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  1. crashdog

    Melges 30 tuning guide and polars...

    There are a couple of melges 30s in the ORC database, one is substantially modded and the other is vanilla. You could order a speed guide for 50 euro by registering for sailor services at, searching for the melges 30 and then following the directions. It would give you a good starting point to then refine a specific set of polars. Of course, you could also get the boat measured for ORCi and have a more precise starting point.
  2. crashdog

    3D adjustable jib sheets

    I have something similar on my boat, but with an athwartship track. So I think having the outboard inline with the inboard eye is the right solution. Ideally, it would be on the same arc as the inboard eye, but at that angle, athwart is a close approximation. If you rig directly to the winch, you will need a fairlead just in front of the winch to avoid over-rides. However, the infinite trimming possiblities of the system can introduce a level of complexity that most trimmers /drivers are not ready for. We detuned to a track so that there was better consistency in trim and driving to trim was simplified. We only use the system with very good trimmers and drivers where there is a lot of communication.
  3. crashdog

    VOR Leg 8 ItajaĆ­ to Newport

    When I look at the tracks of the boats, it is clear to me that MPFR made fewer errors in the final approach. The helming by Arrarte was very light, and the transitions were much better. But Brnl lost the race because they let MPFR get to weather on them. Yes, they were trying to balance current relief v new breeze, but they did give up the tactical advantage well before they were passed. It happened in slow motion, so it was more obvious, but I am sure many of us have made the same mistake many times. For me, this finish, and all the tactical considerations that were required to succeed in it, allowed me to overcome my sense that this race is nothing more than a moving billboard. This finish brought my interest back. Of course, it will evaporate quickly.
  4. crashdog

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    This is a very old school view on sportsmanship, and unfortunately for me, one which I share. On more than one occasion. I have retired from racing when I have been warned of shallow water by a competitor and have altered course in response. I was taught that this was the right thing to do, and that it was related in principle to the room to tack at an obstruction principle. But this old school view is not seen a lot anymore. I actually think it is important to bring some of this back into the sport, because a lot of the unwritten principles are being lost.
  5. crashdog

    Sailors Powerboat

    Great cata, Nige. Although that little tri is an interesting motocicletta... I have a similar cata design sitting in my Maxsurf directory - at 8m X 3m. I had not got much beyond hull form and basic cockpit design, but I did have the brief that the boat would be more than just a commuter e.g. weekender-into-the-city capable. Unfortunately, the cockpit volume is very low for boats like these. I want to avoid the outboard solution and so had worked up the hydrostatics for a hybrid electric drive. Foil assist is complicated, congratulations on working on it.
  6. crashdog

    Sailors Powerboat

    well, I kind of like the pretty little Albury 19 runabout that we used to drift around in when I was a kid spending time in Man-o-War. Was a perfect sailor's tender. That and the 280 SL with the appropriate hermes-scarfed classic, of course...
  7. crashdog

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    I agree, not too complex. But there are other solutions... Create exclusions zones around areas where slow traffic is known to be a problem (e.g. fishing). Adjust it as required as the boats approach. Not so different from the ice exclusion zone. Provide a high speed escort for each boat as it arrives, from as far out as necessary (in this case, e.g. 50 miles). Yes, it requires some deeper understanding into the local marine traffic scene. But what is so hard about that. And yes, it involves additional cost, but surely the benefit is worth it. Unless being careful, considered and intelligent is not part of the brand. Ultimately, my interest in this race is rapidly dropping. I am afraid that I have a very reduced respect for the race organizer at this point.
  8. crashdog

    Tether clips

    Blackdiamond Magnetron Gridlock carabiner is so much better than the impossible to use standard double action hook. I have the very agricultural standard spinlock hook for my safety inspection, but I use the belaying carabiners for actual sailing. The finger tip control system and belay loop are perfect, although they are not as easy to use as the Magnetron Rocklock. Honestly, much of the marine safety gear is very 1930s mountaineering. Way back when everyone thought a Lirakis was about as good as it got, I was happy in my trusty chest and hip harness that had taken me to the top of some big hills. I'd rather not be dragged along by my armpits and compromising my ability to breathe at the same time.
  9. crashdog

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    I remember drinking an ice cold Hurricane Reef at Monty's, having been blown off the water during a Bacardi Cup a couple of dozen years ago. I immediately tried to buy Miami Brewing Co, the constructor of that gold medal lager (and a dozen others). That was the early days of the revolution. Very cool to hear your story. OK back to the race, !Mapfre - Andale!
  10. crashdog

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    I dunno. Sounds like you were working with the wrong Swedes. And you stayed in for 16 years. Did you ever consider that maybe you paid to babysit the wrong Swedes. But I definitely agree that the Danes would show up at the hearing already well into their beer. Smashing place, that Denmark...
  11. crashdog

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Not true. The incident occurred as Wild Oats was tacking. It appears that Comanche had to alter course and became overlapped during the WIld Oats tacking manouver. Wild Oats will have to demonstrate that they had completed the turn prior to the overlap, that they did not put the nose down after the overlap occurred. Anyway, to say that the overlap occurred while both boats were on the same tack is not a complete description of the facts. Parsing the facts like this is not always the best way to establish credibility.
  12. The Map strategy is certainly throwing a wrench into the TomTom prediction. I would have thought they would play cover, but they seem to be happy to give up the leverage. Hmm. Is the inverse of the previous leg? I think they have just opened the door for DF... With regards to the finish, I do have to agree with some that it doesn't make any sense to race halfway across the world only to have to decide the outcome on a fluky final coastal sail. Unfortunately, I am bit BH (well, not the basic misanthrope / misogyne part) on the Volvo - there are better races and certainly better race management (my current obsession). But there is no denying this particular pairing at the front and its total epicness. Go the red...
  13. Obviously there appears to be a speed advantage to DF. Not sure why. That is not the point. The point is that when you match race a faster boat, you need to press them into a mistake, either the wrong side of a shift (which we have seen) or into some breakage. As to the opinions of many on this forum, I can only say that the reality of what is happening is much more interesting, yes?
  14. This is the classic match race move when one boat is slower - harass. Mapfre meeds to push DongFeng into making a mistake. My sense is that the mechanics on M are better than on DF and so this is to their advantage. Pretty hard to step away from this and stand in line at the big box store...