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  1. It'll never make enough money to pay for that list! (spoken as one running a company selling web based software with app but not sailing related) Haven't you heard!? Sailboat racing is dying and it's not an attractive market.....!
  2. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

    Bullseyes were the fiberglass version... Had an aluminum mast and marconi rig.
  3. Veeger

    Leisurefurl Boom Failure - Any Suggestions?

    KDH, that's a pretty sweet looking in boom furler. I shudder to think of the cost. It looks so slim, like it couldn't hold a sail even. I don't even think 2 Legs would complain about it.
  4. Ok Wess.... your 72 hours are up, near enough. Let's have it!
  5. If the Admiral hated boats and sailing, well, I could be pretty happy with this one. However, if this was the only boat I had for the Admiral to join me on, she WOULD hate boats and sailing..... different strokes....
  6. Veeger

    This is going a bit far

    I'm kinda thinking that might cause a 'resale' problem, price wise..... jus' sayin'
  7. Veeger

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Well. There were some sloop rigged catboats..... And Some catboats that could change their rig to a sloop rig depending on the race they were entered into...
  8. Veeger

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Back in the 'old' days, many but not all sloops, cutters, ketches and yawls had multiple headsails. It was the best way to fill the foretriangle with the current technology of the time. Later generations began to distinguish cutters by the multiple headsail configuration and it's probably somewhat natural to now think of a staysail and jib combo as being 'like' a cutter. Less pedantic (thanks Mr Ed) folks found that most people 'understood' what they were talking about. But Sloop is a keeper of history and tradition around here and (correctly) likes to clarify and promote proper terminology. Someone's got to do it or it will all die out---Thanks SloopJonB!
  9. Veeger

    22’ Maine Cat , I wanna go fast and party!

    Nah, not likely to be a matter of 'selection'. Mostly a matter of disappointing the accountant. Of course, Craigslist and SA will benefit. We'll get his (fast catamaran project for sale' ad from Craigslist to become a part of the Mocking thread. MMMmmm, more hit count, pleeze....!
  10. Veeger

    Tankless electric water heaters?

    I have an lpg tankless hot water heater for my shower. The Admiral hates it because when taking a navy shower, there is a cold slug of water that gets by the heating element (since flow is req'd to initiate the flame). Getting the residual hot water in the line, followed by the cold slug, followed by the 'new' really hot water makes things a bit more 'exciting' than she (or I) really like. The alternative is to 'waste' it until the cold slug comes through. The need for flow to initiate the flame also requires a fairly high flow rate so you can't throttle the showerhead-- it's all or nothing. Consequently, I see it as a water hog and she see's it as "Unacceptable!" I'm open to solutions....
  11. Veeger

    Carbon cutter No. 2

    Have a friend with a very large cruising cat with fixed keels. The keel pushed a log down just enough that it popped up right into the sail drive and pushed the sail drive and engine right up. Lot's of water ingress, barely saved the boat. Nope, thet thar 'lumber' in the water can be a might bothersome from time to time in these parts...
  12. Veeger

    22’ Maine Cat , I wanna go fast and party!

    Unfortunately? Well, you DO actually still have a chance for a 'fortunate' outcome. Unfortunately, it sounds like you have chosen to spurn sound advice. (but then, for someone who wants to 'go fast and party', well, keep your bank accounts full and your health insurance paid up.) You're wrecking an otherwise fine craft. Don't worry, we'll probably start a Rimas thread or Ugly Powerboat thread or, wait for it, 'Go Fast dreams end in tragedy on the first sea trial' thread. It's all good entertainment for us do nothings on the inter web. One last thing, What would your local newspaper be? (we need to monitor their upcoming incoherent article about your 'adventures'-- it's always good to have a linky when a new thread is started...)
  13. That escalated quickly....!
  14. Veeger

    Bente 39 – Opinions?

    I really liked the Bente 24, this one, mmmmeh, well, not bad. Overall it's good to see designers and builders begin to think about holistically including watch keeping shelter on a sailboat. Everyone knows they need/want it... you can tell by the proliferation of added on dodgers and biminis. It's kinda killed me how much of an obvious afterthought to the design they've been. One of the reasons I like my Mainecat is that the helm / cockpit protection was given thought at the design stage--and it works well. Gunboats and Chris White designs were the other leaders in this concept. The more recent converts have been the singlehanded 60'ers and the super maxi trimarans. Unlike the old vertical windshields from the 20's and 30's, the windage factor is also informing the design of the crew protection spaces. It will be interesting to see what these look like in 10-20 years. Who knows, perhaps the Bente will be a 'classic'!
  15. Veeger

    22’ Maine Cat , I wanna go fast and party!

    You'll likely need to add buoyancy aft to compensate for the weight of the outboards as well as to reduce the squat that you'll experience. Two 40hp's would likely be adequate power but you have to deal with the trim/squat issues to be satisfied with running at higher speeds under power. Ultimately, it wasn't designed for the use you're wanting to accomplish so it will be imperfect at best to a waste of money at worst.