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  1. pooodil

    Transpac 2019

    Interesting times ahead .Commache jibed , Soto diving south .North or south entry to da kai .Ho'okalohi continues north .Lota Brahs on that boat with Cecil ,Dod Tye Fuzz Fizz Capn Lou cooking Watch them ..Bad pak holding the southern lane as are the 125s and the numbers show its 2 knts more solid .Bets anyone .
  2. pooodil

    Front Page, "Get your Kicks."

    Bobby you rock .Hows Gail and Leigh .Kudos .
  3. pooodil

    PV Race

    When your a queens scout you " might " have the cred to comment . Not there right now mate .
  4. pooodil

    PV Race

    Yea BB was built in 1992 . The old Morning Glory .Most crew have kids that were born then . Happy hour everyday and cooked food . Winning comb o . Oh and the best best owner . 82 and loves offshore .
  5. pooodil

    Best Owner/Skipper

    Ah cocktail hr starts at 4 now that we are older .Best owner ever .Word .