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  1. Lifesave


    I sailed a Contender for over ten years and only left the class for the faster IC/AC. Bought one after watching them sail on SF Bay. The wooden one I had was built in 72 and I sold it in Canada after winning the NA's. Could not give it away here in Texas because of the supposed maintenance. It is a single hander. I took people at times but the low boom, vang and mainsheet tower get in the way. So much better than the Force5 and trapping is a lot of fun. The wooden IC is the only better option.
  2. Lifesave

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

    Hey TCCrs Have Two beds available and floor space for anyone needing a room for this weekends Dingyfest. First come first served. Included beach and beer. no better deal out there. Let me know ASAP.
  3. Lifesave

    What To Choose???

    Spin is an option. Way faster than the Finn. Can sail till your hair falls out or your over 300lbs. No brainer.
  4. Lifesave

    What To Choose???

  5. Lifesave

    What To Choose???

    IC or AC. Can't go wrong with either.
  6. Lifesave

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

    Crump's I have your AC here fresh from the UK. Let me know when you want to pull the trigger.
  7. Lifesave

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

    Multiple boats for every condition, oh the humanity.
  8. Lifesave

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

    lindy911 Missed you at Rush Creek. Won't be there.
  9. Lifesave

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Thanks Tillerman, Sounds like we have a solution. Hats off to the RS Aero sailors.
  10. Lifesave

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    See Post #9 So It Is Written.... By who, no-one knows but like Gouvernail says, some don't care. Instead of trying to change things they fall back on " that's the way it has always been". It's your club Lindy911. Change begins there and then you can bring it up with the TCC whoever that is. All boats have a rating? Really? I'm still waiting to hear what my AC rates. You coming to Dingy Fest?
  11. Lifesave

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Can anyone explain to me why Derek can't sail his FD with crew at Conroe and be scored, and then sail at Rush Creek and be scored in his AC. Whoever came up with this rule was not thinking clearly. Sailing any boat any where should not be discouraged in my view. Sail what you got should not be limited to one boat. Who has the balls or not to change this.
  12. He Geoff,

    Lost the bid on the Martin 243 so I won't need  place to store it. Was planning on flying there today and driving my suburban to Renando /Beach tomorrow but will now fly in on friday. Will be skiing Deer Valley with cousins. Looks warm there. Love spring skiing.  Ill call you later. Thanks.  David

    1. WCB


      Oh bummer...that looked like a great deal. 

      Safe travels here!  Yes, it's perfect Spring conditions with forties and sunshine at the moment.

  13. Lifesave

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

    Mickey, am I to assume you are in charge. Yes, Here we go again. The question was not the number for an IC. It was for an AC. Derek, please don't comment . People don't know if you're serious or not. Blackjack, I'm humbled you would put money on the canoe. Just saying.
  14. Lifesave

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

    So for those in charge. What number are you giving the AC's this year?