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  1. ropetrick


    Vistoria's Secret should be found in the forepaek.
  2. ropetrick

    Groundhog Day

    Thanks snaggs, I forgot to watch yesterday.
  3. ropetrick

    Check your jack stands

    Check them again after the big thaw.
  4. ropetrick

    C&C 30 implosion?

    Some things never change.
  5. ropetrick

    new prop

    I love the Max-Prop. Backs up like a tugboat. Low drag for sailing. The only drawback is price.
  6. ropetrick

    Pukers United – For those that have

    The patch has worked for me. It has become less effective as I've aged. Dry mouth is the only side effect for me. Nothing else worked and I want to race and race hard.
  7. ropetrick

    Apollo 8

    Or it's a PICNIC.........Problem In Chair Not In Computer
  8. ropetrick

    Apollo 8

    ^^^ And that is why it was the greatest mission of the Apollo program. ^^^ Thanks for expressing my thoughts PB, I am never so cogent. P.S. Happy Boxing Day!
  9. ropetrick

    Need a new vehicle

    You are a lucky man. Chicks from Michigan, go figure. My wife is one also.
  10. ropetrick

    Need a new vehicle

    I like seeing a Michigan plate on the CJ. Sweet ride. Is that a Fairlane parked next to it?
  11. ropetrick

    College Football 2018

    Congratulations on getting out alive Urban. Have a long and happy retirement. And we will really "miss" you in Ann Arbor.
  12. Bad then and bad now. I won't give any money to the Salvation Army for that reason.
  13. You gotta' give some credit to the Jesuits doing it on behalf of the Catholic church.
  14. ropetrick

    Royal Huisman Flip

    Also, add in the weight of a "few" spools of welding wire.
  15. ropetrick

    Royal Huisman Flip

    Yeah, They are supported on hydraulic legs to provide a stable and level base. The tires should always be off the ground for a heavy lift.