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  1. Helping a friend get his First 42 optimized. Can't find a tuning guide anywhere despite there being at least a couple hundred of these things. Love this design. I think I've found just about every bit of info the web has on these things, including the few threads on SA. Anyone have personal experience setting them up for success? Easy/not so easy mods you've made? Things to look out for? Polars? Sail plans that make short handing easier? Cheers, Murph
  2. Murphness

    J/80 North Americans - Sept 19th to Sept 22

    Bummed that I couldn't swing it. GO THE TUBBY!!!
  3. Murphness

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    There will definitely be laughing! My newest challenge is trying to figure out how to get some cupholders installed.
  4. Murphness

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    Just started playing around with one of these beauties in Boston. This one has runners and a tin rig. First sail we were double handed in 10 knots gusting high teens with JAM only. What a fucking hoot this thing is. Like a mini, way scarier Cone. Takeaways: -Needs at least 3 skilled sailors to get the kite up. We were managing with two but it's difficult for helm to trim because it's a two hand job (main trimming). -Has anyone tried trimming main straight from the boom turning block w/o a cleat? An asshole on the main sheet is probably worse case scenario on this thing and the loads seem manageable with a ratchet block... -May be worth adding some buoyancy to the racks? -Add bungees to the runners to pull them forward of the boom end when lazy. -Bring a dry bag for valuables! -Anyone successfully rig up a trapeze? Any tips or tricks? We'll probably be sailing mostly with 3 ~220lbs guys, so just about max for the racks.
  5. Murphness

    What's Your Go-To Cocktail and How Do You Make It?

    Big fan of Sensations: Super refreshing - Discovered once when I said bartenders choice, Gin/Citrus at a nice cocktail bar in town. I was blown away. * 6 to 8 mint leaves * 1/2 ounce maraschino liqueur * 1 1/2 ounces gin * 2/3 ounce fresh lime juice In a mixing glass, muddle the mint with a few ice cubes and the maraschino liqueur until the mint is broken into very small pieces. Add more ice, the gin, and lime juice, and shake until cold. Strain into a sugar-rimmed cocktail glass.
  6. Murphness

    MacGregor 70

  7. Murphness

    Storm Prep: When To Remove The Canvas?

    I take the boom and main off when we're expecting a nor' easter (basically anything over 40 knots sustained for a long period). Granted it's a small boat at 26', but when I help prep the bigger boats I sail on we strip all sails to reduce windage. Not only is it better for the sails, but the reduced windage means less pressure on mooring gear.
  8. Murphness

    Sailing in Scotland - UK

    I remember seeing some beer can racing while in Portree (Skye). Oban will have some as well as Troon, but that's a bit far off your track (Troon). Driving in Skye was the best part of my trip. Get a nice peppy MT car if you're doing the driving.
  9. Murphness


    How do you plan to connect the bulb to the fin?
  10. Murphness

    TP 52 Deal?

    Sailed on it a bit when it was Indra. Solid boat. I think it's got a few new Q sails. Lots of Gladiator era sails but I think maybe some of them were for an older rig that broke and would need to be modified for the new one? As others have said, good value to the right person/syndicate.
  11. Murphness

    Cape 31 OD

    Will these do some near shore overnight races or are they mostly inshore OD?
  12. Murphness

    Main Halyard Line Choice

    I'll give you a crisp $20 for your 4 year old halyard
  13. Murphness

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Can you do legs out hiking with that?
  14. Murphness

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Whats with the bar on the gunwale?