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  1. It's much shorter (more appropriate for your time constraints) and will give you a taste of all the aspects of a full trip around, but with more opportunity to bug out, bail out or get help along the way. Plus, Barkley sound is probably the best 'end destination' of anyplace on the west coast of Vancouver island. No need to go the extra 500 miles to get there. Per Jammer, while it's possible to be 'all bad', it isn't quite as cut and dried as he makes it sound. I've had calms and easterlies in the Straits and riding the tide has the same issues no matter which way you're going. It can be mostly 'all bad' going the other way as well. You pays your money, you takes your chances. Just remember, it's 700 miles around that island and with two weeks you've GOT to go an average of 50 miles per day---regardless of weather, fog, currents, repairs, rest, etc... Oh, and get out to Barkley Sound May/June, before the fog really becomes pervasive.
  2. How are We Perceived?

    I can't really control what others think if they're inclined to be haters anyway. I do, however, try to ensure that I am courteous and leave as light an impact on others as we do with the natural environment. As a retried Master Mariner, I am aware of the WAFI mindset of many professionals and I also know how to anticipate their actions so I can minimize their frustrations. As an aside, much like KIS, says, the merchant mariners have an even lower opinion of the Navy (probably lower than their opinion of the recreational crowd). The professionals just want to do their job without undue delays or hurting anyone. As in other facets of life, the clueless and the selfish A-holes are everywhere--it isn't confined to navigable waters. Walk softly, sail knowledgeably and leave as little wake in your life as possible...
  3. New Hinckley 53

    I actually much prefer the Surfari over the Hinckley...
  4. Borat probably needed a little bleach for the center portion of his, uh, outfit...
  5. Dave's perfect sailboat

    Dave! Great to hear from you. So glad you've had a great trip thus far. Will look forward to seeing you around these parts. What shipping company? SevenStar? When is your shipping window?
  6. New Hinckley 53

    Looks to me like they are using the same mold as the 50 but with a stern extension and giving it a different deck layout. Displacement is similar. Beam is identical. They've got to figure out a way to recoup the mold investment... I'd kind of been giving the Amel 50 and Moody DS 54 a look in the past. A monomaran with a few catamaran features has an attraction, mostly for berthing a narrower boat and for those who can't accept a catamaran for one reason or another. The 50 has a retracting keel option, so perhaps the 53 could, depending on interior arrangement implications. I'm not impressed with how the stern overhang looks.
  7. One point our newest poster (Carry On Lads) makes in passing is that the west coast of Vancouver island really is far more remote and wild than it's straight-line-as-the-crow-flies distance from metropolitan BC and Puget Sound might seem. Traffic is sparse, VHF comms can be limited, wx radio is sporadic, and the coast guard isn't going to get there quickly. For the most part, you're on your own like you've never been before. You might get lucky if a situation develops but you sure can't count on it!
  8. New Hinckley 53

    Once again, Hinckley ..... Misses the Mark, but hits the 'Ugly' button.... Dunno why they keep thinking their 'name' should cover a multitude of sins....
  9. Nah, this stuff isn't necessary. But familiarity with the boat, having your boat in great condition, knowing your crew mates responses to stress and giving yourself plenty of time to do the trip is necessary. Two weeks and inexperienced crew are the two major red flags here. Ishmael is right, maybe just try a trip to Barkley Sound the first time.
  10. Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    Plus 1 Tucky. I did quite a few miles in a sistership to this one. Often with my 3 young daughters.
  11. Caribbean 600

    I was just rummaging around his website this afternoon looking for hints or updates. I suspect there's a bunch of us interested....
  12. Another interesting boat

    Yeah, they make her look good but I sure don't want the resultant void spaces from the original being intact underneath! As cool as it looks?......nope, still wouldn't touch it!
  13. Sailing Books for Children

    Kids don't care!
  14. Summer cruising San Juan Islands

    Bellingham is fine, especially when heading to Sucia or, well anywhere. Personally, I flew out of B'ham just once on Allegiant. Never. Again. Ever. No way. No how. Screw that! Uh, where was I? Oh yes, the airporter shuttle stops directly in the marina in Anacortes, the Safeway is across the street for provisioning. Likewise for the shuttle in LaConner where there may be more transient spaces for the summer, probably cheaper anyway. The penalty is the hour and a half in the Swinomish Channel before getting to Anacortes but the days are long, sun doesn't set till 9 (still great light til almost 10)and there's plenty of places in and around Anacortes to decompress at anchor before bebopping into Cap Sante Marina for a free 2-4 hour stop while you provision at the aforementioned Safeway.
  15. Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    Despite it's own limitations, a Dragon is a cadillac compared to an Etchells or Star....