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  1. SoCalSlacker

    Sika tint

    Anyone know of a tint compatible with sika 291?
  2. SoCalSlacker

    New imoca boats

    With fresh people driving the loads on the boat and rig will be considerably larger then anything the AP will ever produce. And the wipeouts even more so.
  3. SoCalSlacker

    New imoca boats

    It will come down to how hard you can actually push the 60s without breaking up into a million pieces....
  4. SoCalSlacker

    New imoca boats

    RIP Bart.....
  5. SoCalSlacker

    Oracle Team USA

    Moving something a precise amount and knowing where it are are two entirely different things. A stepper motor doesn't need any positional feedback to move a exact (more or less) amount it just needs the right pulses sent from the motor controller.
  6. SoCalSlacker

    Team UK

    If you are insinuating that they are taking their pick from sponsors with 50 million pounds I would say you're taking the piss
  7. SoCalSlacker


    Have any of the finished boats been on a scale? How close are people coming to being at min. weight?
  8. SoCalSlacker


    Unfortunately PHRF Nor Cal requires minimum length of 19 ft and 400 lbs of ballast. Otherwise I would seriously think about building one.
  9. SoCalSlacker


    So God goes to Adam not to long after the creation and says, "You know Adam I think your ready for a mate." "A mate?" replies Adam "Oh you'll love this" says God, "You'll go out hunt and gather come back to cave she'll have a fire going warm meal ready for you." Adam says, "Well that sounds good." "Oh there's more, maybe you'll get some urges she'll take care of you. Couple kids might come along, she'll take care of them you won't have to do a thing." "Well I like the sound of that" replies Adam, "But what's that going to cost me?" "An arm and a leg." says God "What can I get for a rib?"