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  1. Live Racing Thread

    People also seem to miss that this is one of the most standard match racing moves at a weather mark. The "mark room" definition only stipulates that the give way boat (ETNZ) is required to give the right of way boat (Oracle) room to sail their proper course. No where does is mention that the right of way boat can't deviate from her proper course. The only rule that applies is rule 11 windward leward on the same tack, especially considering that the boats had passed the mark before the luff. A quick read of the rules posted show that "Proper course" is only mentioned 3 times in Part 2, for port starboard crosses upwind, 16.2, and downwind, 16.3 and for inside boats that need to tack or gybe to make a mark, 18.3.
  2. Live Racing Thread

    People seem to miss the fact that the protesting boat can also be penalized. With Oracle flagging the interaction at the top mark the umpires could have given them a penalty if they felt that Oracle had fouled ETN
  3. Live Racing Thread

    Also I would bet a good chunk of money that the umpires data stream includes "overlapped"
  4. Live Racing Thread

    Yeah, I'm not sure how it really applies because when you put something in a Xerox machine it usually doesn't come out better....
  5. Best product for trim marks?

    finger nail polish
  6. Practice videos

    Pretty sure the Oracle boat with the un branded wing is normal foiling 45, probably a youth squad practicing. Still has tillers
  7. Oracle Team USA

    Moving something a precise amount and knowing where it are are two entirely different things. A stepper motor doesn't need any positional feedback to move a exact (more or less) amount it just needs the right pulses sent from the motor controller.
  8. Sail controls

    These boats are all about lots of quick movement of fairly lightly loaded lines. Kind of the opposite of where hydraulic main sheets normally operate. The size of the main drum is all about moving rope fast. These boats actually have a drum of a maxi winch but the internals of a 50 or 65 winch. You can see it fairly well on the leward winch. I think you would struggle to find the happy medium between speed and accuracy with a hydraulic setup
  9. VOR 2017-18

    Pretty sure you have that backwards...
  10. AC50 Boat Porn

    I don't think the two are comparable since Larry was perfectly willing to continue on with the rules from the previous cup and let others race as well, it was Bertarelli that forced the dog fight. That said my comments refer to the actions of the kiwis after they lost with the maxi boat.
  11. AC50 Boat Porn

    Sorry IACC boats are about as majestic as a turd. Only a Kiwi could find a picture of a failed design that got it's ass kicked as "majestic". Maybe you should head down to the Viaduct and spank one to your monument to being poor losers
  12. A-Class pre-Worlds 2016 Video

    I noticed everyone is sailing upwind with both boards down even in the light stuff. Are the new boards symmetrical sections? Or symmetrical on the vert and assym on the lifting bits?
  13. Mark Turner as CEO of the 2017-18 Volvo

    I hope the irony of these two statements in following paragraphs isn't lost on you. While I don't think Volvo officially announced the reason for it the rig failing, around the Volvo it was widely known that they had sailed with a broken batten car for 2-3 days before the rig failed. Same for the turning block pad eye, no one else had a failure with that part... The reality is that no matter what Volvo chose to do going into the last event the former format was dead. Would you have found it a more interesting race with Abu Dhabi and SCA sailing new boats against a couple of retreads?
  14. Irrititating latex neck seal/gasket on drysuit

    Pure unscented talc is recommended for lubricating the seals and can help with the irritation. Comes in little bags from dive shops.
  15. cutting amsteel dyneema

    one of the few things worth buying at harbor freight... if you want to get it at amazon dont spend $20! http://www.amazon.com/Ultra-Ceramic-Kitchen-Zirconium-Quality/dp/B00MGUC802/ref=pd_sim_79_6?ie=UTF8&dpID=318lbQ54n0L&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=0H9SSKAXHVQDHCFFD7DN