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  1. alphafb552

    Brexit WTF, WTF What part of 'Brexit means Brexit' do these idiots not understand?
  2. alphafb552

    What's the significance of the SF Bay Potato Patch?

    Let's hope so, but these people won't just disappear when their Dear Leader does... I know I know take it to PA blah blah
  3. alphafb552

    A big project!

    I think Leo is just being realistic in his prospects of keeping ownership of Tally Ho long term. Once the build is done, the youtube/patreon income will inevitably start declining - since I don't think either he or his girlfriend are the types to start emulating La Vagabonde... So I think he'll spend a some time sailing her back to the UK, then set up his own yard somewhere and put Tally Ho on the market. She should help him to raise a nice starting capital. On the other hand, I may be wrong and he is thinking about the future owners, oh, maybe 60 years from now!
  4. alphafb552

    What's the significance of the SF Bay Potato Patch?

    I'd heard of this phenomenon, but this picture really puts in in perspective. Yikes!
  5. alphafb552

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Still think Scotland and NI should have kicked England out of the UK and remained in the EU, let the Englanders 'brexit' on their own
  6. alphafb552

    Scattering ashes at sea.

    The square rigger that I crewed on offered this service. Not only did I crew for a few ceremonies, but when my father passed away a few years ago, we scattered his ashes from on board. Each party could organise their own ceremony, supported by full catering on board and even specific music to be played. My farther's trip was just with the immediate family, we had a short ceremony with just a few words spoken, followed by an Indonesian 'rijsttafel' meal (my father was born there) and ended the day with a magnificent sail. Memorable day... Can't recall ever hearing any type of regulations being mentioned... My sister's ashes were scattered in her favorite place in Scotland - I recall her family being guite relieved once they were through customs into the UK without having to explain the presence of an urn in the car...
  7. alphafb552

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Once spent a few days passing through Grimsby - that's when I realised where the word grim comes from...
  8. alphafb552

    LONQR 2

    Just a last desperate attempt to protect the family jewels...
  9. alphafb552

    American Dumbass

    There's rules about that: for an 'official' rounding of the Horn, you need to travel from 50deg south on one side to 50deg on the other - bit more of a challenge in an Opti!
  10. alphafb552


    Oi, he reused a substantial part of the original transom!
  11. alphafb552

    Freeing up a stuck engine

    Might be a good idea to take of the valve cover and check for stuck valves
  12. alphafb552

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Probably still the most successful and effective civilian amphibian car ever built
  13. alphafb552

    A big project!

    I seem to recall he mentioned a few episodes ago that he was planning to send the crew into the bilges on a regular basis to maintain the polish! Beware volunteers...
  14. alphafb552

    Chubby Girl - Going to Hawaii

    Well this was the first iteration - I can well imagine Mk2 being a lot faster - or to be more accurate, a lot less slow!
  15. alphafb552

    The F1 2020 thread

    Just watched yesterday's highlights and was really impressed by Perez' move on Ricciardo on L15: wide line coming into the corner, early braking and hard turn in, but then straight lining the following kink and powering past the Renault - good racecraft there! @ 2.40 in this video