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  1. ropetrick

    What is the boat on the left?

    All to common. T-ball fails at top of windward diagonal, mast becomes a switchblade.
  2. ropetrick


    Your eye is fooled by the shadow.
  3. ropetrick


    Mine arrived today in Michigan. Nice and light, should be perfect for summer beer cans.
  4. ropetrick


    Thanks for the tip. One less Large in stock.
  5. ropetrick

    Aerodyne 38 Rudder Removal

    Congratulations! In Detroit we use BFH. Big Fuckin' Hammer aka Big FORD Hammer
  6. ropetrick


    Thanks for the look back sleddog.
  7. ropetrick

    Mast tune, fractional, 3 spreaders swept back?

    For the new main the sailmaker owes you some time on the water. +1 on the full crew, gotta' have the weight on the rail and the trimmers taking notes.
  8. ropetrick

    Hawaiian shirt season begins this weekend.

    Boeing 314 Martin 130 Sikorsky S-43 What's not to love? "China Clipper calling Alameda"
  9. ropetrick

    andrews 70 'alchemy'

    Get to work Kurt!
  10. ropetrick

    Things to do in IOWA

    You can smell pigs. Everywhere.
  11. ropetrick

    andrews 70 'alchemy'

    OOPS, I need to keep up with the West Coast sled scene. Thanks guys.
  12. ropetrick

    andrews 70 'alchemy'

    Different hull, Alchemy is 77 ft.
  13. ropetrick

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Hey, Sol - Woody hacked your login.
  14. ropetrick

    What is it, PNW?

    Somebody said TRADER. Fred Detwiller was the owner of three different boats named TRADER. This boat is named T4. Hmmm......
  15. ropetrick

    captains license question

    Or; you could ask your insurer.