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  1. Traveler hell; look at those ankle breakers along either side of the cockpit. This skipper must hate his crew or is an orthopedic surgeon in need of work.
  2. ropetrick


    "Stralians are vying for the top spot.
  3. ropetrick

    2020 Hook Race

    Thanks for the post. I have always spent more; not less, on my safety gear. I am worth the up charge. I'll stick with Wichard.
  4. ropetrick

    2020 Hook Race

    Would that be the snap shackle on the person end, and not the clip at the hard point/jackline boat end?
  5. ropetrick

    2020 Hook Race

    Might have been an old style single spring hook rather than the modern (ORC mandated) double latch style.
  6. ropetrick

    my ridge vent doesn't suck and that's a problem

    I had a similar problem. I opened up each rafter bay at the soffit.. Lots of air in, lots of air out. Problem solved.
  7. ropetrick

    PVC conduit inside mast?

    Like Zonker said; all carbon or no carbon.
  8. ropetrick

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    No big deal. What's twelve hours among friends?
  9. ropetrick

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Saint Barbara's tracker crossed the finish line from west to east aboard a ferry from Mackinaw City. There are still a few bugs in the system. "Luiz to the white courtesy phone."
  10. ropetrick

    MBZ Museum

    Trying to think in German makes my head hurt.
  11. ropetrick

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    I almost feel sorry for the delivery crews bring Lake Michigan boats around to Port Huron. Little to no wind and LOTS of heat. Are there any flies"
  12. ropetrick

    Chicago Area III

    Ten on deck to sail the boat and a forty person orgy below.
  13. ropetrick

    Boat Transport from Fla to RI?

    If he wants it done "now" it is going to cost. Try to get a back haul from on of the professionals.