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  1. SailnwhileBLACK

    San Diego Crew Listings

    Sailors in San Diego - Crew Pool, on facebook. SDYC is like CYC; bunch of snooty aholes. Good luck. Just get me a ride when I come that way this winter.
  2. Frers 36. Last minute cancellation leaves us short handed. We can move pieces around. So anyone with intermediate experience as trimmer, pit or mast will be welcome. Specifically looking for help on Saturday, but you are welcome to do Sunday as well. PM or call at 773-531-8037
  3. SailnwhileBLACK

    Chicago NOODs Help Needed

    Just got a text that our trimmer hurt their back. We are OK for Friday, but we need a kite trimmer for Saturday and Sunday for our Frers 36. SOS! Help! Call David at 773-531-8037.
  4. SailnwhileBLACK

    Crew needed to race in Southern Lake Michigan

    Timing is everything. Our team is looking to add crew for the 2019 season. Our Frers 36 does a full season of buoy and distance racing. We are always competitive when regular crew is on board. Feel free to give me a call to discuss sailing with us. 773-531-8037. Thanks
  5. SailnwhileBLACK

    2019 Shopping list

    Season is about to end in Chicago. So its time to prepare for next season. Due to some life changes of crew need to add a couple of players. Life happens. 1) Part-time or full time tactician who can use the tactical data we have access to for making good in-race decisions and post-race analysis. 2) Any position, who can also drive on Long Distance races. On distance races I like to get off the helm to concentrate on navigation/weather. It can take up alot of time on races like the Mac or Queens' Cup. Looking for sailors who want to compete and do well in the big regattas; not just beer cans. Our top 3 draft choices this year are ready to compete for starting positions next year. So things should be competitive, interesting and fun. PM me or call at 773-531-8037.
  6. Hey there!  We are doing the Bi-State, So you will be back in town Sunday afternoon and have Monday to do whatever.  Give me a call whenever to discuss.  Thanks.  773-531-8037.  Always a good time in St. Joe

  7. Lost one of our guys due to job relocation. So looking for crew with some racing experience. We are strong in the front and the back of the boat. Ideally, looking to fill a position in the middle of the boat, but also will have opportunities to work the front and back of the boat occasionally. Well canvased , well outfitted and well crewed Frers 36. Campaign a full season, but will also consider a dependable part timer. Reply here or PM me.
  8. SailnwhileBLACK

    Probally a very unusual crew request, PNW

    It ain't going to be free or cheap. However, the cheapest way is to find a boat transporter who will be deadheading from or to another delivery. They will want to pick up that extra money and therefore will charge less. Also find a transporter with hydraulic pads. You will not need to pay to have the boat lifted onto the truck or taken off. I suggest that you have the boat ready to go in the water when you do this. Otherwise be prepared to pay the yard to put the boat in the water when you have gotten it ready. Good luck.
  9. SailnwhileBLACK

    According to the CSA calendar, the 2018 HR is on!

    Did I overthink this? We were planning on going again this year, but everything I read (including their tourism bureau). So we abandoned our plans figuring jacked up lodging rates or no lodging available. Didn't want to sleep on the boat. I'm sure those that went had a blast. But what was lodging like as far as price and availability? Kudos to those who braved it. Thanks