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  1. PhilipNZ

    How many lines are on your boat?

    She’s an interesting one. A Russian billionaire arrived in nz and spent up large including having this dragon built in 2008 in the Ukraine. His money dried up and the boat was passed around various team nz associates and eventually to a friend of mine that was owed money. I bought it from him 2 years ago for a tenth of what it cost. Until then it had been sailed only three times. They tried to make others Edition Vintage Dragon.pdf
  2. PhilipNZ

    How many lines are on your boat?

    They are fixed on my boat but I have spare cleats if I want to go down that line
  3. PhilipNZ

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Actually 40, forgot the 2 leech lines
  4. PhilipNZ

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Main halyard jib halyard spinnaker halyard main halyard tweaker jib halyard tweaker mast ram spinnaker chute opener spinnaker retrieval line jib furler spinnaker barberhaul - 2 jib barberhaul - 2 pole uphaul pole downhaul cunningham - 2 vang bilge pump puller - 2 jib sheet - 2 jib fine tune - 2 spinnaker sheets - 2 mainsheet main fine tune traveler - 2 runners - 2 runner fine tune - 2 backstay outhaul spinnaker pole parrot beak line whisker pole parrot beak line 38 not counting anchor, 2 buckets with lanyards and the outboard pull start
  5. PhilipNZ

    Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    I singlehanded cruise my Dragon most weeks. Mainly daysails. I fitted an outboard, mainly to get out of the river where I keep it, and an autohelm for manoeuvres. I absolutely love it.
  6. PhilipNZ

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    So he thinks that thieves should be fined no more than they got away with.
  7. PhilipNZ

    Show your boat sailing thread

  8. PhilipNZ

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Not as clever as it looks, unseen is an Autohelm :-)
  9. PhilipNZ

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Out for a spring sail on my own in the Dragon
  10. PhilipNZ

    Team NZ

    The gloves (by Tiffany) are blue now
  11. PhilipNZ

    500th Person Shot to Death in Chicago This Year
  12. PhilipNZ

    Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    He's still earning, catch up with him here