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    Racing an Archambault Grand Surprise in Sweden "Rebellion" .
    Previous boats First 35, First 40.7, X-99

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  1. Swe_40.7

    Video J/88 planning at Tjörn Runt

    yes, now you can choose betwheen Classic cours (Demolition derby: ) or you can choose the coastal in which there is no real advantage to stay close to the rocks. So most of the "real" sailors choose coastal, but some dare-devils still go for the classic.
  2. Swe_40.7

    Sailors Powerboat

    This is a favorite: https://seacastle.se/batar/island-reacher-34/ Regarding tax in E.u once someone has paid the VAT it's paid you don't have to pay it again in Eu. No matter which country you bring the boat to or from.
  3. Planeray: Thanks . Alex W: Look around 4min marks when the get more data(more than gps) into the feed, true apparent wind and wind direction etc. Racputin22: Not sure at all
  4. Swe_40.7

    Sailors Powerboat

    The range boat is fore sale here: http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2009/Custom-RANGE-BOAT-39-CRUISER-3003135/Marseille/France I sold my Beneteau First 35 and bought a Axopar 28 AC and a Archambault Grand Surprise, so no more cruising in the sailboat just racing, and cruising in the motorboat.
  5. Hi, Just saw this awesome move from down under : And I wounder If the camera(Garmin Virb XE) would be compatible with my B&G system would I get NMEA 2000 data to the camera. I have B&G Zeuz 2 and B&G gofree wifi module? Thanks!