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  1. Last Voyage

    All, The outpouring of your responses, stories, and kind words from this community have been truly remarkable and generous, and have made us realize how liked and respected he was by so many others. The sorrow will hopefully subside but the memories of having him in our lives will always remain. Knowing that he touched so many others' lives adds to those memories and we will cherish those forever. Thank you all for being a part of our extended family. Sincerely, The Crew
  2. Last Voyage

    Hello, SA Folks, It is with heavy heart and deep personal sadness we inform you of the passing of "Ancient_Mariner". He rounded his last mark, so to speak, on 12/24/15, at 3:16pm local time. For those of you who knew, conversed with, followed, etc. him and his posts, he thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to his time, conversations, banter, humor, stories, advice, camaraderie, support, friendship, and any other applicable noun not currently coming to mind. For that, his family (and his spirit, I personally believe) says "Thank you". Clearly there are tons of nautical toasts and other similar sayings out there. Instead of trying to pick one or create one from many, let's try one from the heart: Rest in peace, Dad, as the lighthouse guides your way to your final destination, wherever that may be. May your sails always be full, the weather pleasant, and the seas calm. Thank you for the guidance and support throughout the journey. With deepest love and respect, your Crew.
  3. Windoze 10 upgrade??

    Don't say I didn't warn you guys..... Here's a clear sign that MS knows about the problems: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/troubleshoot-problems-installing-updates#1TC=windows-7
  4. Astronomy Anarchy

    Yeah well, that's a good one for the hot tub except it's been bloody fucking raining (and some snow) for 2 solid weeks now. Haven't seen stars or the moon so long I forget what they look like....
  5. Windoze 10 upgrade??

    I cannot think of any company ever which has fallen as far or as hard as Symantec. Kodak, for starters. You can say that again. After 24 years, I gave up in 1989 and bailed. They were ostriches with their heads in the sand. I warned about video in the 70's and then digital in the 80's at countless meetings. After being told so many times that I was being disruptive & negative, I gave up. They had no perspective, no foresight. THAT is why what was an excellent well managed company with astronomical cash reserves filed chapter 11 in 2012. And fuck Symantec...
  6. Windoze 10 upgrade??

    I do the same as Battlecheese. If all else fails, order the parts from NewEgg to build your own custom PC. YOU choose the parts (read reviews for each part). Building a desktop PC is easy, and starts out totally clean. My first build is an XP that still rocks almost 9 years later. No MS updates for over 2 years. Laptops are a whole other problem....build wise. One thing I do is use an external drive to back up my system...about every 6 months. I have never had to use it. I added it because of a Symantec "update" that totally crashed and locked up my system. I will never pay for, much less use any "commercial" anti-malware product again. Their tech support was a joke and they wouldn't own up to the problem they caused (I was literally watching the update load...). It is a crying shame we have to worry about all this shit. As usual, we humans can really fuck up a good thing....
  7. Windoze 10 upgrade??

    I have never ever claimed to be a 'puter guru. Ever. I copied/pasted ONE item. I rarely "clickbait" whatever that means. I agree that end users are usually idiots as far as computer sciences go. But that is not why they bought their PCs....to learn to launch scripts. And excuse me for my error re: W2000. I'm old and my memory ain't what it used to be. You are clearly very passionate in your beliefs, but that gives you no right to be high & mighty and insult me or anyone else. If you're THAT good, then by all means be the key advisor for all things relating to computing here. I'm done trying to help.
  8. Windoze 10 upgrade??

    Right on Amro. Even Woody Leonhard admits that MS uses direct telemetry to collect data from your PC and that MS answers are mixed and confusing, especially those updates that allegedly are for the CEIP program(s). He a has always recommended to turn off the CEIP. Hmmm, wonder why? Woody is no know-it-all prophet, btw. So this is your proof that no MS data mining exists? Or, that they're only using it to improve products? Well, then why can't they actually improve them? TPG, I said I found the review "interesting". I'm regurgitating nothing. A simple cut & paste. Apparently you are so stubborn in your views that you don't wish to even discuss it. Instead, you attacked me. Well sir, you are not everyone's representative and I will post whatever the hell I want, especially on an ANARCHY site. If you wish to trust MS, then have at it. I DO NOT trust MS. They have proven themselves to be sneaky, arrogant, and UNtrustworthy countless times. They treat their users as idiots and with legal mumbo-jumbo remove all user ownership advantages. W10 is really no different than all other MS products. This OS is to make their last failure (W8) "go away". Just like W7 made Vista go away, and XP made 2000 go away. They have a long history of fucking up every other OS and then making all of US pay for their fuck up. Why do you suppose Gates is so filthy rich? Drink the Koolaid, I don't care.
  9. Windoze 10 upgrade??

    July 29th is the date I found. Here is an excerpt from a Amazon review I found interesting: Aug 31, 2015 Update: •KB3068708 Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry – This update introduces the Diagnostics and Telemetry tracking service to existing devices. This means the "awesome" windows 10 data mining will be comming to windows 8.1/7. I guess they had so many people that tried windows freemium (10) downgrade back to 8/7 that now they will put their disgusting business practices in these versions aswell. Furthermore gHacks notes that ” these updates ignore existing user preferences stored in Windows 7 and Windows 8 (including any edits made to the Hosts file) and immediately starts exchanging user data with vortex-win.data.microsoft.com and settings-win.data.microsoft.com. Look it up, wake up. Don't let Microsoft rape it's customers like this, maybe windows 10/8 can be saved if enough people reject this disgusting garbage, if not let Microsoft's Google style data rape attempt die with their terrible products. Windows is not facebook or google + don't sit there and let them make it into one. They ruined Windows 10 and now they wont be satisfied until they ruin Windows 7/8.1 too with the same anti privcy, anti consumer data mining garbage spyware. Reject this crap or abandon windows for a more respectable/professional OS that actually recpects users rights/privacy.
  10. Windoze 10 upgrade??

    "Out of date machines"? How so? I still have a very usable XP. Built it about 8-9 years ago. Nothing wrong with it. In some ways I prefer that OS. When I built this one, I went with W7 Pro. Nothing wrong with this either. W7 is only incrementally better than XP overall IMHO. My wife still uses a Vista machine. Crap OS but still works for her. I seriously doubt I'll "upgrade" to W10...well, maybe the Vista unit. I think people get too caught up in having the latest stuff and the manufacturers, MS, and Apple all leverage that psychology....
  11. Windoze 10 upgrade??

    I read that next July is the cutoff.
  12. Windoze 10 upgrade??

    So...what was it you bought? Make/model?
  13. Windoze 10 upgrade??

    They ran out....
  14. Astronomy Anarchy

    Who the fuk gets up that early??? I really appreciate all the info you put in here Christine, but could you please give me a couple a things to see....say, about 10pm to midnight from the hot tub.... It could even be 2am-4am after a few stingers.
  15. HB Rico!

    Not 'til 3/16. The day I'll hit everyone's favorite number.... .....69