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  1. Lifesave

    Boston whaler Harpoon 5.2

    Should be unsinkable. Favorable portsmouth rating for W/L short courses. Should take home lots of trophies. Our Texas one does.
  2. Lifesave

    US Portsmouth Yardstick Change?

    So there's no chance here in Texas of this working. The clubs here will keep times for keel boats, dingys not so much. Just my experience having sailed odd ball boats for the last 40 years.
  3. Lifesave

    The search continues!

    Thats a little more than a $700.00 IC.
  4. Lifesave

    US Portsmouth Yardstick Change?

    Not having wind factors certainly favors some boats over others. Won lots of trophies in a Contender where they didn't use wind factors. Didn't see Contenders or IC's on US sailings websight. Or Evo's or Musto's or Swift solo's, etc. Sailwriter ,have raced handicap for over 40 years. Let me know if I can help in any way. DG
  5. Lifesave

    Vulcan 15 (My new boat design!)

    Thoughts? Add 9 inches to the boat forget the racks and trapezes and learn to sail one of these. For Half the Money
  6. Lifesave

    The search continues!

    I have boats from $700 and up. Could bring to Sandusky Ohio area. Let me know how much you want to pay and we will get you in a boat. I'm sure Willy can get you one from his neck of the woods also. PM me.
  7. Lifesave


    Good Luck!!
  8. Lifesave

    DC Designs

    Pointy end forward always. Bet that stern first arrangement cost you a couple of MPG's. Easier to tie down with the rudder fittings though. I have always trusted straps alone. I thought I knew cars but I don't know what that one is. Not a B-210. Old Datsun? Enlighten me.
  9. Lifesave

    DC Designs

  10. Lifesave

    DC Designs

    I laid up bolsters on my hull and glassed in an aluminum tube as an axle. Plug in a PVC tongue and dolly wheels when you get where you're going and you are good to go. Used the same system on an Xterra.
  11. Lifesave

    Boats for Big Chaps

    Rob you're too late. He's is already enjoying his IC. Made the right choice. He's sixteen.
  12. Lifesave

    I.C. Down wind question

    Here in Texas we went to windward/ leeward years ago and so I added a spinnaker to my boat. There is no way to put enough time behind you and others in a short W/L course to win any trophies. Some of our races last 18-25 minutes. Any distance race over a couple of hours on the other hand you should win. I have always been the scratch boat here, unless Bartlett showed up with his foiling moth, and was expected to be first across the finish line. Even when this happens you will not be on the podium. Most of the boats rate higher than 90 here and my self imposed 76 AC doesn't stand a chance. Could add a point for being over 250. Really enjoyed racing against the Weta's with their chutes in a blow. If you want trophies the boat to have is a Lido 14. If you want to be first across the line learn to sail your IC upright. Just don't expect to take home any hardware.
  13. Lifesave

    Boats for Big Chaps

    Way to go George !!!!!!!!!! Another IC sailor. Enjoy the ride.
  14. Lifesave

    Boats for Big Chaps

    At 21.6 stone can still sail the AC with two new knees.
  15. Lifesave

    Boats for Big Chaps

    You are 16. Nethercott IC's are very cheap. Learn to sail it in a blow and don't look back.