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  1. rico

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    We got it done on the weekend, having learned lots from the first fail. This was a replacement Tuff Luff - not Carbo Foil. Conditions were a bit warmer than they were during the first attempt. Partial sun, only moderate wind off the cold lake, and maybe 13-15C temps. Headstay was rigged and lots of tension cranked into the full rig -- headstay at max tightness (more headstay tension and less rake than you would sail with in almost all conditions), uppers and backstay cranked as well. All of the advice above helped -- thank-you! Keys to success in my experience: -Lots of people. Me calling the shots and pulling aft while crouched on the bow. One on the soapy water with sponge crouching beside me, which helped a lot - better than McLube on the forestay. One standing above me on the bow doing the synchronized upward motion on my call (I put the strongest of us on this job). Pull on and push up at the same time and it will snap on in 8" to 12" segments. So satisfying. Sliding up at the same time as pulling really does help. Two people on the ground feeding the still curvy foil and aligning it with the forestay. Having lots of helpers may have made the biggest difference. That and the soap! -Let the foil relax over time before installing. Don't rush this part. I did this progressively for about 8 days but in mostly cool temps. 36 hours before installation, I flattened it out over its length partly on lawn on concrete. Weights were required about every 3' or 4' feet to keep it fully flat with no longitudinal twists in the thing. I used sand bags which were convenient given our flood situation and they were gentle on the plastic. The twists returned when the weights were removed but presented less of a challenge I think. -Wait for decent weather (sun and warmth) if you can. -The top-cap was challenging -- the specified drill diameter (17/64") was a tight fit. Had to drill wider to insert the barrel through the plastic and am hoping this won't hurt. With the top cap installed, it seems the top of the bolt rope won't ext the top of the foil. To be determined whether we still have enough hoist room for the genoas. I may still have to remove the 4" top spacer from aloft. -Measure length accurately before cutting. I still have to confirm if I got it right. -As someone else said, this was one of the more difficult jobs I have done on the boat, mostly because of air temperature I think. It was on par with replacing all internal and external handrails solo. Good luck! It is a great a system for a crewed boat once installed if you are thinking of changing over to it.
  2. rico

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    Squal, nice offer and I'd pay you for it too (at least in beer and stories) if you were up on our Great Lake that is breaching its banks right now. I don't think you are. For now we wait and will do sailpast sans foresail. GT, how'd it go?
  3. rico

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    I'm taking the same approach and "just" need to snap it on when warmer. Good luck!
  4. rico

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    Keep the ideas experiences coming. Some good ones here - thanks. I love the car heating idea, though not at all practical in my case. I feel like the curls need to come out completely also. GT, good luck and let us know how it works out - temps included.
  5. rico

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    Oh, and if it's as cold as it was this weekend, don't bank on the hairdryer as a solution.
  6. rico

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    Yeah total shitshow this weekend. Fail. Way too cold (peaked at 10 C) despite morning sun on our dear island that is in the process of flooding in the meantime anyway. Learning to share: -Schaefer (Tuff Luff) no longer sells a 36' extrusion. You'll get a 46er. -If your forestay is significantly less than that (46'), you'll have an offcut to practice with. Well worth doing so that you can hack up the practice piece with the pry device rather than your end product. Seriously - do this before deciding if the full install is viable in the conditions of the day -Call Schaefer if you need advice. They still have humans joyfully ( ) answering the phone who are patient enough to talk the process through -Let the coil relax the twists over time, like for days. Straighten that thing out! -Support our local providers of boat shit -- they are invaluable (shout to Rigging Shoppe) -Forget about the spring series; there will be more of them I will report back more positively when I get this done. In the meantime I guess it's OPB's which is a nice problem to have if you think about it.
  7. rico

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    Thanks Ultra. I'm obviously a bit intimidated too. But based on what I have read, the Tuff Luff setup and installation is different from that of the Harken Carbo, yes? Anyone else recommend NOT to use McLube on the Tuff Luff? A description of the soap process would be helpful.
  8. rico

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    So do it in the boat. We'll be lucky to reach about 13 C on Saturday. If we don't get the job done this weekend we will miss the start of the first series and opening day. I'll bring the hairdryer and preheat as we load the foil on. Roger that on lube. I had the idea of attaching the spin halyard (knots; tape) to the foil to aid in the upward motion and then going up to disengage the halyard from the foil. Anyone try that?
  9. rico

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    Thanks folks. Sounds like I'll need two cases of beer, not just one. Next question: Is it easier to do this job with the forestay rigged on the boat, or on shore, suspended and tensioned between two immoveable objects? The rig is in the boat, minus the forestay which I didn't put up knowing I had to do this job. If it is easier to do it on the boat I can go up and install the forestay before inserting the Tuff Luff. Will report back.
  10. 'Tis the season for new stuff like this for many of us in cold country. Anyone have the latest tips and tricks for an easy installation in cool weather over 1/4" wire using 1706? I need to place a new extrusion over the forestay. Looks like a PIA so want to make it quick as possible.
  11. rico

    I love my wife but..

    Right. Keep the boat and raise some sailors. If you do it right you will have good crew for life. And the wife will want to be there too. Triple win.
  12. rico

    Live on FB, NOW

    Prolly already asked, but where is the the replay?
  13. rico

    Laser 2 vs JY15 Turbo Rig

    If anyone has solid, stiff and dry Laser II hull in Ontario that has been sitting inside a garage or the like for the last few decades, and you want to get rid of it, please send a smoke signal. So much fun were those boats back in the day! Shit build quality though. I have a locker full of rigging for that class, owned two, and yet that's the only hull I've had to sawzall to fit into a dumpster. Can't speak to the 15. Hopefully the hulls have held up better.
  14. rico

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    Need to press refresh to see the latest fp posts even when launching a new browser window - or the whole browsing program. Without an active refresh you only see the content that your system loaded previously. If one hasn't figured this out, one thinks the page hasn't been updated in daze.
  15. rico

    Considering buying '82 J 30

    Great boats for multiple applications, but loads of stuff to look for and think about. J30.org (forum) is your best source. If you are not already reading there you should be tonight. Take time to find the right one during your process, and focus on the fundamentals, not the bells and whistles. I hope you have a great experience. Good group group of folks in the class.