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  1. VOR 2017-18

    Tracker only updating every 6 hours as it is just being tested. Stealth mode is an option the teams will have during the race so they can execute a split or different strategy without everyone following. Brought in to create separation and add to the race.
  2. VOR 2017-18

    http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/video/9768_-We-had-a-lot-of-fun-.html I note in the fun video, there is a hard edit at 1.12min mark. At that point I think the camera is panning back on board from looking over the stern where TTTOP have just passed Scally.. I wonder if the cut was there because some comments were made between the boats? For a prize off Teaky's desk, what do you reckon would have been said as TTTOP passsed Scally and who would have said it
  3. VOR 2017-18

    I think I have worked out who you are Miffy!!
  4. VOR 2017-18

    Wrong and wrong.
  5. For the designers out there

    I reckon they might do that.
  6. Due date pushed out to 31 July by popular demand.
  7. For the designers out there

    Due date pushed out to 31 July by popular demand.
  8. Here is the link for the tender document to design the multi foiler for the Volvo Ocean Race http://tender.volvooceanrace.com
  9. Here is the link to the tender document for the foiling Multis for the Volvo Ocean Race http://tender.volvooceanrace.com
  10. Oh Alan, cant help thinking you may have screwed the pooch on this one. I hear everyones phones are ringing on Comanche and the message coming back is that this is bullshit and its a happy boat. I hear some bad words have been said about you and Anarchy. Sounds like you might need to reboot your defense fund again. Personally I welcome our new overlords Ken, Kristie and Jim.
  11. The VX Evo

    I have been thinking about this boat quite a bit. I have met Brian a few times and he is very smart as demonstrated by the VX one. He got everything just about spot on with that boat and it is certainly one of the best boats I have tested. Having tested and sailed all the modern skiff single handers, I think for the EVO to work it needs a few things. First the non-trapezing dinghies are better to sail. They are more involving - you can reach and adjust the strings with pressure changes. When on trap you sort of just hang on and ride it out. Non-trapezing are better tactically as well and therefore more fun in the long run. To get the leverage of the trapeze you can just have a bit of a wing to allow the helmsman to sit further out. Give the boat a bit of freeboard so different hiking styles can be employed. Make it light and easily handled. The RS Aero is a revelation on this front. I would have a stayed rig. This would allow the boat to suit a large range of sailors as they could tune their mast bend to suit. It should also mean a lighter rig and prevent the Finn scenario where you have to spend a fortune to find the right mast. And critically, it has to be value for money. The VX one nailed this, the RS Aero nailed this and as a result they have been very successful. Oh and if it could have that amazing downhill feel and speed the VX One has that would be awesome.
  12. Jeremy Clarkson's BBC contract DTS???

    I love this whole shemozzle. It does demonstrate that there is some extremely poor management skills at the BBC. Ignore what Clarkson did for the moment. The BBC brought the rights for Top Gear, for a large amount of money, from Clarkson, last year or the year before. They paid large for a show that only works because of its presenters. The concept itself is repeatable, so they paid a lot for an income stream that could disappear as soon as its presenters did. They then negotiated the contracts of the presenters and agreed to terms where each of their contracts mature at the same date. This makes it incredibly easy for those same presenters to negotiate elsewhere and ensure they, the vital component, can stay together. I wonder if there was a restriction of trade agreement in Clarkson contract that becomes void should he be sacked. The timing is just so convenient, their contracts expire at the end of March - today/tomorrow dependent on which side of the dateline you are sitting. And as for punishment, the one person who won't suffer as a result of Clarkson's sackring is Clarkson. All the production staff at the show will - many will lose their jobs, same at the magazine and again at the live shows. All those spin offs, top gear US, top gear France..... and all their people they will lose their jobs. Really poor management by the BBC.
  13. rs aero

    Will pass that on to a bunch of guys I know who might be keen.
  14. rs aero

    More than what the aero will cost I reckon mate. Point well made.