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  1. Race Officer app

    Many thanks. Fair winds y'all.
  2. Race Officer app

    Without looking to be smart I'm looking for an app!! I am part of a team that are giving back. Having raced for 35+ years we now do our bit as race officers. We have accreditation to run regional, and as of a few weeks ago, national regattas. In short, we can set a race course and run an event. However, to keep standards high we challenge ourselves - a lot. We always want to know we have set the best course for the conditions etc. Last summer some time I happened upon an app that seemed to be "a racecourse for dummies" style app on the surface, however on closer review it looked to be a very powerful tool that we could use to challenge our selves. From memory the app I saw seemed to be as outlined above. You enter your (committee boat GPS) location, enter the wind direction, type of course you want (windward leeward, trapezoid, triangle etc.), length of race (I think in distance). The app then gives you the GPS coordinates of where the marks should be dropped. Does this sound familiar to anyone? P.S. We use inflatable buoys, so drop them by RIB.
  3. Race Officer app

    I am looking for an iPhone / iPad app to assist with the setting up of a race course. I know I found one a while ago, but never downloaded it, now I regret it! If anyone knows of an app that can help I would really appreciate it. I am pretty sure I found one that basically gives you a GPS location for all the marks on the racecourse. All you do is ping the satellites with your current location, put in the length of the race, how far up the beat (in %) the committee boat is and a few bits like that and presto… the GPS coordinates for all the marks. I just hope this isn't an early onset senior moment out to get me! Thanks in advance.
  4. Team UK

    They have the brains trust alright. Good job Ben. One question though, do they have the ££££ yet?
  5. Artemis?

    What is the latest with Artemis? Haven't been keeping a close eye on all things AC. Now that I have a look around there is chat about OTUSA, Team NZ, Luna Rossa, BAR and even Team France. Not a word about Artemis. Have they folded their tent? Maybe the $$$ has vanished! http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2015/01/13/oil-prices-reaching-fuck-russia-levels/
  6. Oracle Team USA

    Would someone from Oracle Team USA please nominate Larry for the ice bucket challenge. No interest in seeing Larry pour a bucket of water over his head, but Larry could nominate Donald Trump. Now that would be good!
  7. Team UK

    They would still need a good cat desugner. (Without trying to be controversial) Juan K, who was / is a pretty good boat designer had a lot of trouble making the move to cats. Adrian N is a genius, but even he would need a bit of experience. My guess is he will be 'given' a stable platform and asked to make it 'efficient'
  8. Artemis?

    Nice windward performance .. we don't seem the have the numbers from the other contestants to compare them with ?? Excellent video. Interestingly it is not so much the windward speed that looks impressive, but downwind behaviour of the boat. They succeed to semi foil quite perfectly, with the hull just touching the water with low drag. Only at one point do we see the nose in the water and stern getting out as they seemed to go upwind. As usual body language and grins tell everything, good day for AR. The rooster tail is gone too!
  9. Artemis?

    I suspect TT was kicking butts rather that petting backs. Wonder who is for the chop this time?
  10. Artemis?

    Has anything happened with Artemis since TTs visit? Has he pulled the plug on the whole thing?
  11. Artemis?

    Lets hope it is all not doom and gloom for Artemis. Assuming LP will helm (no better man) and with IP and NO in the afterguard they should have the talent. I also assume the rest of the team have what it takes to get the boat around the course, so that puts the pressure on the design team! No pressure JK! The talk seems to be that the wing may look agriculteral, but should be ok, so it is down to hull number 2. We all know that JK is a maverick. Ergo, let's hope he can bounce back from what seems to be a turkey with a Red Betty! I hope it is not too early to write them off, if for no other reason than to make a match of it next summer. Go Artemis and turn a few heads in 2013!
  12. Artemis?

    There seems to be a delusional lack of urgency to AR. Is it… A. They just in it for the t shirts? B. Is their boat Tom Tucked? C. Do they think this boat is a waste of carbon and they should just wait for boat #2 D. They know they will have an extra year to get things sorted? E. All of the above? Just askin as I am a closet fan!
  13. Artemis?

    Just to clarify what I have been lead to believe from all the other threads, Artemis can not 'foil' - as in fly both hulls in its current set up? It would need rudders with winglets (in addition to boards appropriate for the task). As I understand at present she can only foil assist.
  14. Artemis?

    Anyone know when Artemis plan to go sailing? It is a bit like seeing is believing at this stage!
  15. Artemis?

    It foils just like 17!!