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  1. Murphness

    Propellor Sizing Anarchy

    I never run it past 2600 RPM. Think I'm ok just leaving it as is? 2600 RPM gets me up to hull speed in all conditions (including a 45 knot headwind squall). I guess my concern is whether 2600 RPM with a prop that's too big would be doing damage to the engine over a properly sized prop at 2600 RPM? Maybe I'd need 3000 RPM to get the same speed with a properly sized prop? My intuition tells me lower RPM and same speed would be better, but my intuition is often wrong! Could the larger prop be contributing to the higher operating temps? Slug: Can I just use an IR thermometer? Or is there some sort of probe port that the "exhaust temp instrument" would go into for a more accurate reading?
  2. Murphness

    Propellor Sizing Anarchy

    Hey Folks, I've got a Volvo D1-30 w/ saildrive in my Wauqieuz Gladiatuer. It's about 11,000 lbs and ~27' of waterline. It was repowered in 2008 and I suspect that whoever specced the install didn't order the right prop. The engine is rated at 3200 RPM and I can barely get to 2900. After some back and forth, my local Volvo were pretty helpful in telling me what they think is the right size prop. Current setup is a 17x12 and they think it should actually be a 17x11. The blade kit is about 1800 through them and I found for about 1300 elsewhere online. I obviously feel bad asking them to do some research and then just going with another vendor, but I wasn't able find the info myself. I'll give them an opportunity to price match of course. All that said, do you think the larger prop has damaged the engine in any way? If not, is there any real reason to switch to the other prop? It seems to have been working just fine for the last 12 years and 800 hours. Do the extra 300 RPM matter? Any advice is appreciated. It did run on the warm side but I wonder if that was just coincidence? The intake was a bit mussely this fall. Thanks, Murph
  3. Murphness

    Team NYYC

    The problem with TH is that he presumably put his weight behind the decision to hire the skipper who holds the title for what is perhaps the biggest failure in sports history. Good riddance.
  4. Murphness

    Team NYYC

    Gutted for the team. Not gutted for Dean Barker. Why is this guy at the helm again? So much talent out there and they're paying Deano some crazy amount of money to sink the boat. Good riddance.
  5. Murphness

    New Moore 33

    One huge drawback of The Cone on distance racing is the ability to charge the batteries reliably. I can't see how this design will be different. Solar has come a long way since then, but are they going to cover it in panels? Fuel cells? Portable generator? It also makes it much harder to single or double hand. AP would chew through even a large house bank in a couple days and it would take forever to charge with a shitty outboard alternator.
  6. Murphness

    Savannah/Charleston/Pensacola Sailing Advice

    St Pete or Sarasota Fl. Much nicer towns than Pensacola and just as good sailing/beach.
  7. Murphness

    Where is Peerless now?

    The Cone is still in covered storage in the Boston area. It almost made an appearance this year until the Trump Virus killed any hopes of that...
  8. Murphness

    Crew wanted

    Can someone reach out to Hotrod V2 and get some details about how/why?
  9. Murphness

    Tropical Storm Isaias

    30 sustained for a bit in Boston. Definitely some gusts into the low 40's. We had a squall come through in the middle of it that was probably the highest windspeeds. That was around 5pm and then it started getting lighter from there.
  10. Murphness

    What mods to accommodate lithium battery bank?

    How do you charge these banks with different chemistry?
  11. Murphness

    Should I bother fixing these spider-cracks?

    No clue what kind of boat it is, but I doubt repairing it would impact resale. Fix it if it's really bothering you, otherwise go sailing...
  12. Murphness

    New Electronics - Simnet/Seatalkng vs NMEA2000

    Pricing it all out now. I'll be lucky if I get out of this for under half a boat buck. $30 bucks a pop for the tees adds up quick!
  13. Murphness

    New Electronics - Simnet/Seatalkng vs NMEA2000

    What seems silly is that there doesn't seem to be a NMEA2K Tee that has a Simnet/Seatalk branch. Instead i need to buy an adapter drop and a NMEA Tee. All this stuff came with drops, so now I have to buy new drops, and TEE's. Kind of annoying...
  14. Murphness

    New Electronics - Simnet/Seatalkng vs NMEA2000

    Super helpful. Thanks!
  15. Murphness

    How Do They Expect You To Pour From This?

    This has GOT to be a troll. Please tell me it's a troll!