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  1. J/88

    The problem you have here is that the J 88 is being built currently. Businesses have ever higher costs. A new boat represents the costs of doing business TODAY and hopefully a little profit or else why be in business. A boat built 5-10 yrs ago was priced according to the costs of business 5-10 years ago. Trust me, it was cheaper then. In addition, the first owner absorbed that cost when he sold it as most subsequent owners do also. The large market of used boats further lowers the 'market' price and means the previous owners have absorbed some of the boat's cost/value loss. You don't want a new boat builder to absorb those costs or they won't be a builder for long. I get it. A new boat is outside most folks budgets and even more so when we see other bigger, better, faster boats on the market for less. Be grateful that there are still some folks willing to pay for the 'new boat smell' AND willing to absorb the depreciation 'costs'. If you think that a new boat 'should' cost much less, I encourage you to start a boatbuilding business and maybe you'll have ton's of folks beating the path to your doors. Disclaimer: I am not a boatbuilder but just a simple business owner who has gotten the opportunity to see the inside of 'real business costs'. FWIW, I would never be a boatbuilder as the margins are not worth justifying the investment--assuming a profit could be made...
  2. What boat to buy?

    Based on this response, I've got a couple observations: 1) If you're talking about Shields or an Atlantic One-Design, you're definitely looking sub $20k or even sub $10k or even less so that eliminates a new boat like a Seascape or even a used J-Something. (IF, I said, IF you can find a nice J-27 as mentioned above, you'd probably have something there...) 2) I'm a bit curious about what you consider to be 'de-tuning' an Atlantic or a Shields. They are already essentially de-tuned by today's sports boats standards. Their working jibs and main are pretty basic. Either one could easily be reefed early if you were so inclined. This concern seems to indicate to me that you have very little experience and significant reservations about your own comfort levels. Probably a good thing and probably with these boats not a major issue to worry over.
  3. What boat to buy?

    Then there's the Alerion 28 Express....
  4. bi-directional Proa

    I'm not so much interested in planing per se, but it's readily apparent to me that less rocker is helpful when using an outboard of any size (which, of course, was NOT the usual intent of most of these pram designs). So I'll be interested in hearing how it works out in real life.
  5. Quite true my friend. That's why I don't generally even click on 'em since the titles and clickbait alone usually deter me and I give a mental roll of the eyes but it stops there.. Alternatively, I have kicked in to, (albeit, not recently)and always enjoy watching that KTL bloke's vids...
  6. Yeah,.... well.....advertising just how stoopid one is doesn't exactly make me press on the mouse and clickit..... Mostly, my eye muscles get tired from 'rolling' them....
  7. Deep vs. shallow keel

    Sorry #81, Deep keels increase stability (for the same weight) and significantly increase windward performance. A shallow keel boat can go just as fast as a deep keel boat but it will be sliding sideways MUCH more so you'll have further to sail. But if you like to go into cozy little spaces and places, that shallow keel will enable it quite nicely and there'll be no centerboard/daggerboard trunk inside messing up your accommodations.
  8. I still think it does have potential despite not being able to finish the ARC. My interpretation of Paul's comment is that he's pretty unhappy with the spar builder more than anything. Apart from the obvious $$$ of the 60, there are two things that would keep me from going that route. #1 Unprotected helm, especially for offshore use. Yes, yes, yes, ya use the autopilot offshore, but there's still no protected watch standing location. #2, it's still just a too powerful and large rig for a couple (in my case that equals single handing essentially--for a someone who's closing in on Medicaid...) The 50 loses all the grace of the 60 to try and maintain accommodations.....
  9. Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    Yup, just give me the 'tools' for deriving the solution not the entire list of possible solutions.
  10. Fixed it for ya. By the way, as for thumbnails, I'm more attracted to a picture OF your (anyone's) boat rather than FROM your cockpit... (and if the boat is cool, unique or otherwise appealing it's mo bettuh) Cans are a dime a dozen and usually indicate that the actual content of the video was pretty low value so they had to appeal to the baser side of the male viewing genre instead....
  11. 5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    This---at least for license part. Having the skills makes life easier after the paperwork is out of the way.
  12. Radio controlled sailing

    There's also a group that sails IOM's at Deception Pass on Wednesday's and Sundays. (Bowman Bay)
  13. And this is the challenge of judging a boat by a few race results only.... Fast boats still need a good crew and smart naviguessing. Good crew and naviguessing can make even an 'average' boat look like a winner--especially when the competition messes up. Over time, though, race results begin to speak more loudly.
  14. Coolboats to admire

    Anchor ball
  15. Caption Contest

    Boat on a stick!