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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I work at MIT and will head over today to check it out!! I will happily buy coffee/lunch and give some recommendations on Hotels/Restaurants/Sights to anyone coming from out of town. PM me. I may be able to get discount tickets too. On that subject, the MIT campus is nearly completely open to the public. I strongly advise that you spend the morning here walking around for a couple of hours. I can play tour guide too if you're shy.
  2. Murphness

    Incredible Workshop Access - What to Make?

    Good idea. The type with a spring on the inside?
  3. Murphness

    Incredible Workshop Access - What to Make?

    Get the servo and self steering gear part, but where does the pendulum fit in?
  4. I've just been given access to an incredible metal/wood working workshop with essentially any tool I need. CNC machines, 4D router, Lathes, Welding equipment and metal fab, 3D printers, etc... I'm doing some 3D modeling software training right now to I can get up to speed with some of the CAD operated machines. I'm very familiar with woodworking tools already. What would you make for your boat if you had this opportunity?
  5. Murphness

    Rules Question - Shortening the Race

    There are provisions in the SI's that allow extra time.
  6. Murphness

    Rules Question - Shortening the Race

    Thanks for all the insight. I ended up filing the request for redress under the grounds that the RC didn't display the S flag and sound the horn and also mentioned that he couldn't definitively tell us that the 1st place boat hadn't crossed the finish line before making the call. Several witnesses were under the impression that he had crossed the line before the call was made. The comments surrounding the conflict are accurate. If the RC (Anchored) didn't have to call the RC (racing boat) than he likely would have made the call to shorten earlier, and may have also used the proper procedure. My thoughts on filing came down to whether we want to continue having loose rules because that's what we used to do 10 years ago, or whether we should tighten things up and take things a bit more seriously now that we've increased fleet numbers 3 fold. It's unfortunate that RC is a friend, and he'll probably take it personally, but most would understand in this situation and I hope he learns to see my side of it. I'll let you all know the outcome after the hearing (unknown date/time at this point). Cheers, Murph
  7. Murphness

    Rules Question - Shortening the Race

    Thanks Ryley, I'm hesitant to even file based on the technicality of S flag. I may not agree with the decision to shorten, but I clearly heard the call to shorten and so did the rest of the fleet. If it was a professional RC/PRO, I wouldn't think twice about it. The RC after the race couldn't give a strong answer whether a boat had finished prior to the call, so I think that argument is out the window too as the 1st place boat didn't comment. We'll see!
  8. Murphness

    Rules Question - Shortening the Race

    Can you refer me to the part of the RRS that says this? I was under that impression as well but couldn't find it in the rules.
  9. Weird situation last race that I'm filing for redress for. Quick background: We're a tight nit OD group that is experiencing a surge in popularity and a building fleet. Unusual for a 60 year old class (T-Birds). Up until this year, one of our boats had to do RC from his boat (while also racing). This year a member has volunteered their time and has taken a RC course, the member who sails is still calling the course and essentially there are two RC's. This is surprisingly the first time we've had an issue. Everyone does their best to make sure we have fair racing, and I'm trying to keep this as impersonal as possible. Funky conditions in our last race. We set up a course and the wind shifts 180deg during the sequence. Race gets postponed and we just flip the course, and shorten it by one leg. We're to race twice around now in light fluky winds. Start and first leg goes off without a hitch. There are definitely pockets of light breeze but everyone is easily able to navigate between it all and get around the top mark. We're all heading back to the bottom mark (the pin) and breeze is oscillating a bit and gets lighter between the oscillations. We're the right most boat in the peloton pointing directly at the mark sitting in 5th and about 100 yards back from the 1st place boat who was the farthest to left side of the course and pointing right at the boat. The boats in between were staggered between us. (I'll write up a diagram if needed once I have a PC) Here's where it gets weird. When I'm about halfway down the course, The RC (Anchored boat) calls the RC (racing boat) and asks about shortening course. The RC (racing boat) replies that we should shorten the next leg considerably and finish upwind. The RC (Anchored boat) replies that he sees that the wind has gone light and that he thinks we should finish the boats during this leg. At this point, the first place boat was within 100 yards of what would become the finish line. Another minute goes by and the RC (Anchored boat) makes the call to shorten the course and that all boats are to finish downwind on this leg. The 1st place boat had either finished already, or finished within seconds of this call, at the boat end of the line (7-8 boat lengths from what would've been the bottom mark). Them and a few other boats just hedged their bets and sailed for the finish expecting them to shorten after the radio banter. We finished in 5th. There was no S flag flown and no signals made aside from the radio call from the RC (Anchored boat). Thankfully we had our radio on so heard the comms. The reason I filed for redress is that we'd positioned ourselves for a pin rounding where the other boats still had to gybe to get to the pin. The RC (Anchored boat) couldn't tell us definitively that the 1st place boat hadn't crossed the line before he called the race. Do I have any recourse here? As far as standings go, I'm defending second place in the series and would prefer to have this race thrown out. I'd obviously take redress if it doesn't get thrown out, and at the end of the day we all had fun, so if nothing happens then whatever... We all had beers at the end of the race and we're all still great friends. Any advice for filing for redress? I've never had to do it before.
  10. Murphness

    Trailer-able performance cruisers under 5k?

    Get off the fucking bow!!
  11. Murphness

    PTFE Rod instead of Torlon Balls?

    Haha. Never enough rod/balls jokes in life. They're 5/16" for the medium track. I went to McMaster first and they didn't have that size in Torlon rod. I found it somewhere else though and forgot to bookmark it. I'll post it here after I dig it back up and order it.
  12. Murphness

    PTFE Rod instead of Torlon Balls?

    Yea, put them in last night and they fit surprisingly well. I was only able to load up the main sheet with the halyard cause I was too lazy to put a sail up, but it seemed surprisingly smooth. We have a race tonight so I'll be able to test it out. Only concern at this point is whether it'll ease to leeward in lighter air if I need it to. The material is pretty soft, too, so I'm sure it'll end up grooved somehow, but it was the only thing I could get overnighted. I'll buy some 5/16s Torlon today and test it out next week. So far I'm impressed. Especially if it allows me to continue my new dad/homeowner boat maintenance program!
  13. Murphness

    PTFE Rod instead of Torlon Balls?

    I couldn't get 5/16" torlon overnighted. If this PTFE isn't slick enough I'll order up some torlon on Thursday. Thanks! It's possible, but i generally don't count the balls as they go in, and maybe I've never read the instructions very carefully, but I don't remembering them giving you a number. I just fill the tracks until they're full without forcing the last one in. Low maintenance likely played a role this time around. Forgot to McLube it before heading out in 20 knots. First race of the season too, so it was likely still crusty from sitting under the cover all winter.
  14. I've rebuilt my main trav (T-Bird for reference) just about every year because the balls bind up and blast through the end plates. Harken doesn't seem to make metal end plates anymore for the medium sized car. In an effort to never have to do this again, I just purchased a couple feet of 5/16th PTFE rod. Anyone have an opinion on whether this will work? I'm assuming I'll need regular McLube-ing, but there's a lot of purchase on the windward sheeting car, so I'm hoping this will do the trick. Cheers! Murphness
  15. Murphness

    Pier View (Cowes) closing. End of an era

    Sad news. Enjoyed dozens of pints of Doombar there while we visited after the 15 TransAt. What a shame.