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  1. Oh Alan, cant help thinking you may have screwed the pooch on this one. I hear everyones phones are ringing on Comanche and the message coming back is that this is bullshit and its a happy boat. I hear some bad words have been said about you and Anarchy. Sounds like you might need to reboot your defense fund again. Personally I welcome our new overlords Ken, Kristie and Jim.
  2. I have been thinking about this boat quite a bit. I have met Brian a few times and he is very smart as demonstrated by the VX one. He got everything just about spot on with that boat and it is certainly one of the best boats I have tested. Having tested and sailed all the modern skiff single handers, I think for the EVO to work it needs a few things. First the non-trapezing dinghies are better to sail. They are more involving - you can reach and adjust the strings with pressure changes. When on trap you sort of just hang on and ride it out. Non-trapezing are better tactically as well and therefore more fun in the long run. To get the leverage of the trapeze you can just have a bit of a wing to allow the helmsman to sit further out. Give the boat a bit of freeboard so different hiking styles can be employed. Make it light and easily handled. The RS Aero is a revelation on this front. I would have a stayed rig. This would allow the boat to suit a large range of sailors as they could tune their mast bend to suit. It should also mean a lighter rig and prevent the Finn scenario where you have to spend a fortune to find the right mast. And critically, it has to be value for money. The VX one nailed this, the RS Aero nailed this and as a result they have been very successful. Oh and if it could have that amazing downhill feel and speed the VX One has that would be awesome.
  3. I love this whole shemozzle. It does demonstrate that there is some extremely poor management skills at the BBC. Ignore what Clarkson did for the moment. The BBC brought the rights for Top Gear, for a large amount of money, from Clarkson, last year or the year before. They paid large for a show that only works because of its presenters. The concept itself is repeatable, so they paid a lot for an income stream that could disappear as soon as its presenters did. They then negotiated the contracts of the presenters and agreed to terms where each of their contracts mature at the same date. This makes it incredibly easy for those same presenters to negotiate elsewhere and ensure they, the vital component, can stay together. I wonder if there was a restriction of trade agreement in Clarkson contract that becomes void should he be sacked. The timing is just so convenient, their contracts expire at the end of March - today/tomorrow dependent on which side of the dateline you are sitting. And as for punishment, the one person who won't suffer as a result of Clarkson's sackring is Clarkson. All the production staff at the show will - many will lose their jobs, same at the magazine and again at the live shows. All those spin offs, top gear US, top gear France..... and all their people they will lose their jobs. Really poor management by the BBC.
  4. All you blokes putting the boot into Nicho are getting it so wrong!!
  5. Watching the race today, started with a loop followed by a triangle. First leg was a reach second a reach, third uphill, four a spinnaker run and five a reach. Vestas was always going to be over. They went for the pin and Brunel was next above followed by SCA. Classic soldiers course, they all fell in line and followed into first mark in pretty much start order. Dongfeng was spat out by Brunel. Mapfre tried to go high then reach over the top, didn't work. Positions didn't change on the second leg. SCA then went into melt down mode, trying one high risk manoeuvre after another. They were second, they didn't sail smart. and sailed themselves down to last. They tried to carry the reacher uphill and the next leg made some bad calls on their gybes. You would have been screaming at them Fritz. Abu Dhabi sailed smart closing slowly on Brunel as did Mapfre. Vestas came back with a dig right and then it was follow the leader again. Looks like will cop some on the nose into Gibralter and then a low into the Bay of Biscane. No idea if they will go West or hug the African coast. Saw different weather models. It was very emotional watching them head off, hugging their families. I hope they all have a safe journey.
  6. fly out tonight. Hola Espania
  7. Will pass that on to a bunch of guys I know who might be keen.
  8. More than what the aero will cost I reckon mate. Point well made.
  9. Looking at it from another angle - if almost everyone you saw was sailing designs made in the '70s, maybe it indicates that those boats still work very, very well? The Aero does look very nice, though. Not really mate, its more about what everyone else is sailing I think and YA's focus on Olympic classes. Where I think this could be successful is older people who don't want to go to the Olympics in the laser and don't want to pull a finn up the beach at the end of the day. I don't know if it will take off, but I like it so far and I have always preferred Luca's stuff to RS's. Also I am not anti old boats. My favourite design still, is over 50 years old.
  10. I was coaching the other day and at the end of the day watching everyone pull their boats out, I noted there was one boat built after the 70's. The rest were before. Lasers Finns, Etchells... There are vast improvements that can be made to each of these, so maybe its time. I got approached by some sailors, they have a group of 7 they all had big boats and struggled with crew and they had decided were all going to get lasers. I suggested they would be much happier with a bunch of these or the Dzero. If RS want a video done, send me a boat, I am willing to help.
  11. well played ladies. Very cool of you.
  12. good luck!! Thinking of you.
  13. Great name!! Need someone to build another one in the fleet and call it Dazza!!
  14. Are you serious dude???!!! Did the idiot on the big boat think about rounding up and stopping his boat? 5 min's, shit!