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  1. Lost one of our guys due to job relocation. So looking for crew with some racing experience. We are strong in the front and the back of the boat. Ideally, looking to fill a position in the middle of the boat, but also will have opportunities to work the front and back of the boat occasionally. Well canvased , well outfitted and well crewed Frers 36. Campaign a full season, but will also consider a dependable part timer. Reply here or PM me.
  2. SailnwhileBLACK

    Probally a very unusual crew request, PNW

    It ain't going to be free or cheap. However, the cheapest way is to find a boat transporter who will be deadheading from or to another delivery. They will want to pick up that extra money and therefore will charge less. Also find a transporter with hydraulic pads. You will not need to pay to have the boat lifted onto the truck or taken off. I suggest that you have the boat ready to go in the water when you do this. Otherwise be prepared to pay the yard to put the boat in the water when you have gotten it ready. Good luck.
  3. SailnwhileBLACK

    According to the CSA calendar, the 2018 HR is on!

    Did I overthink this? We were planning on going again this year, but everything I read (including their tourism bureau). So we abandoned our plans figuring jacked up lodging rates or no lodging available. Didn't want to sleep on the boat. I'm sure those that went had a blast. But what was lodging like as far as price and availability? Kudos to those who braved it. Thanks
  4. SailnwhileBLACK

    OSR 2.04 (General Requirements)

    Not stupid at all. Real life situation this weekend. Just a 50 mile port to port so no special safety regulations in play. However, a boat lost a crew member overboard for about 4 minutes. Apparently they set off a flare. Coast guard hailed, radio chatter and all that good stuff. Guess I saw part of the burn through the sail. I was helming so really wasn't looking around. Wasn't a solas flare cuz didn't burn for long. Me and most of the fleet had no clue until the night of the regatta party. Don't even know what boat, but I'm assuming they continued on since they were in the middle of Lake Michigan and probably the finish was as close as any other port. Maybe water is in the safety regs for you salt water guys, but I guess we take it for granted in the Great Lakes. I do know a boat that usually does well in the Mac with just a water maker. Most boats are not that crazy. We have one in case its a 4 day drifter and its 90 degrees, but its still in the box. Our cheat for the Mac is to use dry ice and freeze most of our water. So no ice is ever on board. Anyway, I digress. Most of the special safety regulations I reviewed stated that the requirements were in force at the beginning of the race. As some have said here, its a good idea to log deployment of consumable gear (never was considering food and water). I have had RCs go after me for CO2 cartridges and bobbins. Of course it could just be me. But I will keep you guys apprised of how this turns out. Awaiting a decision from the appeals committee.
  5. SailnwhileBLACK

    OSR 2.04 (General Requirements)

    us7070, I'd rather not mention the race at this point. I will share that later. However, water is not the only "consumable". Fuel is a consumable, as are flares, inflatable PFD components. Years ago I did have a BAD inspector try to penalize the boat for an inflatable PFD that deployed during the race. Fortunately, we had an extra to bring the total to one per crew. Same IDIOT tried to penalize for non compliant flares. Said Paine Wessex were NOT SOLAS flares, despite the printing that said they met the requirements for SOLAS. Idiot thought SOLAS was a company rather than a standard. Was thrown out, but I still had to deal with that crap after being on the water for several days in trying conditions. For example, OSR 3.28.3 states that, "At the start a boat shall carry sufficient fuel..." IOW, the rules are geared for how the boat is prepped out, rather than trying to tell a crew how to utilize their resources in the conditions that they actually encounter. I agree that organizers should want racers to make safety decisions based on seamanship and conditions present, rather than to protect their finish position. Unfortunately, I'm afraid sometimes race officials try to "become the game" rather than run the game. However, I digress. I really am more concerned with penalties assessed to boats due to mechanical failure or damage caused by conditions or other vessels. I have not been able to find such cases from 2009 to date. I believe this supports my position. Thanks
  6. SailnwhileBLACK

    OSR 2.04 (General Requirements)

    Moonduster, Maybe I didn't state my question clearly or you didn't read it. I specifically asked about OSR 2.04 and whether anyone was aware of any cases involving that particular rule. To compare a rule from OSR and RRS is comparing apples and oranges. And all rules (and laws) have an intent. The case book is full of examples where the grey area of rules are turned to black and white. That is why they are amended, replaced or deleted. Because the intent of the promulgator was not being realized. Its called unintended consequences. See the language on the attached page. No one was accusing anyone of cheating or complaining. This is an academic exercise. CaseBook-Frontpage.pdf
  7. SailnwhileBLACK

    OSR 2.04 (General Requirements)

    Is anyone aware of boats being penalized using OSR 2.04 or some variant? I can find nothing in the case books that address any equipment that is rendered non-functional due to consumption, e.g., flare, pfd deployment, etc, or conditions encountered during the race beyond the control of the participant, e.g., lightning strikes, contact with another vessel or foreign object, etc. I don't believe the intent of the rules are to penalize boats for issues such as these.
  8. SailnwhileBLACK

    Lake Michigan trimmer needed

    Our trimmer is leaving us For Love and Money. At the end of June Her job is recalling her to Europe and she's going to get married while she's there. Looking for someone who has some racing experience and a basic understanding of sail trim if you're not familiar with symmetrical spinnakers will teach you. We race a full schedule including all the major regattas so the successful applicant should be able to do at least half of our races. Well outfitted 36ft racer Cruiser. If your strength is in a position other than trimmer we have some flexibility to rearrange the deck chairs. PM me here if interested or call at 773-531-8037
  9. SailnwhileBLACK

    Bi-State - Lookin 4 crew

    Unknown Lady² looking for crew for 1 or both legs of Bi-State. Last port to port race of the season in southern Lake Mich. If only available for the return leg on Sun, come up Sat nite for the regatta party or catch a ride early Sun with crew driving up from Chicago. Section 4 will be very competitive and challenging, as always. 773-531-8037
  10. SailnwhileBLACK

    Crew needed for Chicago Verve

    Vacation travels have left us short-handed for this year's Verve. Frers 36 needs 1 or 2 crew for all 3 days. Tactical experience is a plus as that is who is on vacation. PM me or call 773-531-8037. We should be in a very interesting and competitive section if breaks are where I think they will fall. If good fit, opportunity to race the rest of the season.