, boats in reasonable shape will sell for about $20K. A friend sold his in pristine shape a few years ago for $26,000. Between new tramps and rigging, new outboard, replacing some 40 year old plywood bulkheads and internal structure, probably some used sails, you are likely to spend $10-15K to get going again. The $10K price is a little high, but $8K would not be outrageous. The boat can be rigged for singlehanding. I bought mine in Florida and brought it 1,000 miles north to the Chesapeake Bay alone. An autopilot helps (that bracket on the tiller in the first photo is probably for a tillerpilot). The boat is lightly built, which is why it is a lively sailer. However, it is solid glass with no core, which results in some oil canning of the hulls. The one in the photos is an older, less desirable, single daggerboard model. All the ones I have seen had a single spreader rig, which makes me wonder if the mast has been replaced. It has a bit of a problem going to weather with the original rig because it was designed to use an overlapping genoa, but the spreaders are so long that the sheeting angle for the foresail is way too wide. Many, including mine, have been replaced with a fractional rig with a bigger main and a 100% jib. The other suggested modification is to move the motor mount to amidships. The Yamaha 9.9 high thrust is a good choice. Larry Forgy
  2. Thanks, that is helpful. Maybe I should look at some of the foiling week presentations.
  3. Doug, thanks for your suggestions, but it doesn't really address my question, and I am familiar with Tom Speer's explanation of the link between leeway and angle of attack on foils that curve upward. But I prefer not to jump straight to the conclusion without understanding the analysis. My question essentially was how do Z foils provide stability.
  4. This seems like a good thread to ask this question. I recently acquired a boat suitable for experimentation and I am trying to get up to speed on foil developments. Hence, no hidden agenda or judgement in my question. i keep reading that the Z foils are heave stable while all the other alphabet foils, except T, are not, but not any discussion of why. I am assuming that it is because the angled portion of the Z breaks the surface of the water. In that respect, are they simply a version (albeit a very sophisticated modern version) of the "traditional" angled surface piercing foils of the type Hydroptere uses? The boat, which was a gift, is something like a 20 year old, 16 foot, miniature version of Hydroptere with some clark-Y foils. The amas are pretty clunky and I am free to experiment on whatever goes on the ends of the crossbeam. Any suggestions on where to get technical data on modern Z foils?
  5. Yes, straight, surface piercing foil boats by Hydroptere, and all those older V foil boats did without trunks. Tom Speer used to promote a foiling trimaran that looked like it was in the middle of a veritable spiderweb of foils. It just seems to me that all those C, J, L, Z yada yada foils could be deployed without trunks as well. The inner edge might have some structural advantages, but I think the outer edges have the advantage of a larger spread between the foils.
  6. I am not quite sure what this means (I really dislike analysis by metaphor), but I don't think so. A lot of catamarans have the trunks themselves located off the centerline of the hull with no problems. Certainly there is a long history of successful boats with leeboards, which are not part of the "core structure." Some catamarans have a single daggerboard on the centerline of the boat, not even in contact with the hulls at all. I have never heard anyone asserting the the boards have to be located any particular place for structural, rather than balance reasons.
  7. If you are going to fly, it seems to me that daggerboard trunks add a lot of expense and weight for a suboptimal positioning of the foils. Wouldn't it be a lot easier and lighter to build some sort of leeboard style racks on the outside edges of the hulls? This would: -put the foils farther out (slightly?), -could allow for a lot more flexibility in foil shape, -could avoid potentially catastrophic damage to the hulls and foils with a "weak link" in the racks, -could reduce the weight of the boat (trunks are substantial and heavy) -reduce the cost of construction with external racks instead of trunks. Sure, the hulls don't provide any endplate anymore, but of course they don't when you are flying anyway. When you are not flying, you are moving slow, up to maybe 5-10 knots? At those speeds, you don't need to worry about cavitation, ventilation, etc. So, why bother with trunks? Unless you are worried that it makes you look funny. Larry Forgy
  8. These boats are a lot more close winded than I realized! 1 BANQUE POPULAIRE VIII Armel Le Cléac'hFRA18 SOG: 7.5 kts DTL: 0 NM VMG: 7.2 kts 24h: 216.5 NM COG: 36 ° DTF: 4991 NM TWD: 28 ° TWS: 6.8 kts TWA: -8 ° AIR: 24.6 °C
  9. Did Nandor Fa just accidentally sail into the exclusion zone? The tracking shows him doing this odd 270 degree gibe, but I don't see any mention of it on the VG web site. I am rooting for all the over 60 guys in the race, and he is a real inspiration!