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  1. Laser1

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Yup, also some interesting sailing going on in the TJV and Brest Atlantiques. For the moment the UK is embroiled in a political sh*tfight and not so much brexit related - I admit it is one of the promises, promises, but so many things are and this is not hugely interesting. Tune in a fortnight before January 31st when things start hitting the fan again :-)
  2. Laser1


    Been following this thread and this appeared on my FB time line today.
  3. Laser1

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    How are they fired, electronically? .......... boat, water .... good luck with that i.e. they may just go off when you don't want them to
  4. Laser1

    prize givings

    Ted Heath gave me this one in Plymouth. And in August this year I bagged this one with my 4 kt sh*tbox against much bigger competition Both worlds apart but the last one wins it :-)
  5. Laser1

    Brexit, WTF

    "Looks like there won't be votes on votes for 16 year-olds or votes for EU citizens" Thank F8ck for that. That btw rules me out on both counts Even if I was allowed to vote, wouldn't know what clown I'd vote for
  6. Laser1

    Dick Carter design boats

    Damn, now I have to dig mine out and take a pic
  7. Laser1

    Dick Carter design boats

    Good looking Optimist. Many moons ago when I was 16 I built the Graupner model with all the remote control gizmo's. I still have it but looking a bit sorry for itself and the electronics are toast. That'll be my retirement project :-)
  8. Laser1

    Brexit, WTF

    We seem to be going around in circles, here and in Westminster. Yesterday I caught myself swearing at the talking heads on telly again. All these so-called university educated smart people (MP's, commentators, experts, analysts) saying how, with the present deal or any deal for that matter, the economy will suffer, standards/rights will drop, businesses will go bust, intelligence/science partnerships will go up in flames ....... etc. If only some of these talk show hosts had the balls to point out the obvious. excuse the shouty font : WHAT DID YOU FARKING REALLY EXPECT !!!! These programs would be done in 10 seconds flat but hey, they sit on the gravy train at the BBC as well seeing their recently published salaries. FFS.
  9. Laser1

    Brexit, WTF

    You'd better start figuring out on whose washing line LK's nickers end up
  10. Laser1

    Brexit, WTF

    Lots of subterfuge in Boris' speech. This thing aint dead yet and we can look forward to much more shenanigans.
  11. Laser1

    Brexit, WTF

    And a few other things do not seem to be so clear cut as meets the eye.
  12. Laser1

    Brexit, WTF

    No 10 source says, 'if Parliament votes again for delay by voting down the programme motion, and the EU offers delay until 31 Jan -- then we will pull the Bill, there will be no further business for Parliament and we'll move to an election before Christmas' Umm .......... what year was that again ?
  13. Laser1

    Brexit, WTF

    Hey, there's always Mina Andreeva. I guess you wouldn't mind crying on her shouder
  14. Laser1

    Brexit, WTF

    JS sorry to hear your love affair with LK is over. As for the rest of this monumental clusterf*ck, the OP at least got the title of this thread right.