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  1. PhilipNZ

    holy fuck... beirut

    Oklahoma bomb was 2.2 tonnes.
  2. PhilipNZ

    NZ Shorthanded Series

    No thread this year but here is a video of the first 2020 race. A great days sailing
  3. PhilipNZ

    American Dumbass

    Won't be missed in NZ
  4. PhilipNZ

    What's at your bird feeder?

    Mornings at our house. They wait on the top of the tree using branches they have pulled bare for the purpose, watching. The food arrives and then it’s an hour of frenzy. Sparrows, goldfinch, yellow hammer, blackbirds, mynahs, nz wood pigeon, doves, fantails and the occasional Tui Later the waxeyes will come for fruit and made up drinks. Everyday
  5. PhilipNZ

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Yep, just got the figures from Rob and the sailmaker. Adjusting this weekend :-)
  6. PhilipNZ

    Show your boat sailing thread

    First sail in the Shaw 750T
  7. PhilipNZ

    Favourite Boat pic?

    No, this was Sundreamer, the designers own boat. The wrecked one (Stratosphere) was built first
  8. PhilipNZ

    Favourite Boat pic?

    I can't decide, both taken during the Coastal Classic but a year apart I'll always love her
  9. PhilipNZ

    Single Handing A Twin Wire Skiff

    Almost, a mate of mine single handing a Javelin
  10. PhilipNZ

    First thing you're going to do?

    The other way around. The boat is in Queenstown, and needs to come back to the Coromandel. Bought a launch to keep the wife happy
  11. PhilipNZ

    First thing you're going to do?

    Yeah Jamie mentioned to me that it was coming up for sale and I just jumped on it. Can't wait
  12. PhilipNZ

    First thing you're going to do?

    A Shaw 750T
  13. PhilipNZ

    First thing you're going to do?

    Drive 1500km each way and a ferry trip to pick up this and bring it home
  14. PhilipNZ

    uh, a jib traveller ?

    Makes sense especially high up. Alternative is to run it to the bow or through a whole lot of friction blocks
  15. PhilipNZ

    Why "DTS" Instead of "Eight Bells"?

    Neil says Done Too Soon