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  1. As long as there are still rich tourists to be evacuated, there will be boats and planes coming in carrying emergency supplies. Once all of 'our' people are safely home, that supply will rapidly dry out - we'll just stop giving a shit and leave the locals to fend for themselves... No wonder some local authorities are slowing down the evacuations Sorry for being cynical...
  2. Well obviously this is not to be taken literally, it refers to any manufacturer of dairy products...
  3. Mimsy is currently spiderwebbed across a reef somewhere in Fiji...
  4. Out of the ballpark, Bob! Interesting detail: no name or home port marked on the boat yet?
  5. Perhaps not the scrapyard, but she may need a refit to update her (by launch time) hopelessly outdated systems...
  6. dat klinkt duidelijk niet als Fijiaans...
  7. Hang on TwoLegs, I never said I advocated treating him as such! just that I am not surprised that he was. By the way thanks for your spirited defense of low budget boating that you posted a few days ago, I also regularly felt in this thread (and others) that that subject was unfairly treated by some people who can't appreciate a boat unless untold thousands were spent. Or say you shouldn't own a boat unless your income is more than 25.000 USD... But then this is a matter that does crop up occasionally here on CA, and fortunately I do find that those people and I in most cases do share the same kind of love for sailing, so I can let these comments slip without getting riled up...
  8. It's been quoted in several threads, so you may still come across it. I'm not going to copy it here... Seriously, it was a very nasty remark, I didn't know that BS had it in him (but then some suspect others had their hand in it )
  9. Is there a chain attached to the sliding collar? Could be, but hard to see..
  10. Pano, I hear you on the lynch mob mentality, that's never a pretty sight. BS however was never here to participate in any kind of meaningful discussion on either origami boatbuilding or low cost cruising. All he had was his standard repertoire of baseless claims that he kept on repeating ad nauseam. There were plenty attempts to engage in discussion with him on various details, but he never ever responded to any of those ouvertures. He always just reverted to his same old talking points. This way he just made a spectacle of himself, yes you could almost say he started acting like a circus animal... So no wonder he was treated like he was. In any case, that final comment that got him flicked was despicable and vile - and no one had ever said anything even remotely as horrible to him in all the 130-odd pages he was around here.
  11. +1 And I really like that the current custodians are now actively seeking to write a totally new chapter in her history by going for the Sydney to Hobart
  12. Hooray for spare halyards! I'm lucky I have a 3/4ths rig, so it was no problem to bring the main halyard round to the front of the mast to reach the spi halyard sheave. Might be more complicated with a 7/8ths, let alone a mast head rig.
  13. Thanks Hobot, there were another few rabbit holes you led me through here! Searching for the pics and then following up on the leads, finding out the background stories etc.... Fascinating! Thanks again, and keep up the good work!
  14. Step aside Captain van der Decken, your Flying Dutchman must make now way for the Flying RUSSIAN
  15. The round portholes give it a bit of a surprised look, like the cabin itself is wondering what it's doing there!