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  1. Need a fix too! Can't wait. Credit properly due to RS for the FP piece, please. Thanks Ronnie.
  2. rico

    Towing with a rental truck?

    It's not just about property insurance, it's also about liability. I am told that a trailer can be deemed causal in event of an accident. And if it is not covered, you are on your own. Enterprise was terrific for this previously in Canada. Awesome trucks. As of last summer - not happening, even for repeat customers. Here it is U Haul at your own risk.
  3. Third thumbs up from experience. Phil and team will do it right and if there is an issue you can trust that it will be taken care of.
  4. On the northern sides of the Great Lakes, rental companies are cracking down on truck rentals for towing. Corporate doesn't like it. Your private vehicle insurance provider won't like it either. You basically do this uninsured. If it can be shown that the trailer and/or its load had any causality or fault in an accident scenario that damages the tow vehicle or has any liability to others, you are exposed personally. I've been reduced from primo new 3/4 ton 4X crew cabs from the best rental companies to U Haul single cabs, and towing at my own risk. Hasn't stopped me yet though. I am towing large RIBS, but relatively light and small - single axle.
  5. Echo that, Laurent and JB -- thank you. I am about to head up to the VG movie to watch it again. Good for re-firing french language synapses. Also enjoyed Ken Read's interview so thanks for posting that Jack.
  6. rico

    Homemade Split Pea Soup Question

    I must try a shank version then. Send me a bowl? Until I do try it, I stand behind my smocked hock suggestion. Yes to the bay and caramelized veg with lots lots of garlic. Use brandy to deglaze, save the fresh thyme for 15 mins before serving, eat with Bordeaux, then finish the brandy (Armagnac is my fave). Re the pressure cooker - that's awesome for risotto too in case you haven't tried it. Easier than stirring and stocking for a few hours, and almost as good. Much easier onboard if you have the fuel.
  7. rico

    Homemade Split Pea Soup Question

    Smoked pork hock. Look up a Quebecois yellow pea soup recipe. If you can get the hock, good crusty bread (baguette) and butter, you are good for a number of days. The peas are the least of it. Great idea to make this now.
  8. rico

    ski season 2020

    This morning I changed my mind and bailed on Banff for this week. Norquay closed today after I made that decision (so was not a factor) but it appears Sunshine and Lake Louise are still operating. The hotel (with Pursuit booking services) was awesome and offered a full refund even though I canceled less than their required 48hrs notice . WestJet was good and provided a full refund 14 hours before departure time. An hour on hold with them was less than expected. Air Canada offered credit only, expiring end of this year. The lift ticket folks wouldn't refund us either but gave credit through 2021. I was most sad about having to tell my son we were out. Once he understood that I was committed to doing this trip with him in the future (next year), he understood the full picture and felt comfortable/trusting with it. If you're in a similar situation, give the kids something to look forward to. Tough time for them right now.
  9. rico

    ski season 2020

    I think we'll continue with current plans - domestic flight to Calgary and midweek skiing around Banff. Will keep you all posted if any useful insights surface from our experience.
  10. rico

    ski season 2020

    Source said there are no COVID cases locally (in Banff). We have no symptoms personally. Mountains are still open. Airports should be less populated than usual. Rent a car rather than use the bus and shuttle systems (which had been an attractive selling point - super cool to be able to do a ski trip without a car, btw, and you can do that with a flight into Calgary). The economy needs some spending. But the overarching priority is collective wellbeing. So, gotta make a call pretty soon.
  11. rico

    ski season 2020

    I spoke with someone in Banff just now. Business as usual, although "quieter," she said. Should I go or should I stay now...
  12. rico

    ski season 2020

    Banff? I'm booked to be there Tues (domestic travel, flying form Toronto) with my 16 yr-old. You know - one of those quality time opportunities over three days of skiing and eating. Planned and booked for months. 1. Anyone on this board skied there lately? 2. If I decide to proceed with this trip, what should I expect locally? Wild and groundless speculation is both both welcome and anticipated. Help me decide whether to cancel or not. Need to make a call.
  13. rico

    Lake Michigan waves

    The Crystal(clear) ball down here at the end of the lake chain (LO) says our season is screwed again with high water, making it 3 of the past 4. Pisser. Meanwhile, so many could use some this great fresh water.
  14. rico

    Don't Anchor Here

    Amazing, Shaggy. Have you written about this in such accessible prose elsewhere in a format that I could share with my kids who are both interested in geopolitics and pushing our in-home data feed to the max? If not your own writing -- which I find brilliantly lucid as a technological laggard -- could you suggest a good read on this topic for 18-20 yr old boys who sail? Brilliant stuff.
  15. rico

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Wow jb, that is the best concentrate of sailing imagery I have ever seen. Beautiful shots throughout. Thanks for posting it here, and cheers to the creators. I am so ready to move to France.