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  1. Murphness

    Should I bother fixing these spider-cracks?

    No clue what kind of boat it is, but I doubt repairing it would impact resale. Fix it if it's really bothering you, otherwise go sailing...
  2. Murphness

    New Electronics - Simnet/Seatalkng vs NMEA2000

    Pricing it all out now. I'll be lucky if I get out of this for under half a boat buck. $30 bucks a pop for the tees adds up quick!
  3. Murphness

    New Electronics - Simnet/Seatalkng vs NMEA2000

    What seems silly is that there doesn't seem to be a NMEA2K Tee that has a Simnet/Seatalk branch. Instead i need to buy an adapter drop and a NMEA Tee. All this stuff came with drops, so now I have to buy new drops, and TEE's. Kind of annoying...
  4. Murphness

    New Electronics - Simnet/Seatalkng vs NMEA2000

    Super helpful. Thanks!
  5. Murphness

    How Do They Expect You To Pour From This?

    This has GOT to be a troll. Please tell me it's a troll!
  6. New to me boat and new to me project - Replacing and adding new electronics equipment. I'd like to try and do it right the first time. Here's the tricky part, I have a mix of different brands of equipment. This is because some of it was gifted (Simrad), some of it is original and some replacing original (Raymarine). Raymarine: The boat came with a SmartPilot X10 which was broken, so I upgraded to an EV200 because they gave me a discount. I also have an older wind sensor. ACU200 EV1 P70rs ST60 Wind Simrad: I was gifted an NSE8 and same gen radar NSE8 (chart plotter) Simrad Radar (overlay) Simrad GPS Antenna Simrad Depth Sensor (glued to inside of hull style) Dilemma: This being my first electronic installation project, I'm new to a lot of the NMEA2000 style products. Each system came with it's own proprietary wiring system, which I've since learned is just re-branded NMEA2000 stuff but proprietary connections. Each will run off straight NMEA2000 wiring though (I think). Should I throw out the wiring that came with these in favor of pure NMEA2K wiring? Can I re-use say the Seatalk stuff and connect the Simnet stuff to that? Should I use Simnet? Cheers, Murph
  7. Murphness

    Reaching sheets for Jib

    It's called a "hobble". It's just a piece of dyneema spliced to a padeye with a tylaska at the end of it. It's length is generally sized to be perfect trim on an offset mark reach to free up a winch for the new kite sheet.
  8. Murphness

    TP 52 Cruiser

    Does anyone know if something like this (used sail marketplace) exists in the US?
  9. Murphness

    EPIC: Full Plane Bitches

    It's incredible that it hasn't snapped, but it's basically a carbon telephone pole. I've seen it curved like a banana at times. Man I miss that hum!
  10. Murphness

    Converting figaro

    Very cool. Where'd you put the head? Aren't they traditionally in the V?
  11. Murphness

    Spinlock XTX soft grip clutch experience?

    I'm excited for these. I've been using textile clutches for about 6 years now and absolutely love them. A couple of the drawbacks of traditional textile clutches is their large footprint, and I've had people not familiar with them trip them by mistake a couple of times. It seems like Spinlock have addressed both of those issues, but I agree with whoever was curious about slippage, but more so in the case of initial clamping. I've never had a problem with them slipping over their lifespans (although we've had the constrictors break at sea, which is a pretty simple repair). I'm more concerned about the fact that you can't milk these forward to eliminate the initial slip, although maybe the spring part helps with that? you can have an inch or more slippage without milking with traditional textile clutches.
  12. New to me boat and I went to test out the auto pilot yesterday and got a "Rate Gyro Fault" alarm. Acknowledging it doesn't do anything. Raymarine say's I'm basically fucked. Anyone have any experience with this? The two repair options Raymarine told me about don't repair this unit anymore. A used one is $700, which I don't mind paying, but it's a lot do drop on something that is unknown. Would a new ACU 200 head unit work with my existing compass and ST70 display?
  13. Murphness

    "AMPS" Marine LiFePO VS "Battleborn" LiFePO

    Just as an update for everyone, I went with a Battleborn. I spoke at length with the owner of AMPS and felt comfortable with the product, but the boat being a family cruiser just couldn't justify the $250 savings for potential safety issues. I'm planning solar for our house and will be adding a battery bank along side it, I will look closely at the AMPS stuff for that. Will Prowse has been a great source of info. Thanks for all the input! Now to install it! I also have to put in a DC/DC charger. If anyone has any input on the best configuration, I'd love some input. Cheers
  14. Murphness

    Goiot Hatch Refurb

    Thanks for all the tips here. I did the first hatch today. Glad I started with the smallest one because I learned a lot! Wish I could do it over, but it's fine. I went with Dow 795 in black. Nice stuff. Should wrap this up tomorrow. The hatches are in my garage for now. How long do I have to wait before I re-install them? I used shrink tape and a few random pieces of shrink wrap to cover the hatches, but it's not a long term solution. I'd love to get these back on asap. Boat won't splash for at least another 3 weeks. One other question. Any suggestions for adhering the new foam rubber gasket to the cast frame? This is the gasket that seals the hatch cover to the base. Thanks! Murph
  15. Murphness

    Converting figaro

    Checkout the Jeanneau Sunfast Series. There are a few generations now.