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  1. Murphness

    Pier View (Cowes) closing. End of an era

    Sad news. Enjoyed dozens of pints of Doombar there while we visited after the 15 TransAt. What a shame.
  2. Murphness

    Interior "Battens" (or whatever they're called)

    Yea, I love the pop tops. My boat was purchased unfinished by some dolt who thought he'd do a great job and save some money. We all know how that goes... He came up with some ridiculous slider that leaks like a sieve. It'd take quite a bit of work to change it, although maybe it'd be worth it for water ingress purposes alone...
  3. Murphness

    Interior "Battens" (or whatever they're called)

    52,000,000 it is!
  4. Murphness

    Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    I've sailed on a 3600 and a 109. If cruising comfort is more important, go with the 109. If speed and simplicity is more important, get the 3200.
  5. Murphness

    Diesel-proof patch

    Not sure this would even work on a boat because the tank is much smaller, but we used to do it with oil tanks all the time. See if you pull a vacuum on it to stop it from leaking and then slap the JB Weld on. I suppose you could just drain the tank too, but that can be a pain in the ass. If it's still leaking, you'll prob have to rip it out and properly weld it.
  6. Murphness

    Interior "Battens" (or whatever they're called)

    I'm liking this suggestion. What to do with the joints? 1/4 round or something? Just checked and it's $90 for a 4x8 1/8 teak ply. That would probably cover the whole cabin top. Other issue is how to secure it? More furring strips? Glue?
  7. Murphness

    Interior "Battens" (or whatever they're called)

    Do you mean just gluing foam to the sides?
  8. Murphness

    Interior "Battens" (or whatever they're called)

    Def going to glass in some furring strips. Hoping to wire in some LED's or something and the space would make a good chase. I'll check out the express' to see what they're doing. Good luck with the Andrews!
  9. Hey Folks, Looking for advice on sprucing up the interior of my fiberglass cave (Thunderbird). Currently it's painted white over heavy weave poly glass. I think a cruising boat is in the near future, but I'm hoping that I can spruce it up for a couple of reasons anyway. 1: I have a 2 year old I'm hoping to get out on the water this season. My wife is pretty chill, and generally doesn't mind that she has to use a bucket, and that the boat is full of beer cans, but it would be nice to be a bit more comfortable for everyone, and maybe look a bit more welcoming. 2: The boat is under weight anyway, so adding 100#'s of wood won't be the end of the world. Yea, it's not in the right spot, but it's a Thunderbird and I don't really give a shit. We've got a 15 boat fleet now and most are similarly outfitted (with somewhat of an interior) and mine is stripped. I'm pretty handy and have all the tools needed. Really just looking for some ideas, I'm not married to "battens", so if there's some other product that will achieve a similar result (decent looking, more comfortable, won't take 200 hours), I'm all ears. Some pics to help visualize what I'm starting with. Cheers, Murphness
  10. Murphness

    flying in pro Race Officers

    Anderson Reggio or his dad Peter are probably some of the best in the biz. Bill Canfield puts on a good regatta. If you want to put on a world class regatta, look who other world class regatta chairs have used. Melges, J-Boats, TP52, etc...
  11. Murphness

    Black Widow

    Canton, Ma? Which boat?
  12. Murphness

    Black Widow

    You come off as an absolute wanker sometimes. Read through a post before being a know-it-all dick. I asked about VC Offshore, not VC17.
  13. Murphness

    Black Widow

    That was the impression I was under as well. He said above that it could, though...
  14. Murphness

    Black Widow

    Ryley, can you point me towards the literature that says BW can be applied of Balto? I'm lazy. Were you able to reduce cleanings as a result? I'm due for another coat of Balto this spring, if I can switch to something that will reduce diving costs, it might actually be worth it. Balto is an awesome product but it has little to no anti fouling properties.
  15. Murphness

    Newport - Bermuda 2018

    HA! I wasn't on the boat that year. We were pulling our hair out at home watching that though... That was a rough call to say the least.