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  1. J 121

    There we go, her own topic! One Two One, don't forget it! Who's buying one? This is probably the first J boat that actually appeals to me.
  2. A big project!

    Was trying to figure out the total time from start to finish for that scarf, but it had to be a good 60-100 hours of work from chainsaw to fit. Such a cool project to follow along with. Reminds me a bit of this kid who built a roundhouse out of logs and cob. Similarly gigantic project for what is essentially one person. He actually finished it, too! I've been following along since the beginning and Leo's videos have me just as excited to watch. He's building a hydro generator right now which is also a really cool project. All very well documented.
  3. A big project!

    Really enjoying these videos and following along. Keep up the good work!!
  4. Why don't more people race?

    I started sailing in our local one design fleet (T-Birds) about 8 years ago. We had 5 boats. I bought my own 2 years later with a buddy, and have slowly been dragging the friends I raced big boats with into the fleet. We just brought our 16th and 17th boat to Boston. We should have 15 boats on the water every week next season. Owners range from 30 years old to 80. You can own a race ready boat for under $5K. It's probably the only fleet in our area that is actually growing. Handicap racing has dwindled to half what it was 5-6 years ago. Not sure why...
  5. Why the hell did you move to Ohio of all places? I'm assuming for work? If you want to race professionally, move to Newport RI.
  6. Helly Hansen or Musto - buy both

    My HH Ocean stuff was dryer than everyone's HPX's throughout the TransAt. Great company that stand by their product too. I highly recommend the aegir series stuff for anyone who needs offshore foulies. You can not put an dollar figure on being warm and dry when you have to crawl on deck at 2am in a gale. That said, I can't think of a better company to buy Musto. Quality will stay the same or improve. Both great brands.
  7. NYYC One Design

    Crew development and Newport don't belong in the same sentence...
  8. Newport RI racing

    If you don't have any contacts down there, go to IYAC or Zeldas for drinking. You'll find a ride sooner or later.
  9. NYYC One Design

    Still sounds like a logistical nightmare...
  10. NYYC One Design

    You sure NEB? Who's going to motor 20 boats for an hour each way every week to get to Newport? Makes a lot of sense to store them there in the winter. Logistical nightmare to pay 20 people to get them to Newport and back for regular racing though...
  11. NYYC One Design

    Pretty sure they're going to be dry sailed and possibly stored at the Shipyard. I thought I'd heard a rumor that they were getting involved at some level. This is a huge step up from the Swan 42 Class and for the generous owners who have seen their boats depreciate very rapidly over the last 4-5 years. A 20 boat fleet of evenly matched 37' OD boats is going to be a fucking blast! Knowing you don't have to deal with paying a captain and throwing money down the toilet on a slow heavy boat anymore has got to be appealing. Hell, it'd be fun to even split the fee with 10 8 buddies and give it a go... Hopefully it takes off beyond NYYC. OD seems to be making a pretty huge resurgence which IMO is fantastic.
  12. Marblehead to Halifax 2017

    Probably so the slow boats don't impact any records. I was pretty happy to not have to fight through slowboat windshadow in a dying Marblehead breeze to get offshore! Better questions is, why isn't this race started on Friday?
  13. Marblehead to Halifax 2017

    I snuck out Weds morning. No clue how I made my 820 flight but the last thing I remember was sitting at a black jack table at the casino around 3am. I went to the office today and found a garbled outlook meeting reminder that must have been an attempt at setting an alarm. Good times!
  14. Marblehead to Halifax 2017

    There was a blond lady there catching our lines early Tuesday. Thought it may have been you! Re: beer greeting, wtf? We were all convinced we'd at least get a bottle of champagne to pass around. Not much better than that first sip of beer after a passage! Maybe you can encourage them to give a case to each boat upon finish for the next iteration Good onya for taking care of Dragon! Cheers, Murphness
  15. Marblehead to Halifax 2017

    That was an awesome race. 15-22 knots on one gybe. Got real soft when we turned left, but we were able to power through with the Code 0. I think we averaged 10 or 11 knots the whole way up. Champagne sailing! I think it's prudent to make that my first and only M-H race! One more ticked off the bucket list...
  16. Marblehead to Halifax 2017

    Were you on the quarantine dock at RNSYS?
  17. Marblehead to Halifax 2017

    Starting to be a bit of consensus in the models now. The Euro is actually looking decent thankfully. Either way, it's better than being at work. Looking forward to unplugging and catching up with the crew after a season off due to new kid. If I get 3 hours of sleep off watch I'll be sleeping better too... Flight home on Weds evening, but if anyone is in before then, lets grab a beer.
  18. Marblehead to Halifax 2017

    If you don't assume it's the better of the models leading up to race day, you'll end up dreading the race. It's still probably too early to tell, but if anyone isn't hoping for the GFS to pan out, they're the definition of a masochist... I'm gonna sit here pretending that the GFS is the only model available and hype myself up for a quick ride. You do you!
  19. Marblehead to Halifax 2017

    I'm in on Siren. Booked a flight home for Weds Eve and really hoping to jump on an earlier flight, didn't wanna risk it though...
  20. Call Cay Electronics. They're in Newport. If Rufus doesn't have one he'll know where to get it. https://www.cayelectronics.com/
  21. Boat Bottom Cleaning at BIRW

    Just forwarded this to my buddy. I think he's there racing and brought his dive stuff to do some cleaning in the mornings. Ryan Novak at Windward Yacht Services. Windwardyachtservices at G Mail dot com.
  22. Racing on Winnipesaukee/Lakes Region of NH

    J80's are the biggest OD fleet, and I think the most active racers. There is some PHRF racing as well. I think most if not all of it is run out of Winnipesaukee YC ( I've only raced up there once for the JBT Regatta, it's run by my buddy as a charity race for his son and "The Cure Starts Now" foundation. WYC is awesome. Super laid back and seems like an awesome family club. The lake seems to enjoy daily sea breeze in the summer where afternoon winds are in the teens. Really awesome place. PM me if you want more details about WYC and I can put you in touch with Jesse.
  23. donated race boat bargain (maybe)

    The there was some minor damage sustained to the D2 connection. It's been repaired though. You sure you're not mixing up the rig damage with White Rhino? Theirs did NOT look fine...
  24. donated race boat bargain (maybe)

    Early summer of 16 I think? I wasn't on the boat for Greenport.