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  1. Ancient_Mariner

    Last Voyage

    All, The outpouring of your responses, stories, and kind words from this community have been truly remarkable and generous, and have made us realize how liked and respected he was by so many others. The sorrow will hopefully subside but the memories of having him in our lives will always remain. Knowing that he touched so many others' lives adds to those memories and we will cherish those forever. Thank you all for being a part of our extended family. Sincerely, The Crew
  2. Ancient_Mariner

    Last Voyage

    Hello, SA Folks, It is with heavy heart and deep personal sadness we inform you of the passing of "Ancient_Mariner". He rounded his last mark, so to speak, on 12/24/15, at 3:16pm local time. For those of you who knew, conversed with, followed, etc. him and his posts, he thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to his time, conversations, banter, humor, stories, advice, camaraderie, support, friendship, and any other applicable noun not currently coming to mind. For that, his family (and his spirit, I personally believe) says "Thank you". Clearly there are tons of nautical toasts and other similar sayings out there. Instead of trying to pick one or create one from many, let's try one from the heart: Rest in peace, Dad, as the lighthouse guides your way to your final destination, wherever that may be. May your sails always be full, the weather pleasant, and the seas calm. Thank you for the guidance and support throughout the journey. With deepest love and respect, your Crew.
  3. Ancient_Mariner

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Yeah well, that's a good one for the hot tub except it's been bloody fucking raining (and some snow) for 2 solid weeks now. Haven't seen stars or the moon so long I forget what they look like....
  4. Ancient_Mariner

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Who the fuk gets up that early??? I really appreciate all the info you put in here Christine, but could you please give me a couple a things to see....say, about 10pm to midnight from the hot tub.... It could even be 2am-4am after a few stingers.
  5. Ancient_Mariner

    HB Rico!

    Not 'til 3/16. The day I'll hit everyone's favorite number.... .....69
  6. Ancient_Mariner

    HB Rico!

    Sheesh...not again?! Crap...that means another one is coming for me too...
  7. Ancient_Mariner

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Saw it yesterday while going south on I-5. It was directly above and just "touching" the peak of a mountain. VERY COOL. We had never seen it quite like that.
  8. Ancient_Mariner

    The Great American Novel

    Travels with Charley is a must. I even have the audio tape. We listened to it while driving from national park to national park for over 5300 miles last year. Was a gas. One of my favs is Ayan Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Maybe because it suits my character & all... Of course a classic that I read every year just to remain sane (I think) is the 4 book trilogy by Douglas Adams: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Restaurant at the End of The Universe, Life the Universe & Everything, and So Long and Thanks for all the Fish. Of course they would appeal even more to a Brit.... There's always Tom Sawyer and Huck Fin too!
  9. Ancient_Mariner

    what are you listening to right now ... part trois

    Very nice. A bit of Janice Joplin I think...
  10. Ancient_Mariner

    A rant about flying

    Lets see....packed tightly into an aluminum can...check. Smelly as hell....check. Bugged out eyes when all is said & done...check. I think we're already there mad.
  11. Ancient_Mariner

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Thanks for all the info dear. I saw it and it was spectacular here. Absolutely clear sky. It was so bright I thought about wearing shades.....
  12. Ancient_Mariner

    Astronomy Anarchy

    No. I had to look it up. The technical name is the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system. No "General Audience" would know that either.
  13. Ancient_Mariner

    "National Cleavage Day"

    That is so fucking cute I actually giggled.
  14. Ancient_Mariner

    Astronomy Anarchy

    I'm in Sturgis, South Dakota. Just missed the 75th Annual Bike Rally by a couple of days! Took a quick side trip last night to Keystone to gawk at Mt Rushmore. Headed through the Badlands this morning, then east into Minnesota. I will be bonding with my inner 9-year-old today, as I visit the places where Laura Ingalls Wilder lived, my favorite childhood author. I am going to pass through De Smet, South Dakota and Walnut Grove, Minnesota, then spending the night in Mankato, Minnesota. Cool. Stay safe dear. Wilder wrote Little House books in the 30's yes? Let us know when you're safe & sound at home.
  15. Ancient_Mariner

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Where the hell are you now Christine?