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    Greetings young Jedi, What is the name and sail number of the boat you have acquired. As Canousletter Editor it is my responsibility to keep track of what boats exhist and who own them. I'm glad you are having some fun. best, Willy Hi Willy I'm afraid i'm living vicariously through this post about IC's, the boat i'm renovating is an old school UK Solo (jack holt stylee) and i'm guessing you don't need the name and sail number for it?! Hopefully one day I'll be able to provide you with a name and a sail number for a IC, but i fear that's a few years away! cheers for showing an interest tim
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    i'm currently balls deep tarting up a 30 year old solo (not the swift kind), i'm hacking out bits of rotten ply, patching a leaky centerboard case, trying to ignore the skanky solid ply rudder blade thats more whittled than shaped and I'm trying to fair a hull thats so lumpy trench warfare could break out any minute. This is the kind of work to make a man question his sanity but having just spent 2 days reading this thread cover to cover i'm totally fired up again on my boat hacking missions! the boats you lot sail and build are ridiculous, i've done a couple of white wee wee's perving at the pictures (i'm not proud of this) once i've cleaned myself up i'm back to a damp and dreary garage with the leaky roof to carry on bringing a shit boat back to life.., reason? i gotta start somewhere if i'm to becoming a boat building jedi. hopefully this thread will still be running in 20 years or so when i got skills! keep up the good work timmay xx