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  1. PhilipNZ

    Prada Cup

    Need to put it on the side thats not ripped
  2. PhilipNZ

    Maritime Art Anarchy

    The nautical items in our collection David Barker drawing of Sundreamer now in care of my son, Past meets present and Okahu yachts by Souzie Speerstra, The Red Yacht, Maunganui and Pleasure Boats by Michael Smither, Vessel by Nick Fedaeff, Unknown Voyage by Ben Young, Origami chart by Philippa Bentley, Oar by Justine Hawkesworth For more of Ben Youngs work see here -
  3. PhilipNZ

    Christmas Regatta

    Apart from 3 months in the doldrums they should be fine
  4. PhilipNZ

    Christmas Regatta

    Classic from Dean "if there's any doubt, blame the boat"
  5. PhilipNZ

    Christmas Regatta

    Lucas Electronics?
  6. PhilipNZ

    Christmas Regatta

    They're starting
  7. PhilipNZ

    T-11 Spinal fracture

    In my case they took some bone from my hip and fused it into the spine. The 6 screws and 2 rods were just there to support it while the fusion set. Surgeon said they will likely snap in time which I thought was alarming. He said they could take them out but wasn't necessary and never did
  8. PhilipNZ

    T-11 Spinal fracture

    Had this from a fall. Bone fusion with some rods and screws fixed it up, 11 years later good as gold. Took a year though to convince the powers that be that physio and hopes weren't going to fix it.
  9. PhilipNZ

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Flight no go over the race course for the racing.
  10. PhilipNZ

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    How did that World Cup work out for them? And the Lions tour before that.....
  11. PhilipNZ

    Oh Shit, the things boaters do

    Aussieman's take on it
  12. PhilipNZ

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    From a news blog in nz
  13. PhilipNZ

    Shaw 7.5 “Animal Biscuits” flies

    I wonder what happened to the video If all else fails - Facebook "c partridge yachts ltd"
  14. PhilipNZ

    Looking for a toy convertible

    Remos LSA, mates Laser, son's bed, guitars, boat shit, amps keyboards, PA systems, lights, assorted crap and a houseboat of Christmas decorations.