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  1. Golly! I'd sure like to see them!.... oh, wait.....
  2. Wess, trust me. With respect, I spent 15 years at sea, several as a tanker captain. "at sea" is the operative word, not merely underway, and the Chesapeake is not 'at sea' as I'm referencing. There are always exceptions but it's not the norm and I seriously doubt the container ship was lit up much beyond running lights. I am absolutely certain both crews were aware of the other's presence, it was not that they didn't know the other was there, rather, that they didn't do what normal prudent watch standers are supposed to do. It is 'possible' that the navy ship was running dark, but per my scenario, I still think the container ship 'saw' them but probably assumed/hoped that they would exercise their own responsibility to avoid collision...
  3. Exceptions. Not underway in open ocean. Not the norm. Containers ships and other deep draft, deep sea commercial vessels are dark except for a few house lights aft and running lights. At sea, it's only the cruise ships that are 'lit up like a Christmas tree'.
  4. I'm going to guess the following: Container ship sees Navy fine on port bow. Closing. CPA is varying slightly perhaps .1 or .2 miles passing close aboard but maybe unsure which side. Navy should not push things but does and chooses not to make a small course change to stbd which should have been done. Container ship has dilemma, has possibly waited too long now, Can't turn to port (what if Navy finally 'wakes up' and goes stbd?) Holding course means high speed impact. Turning to stbd to avoid or reduce impact is only remaining option. When left too long it guarantees impact. But no action or turning to port will potentially make things way worse (practically and legally) No info on whether there were radio comms prior. Typically, commercial would try. Unlikely in congested waters that the watch is sleeping or distracted. It was always my worst case right of way scenario. The only sure fire solution is for early and decisive turn to stbd by one or both vessels. Early meaning while 6-10 miles apart. In close coastal waters there are potentially other traffic considerations that work against you and you really need the other vessel to 'make it easy for you' by making a 5 or 10 degree course change to stbd. (Navy doesn't think that way) I had this happen to me but I got lucky. OOW (on tanker) called me (captain) late. (that was NOT lucky) I held course and crossed my fingers when I could see that it appeared we would miss and I prayed that the other guy wouldn't 'wake up' at the last minute and try to come to stbd.... I still get sweaty thinking about that one 30 years later.
  5. If the skipper was injured while in his cabin.... it might be reasonable to assume that the bridge watch never called him! (Not an excuse, because then it means he didn't train them correctly). Getting mashed in one's cabin may also mean that the collision alarm was either not sounded at all or far too late.
  6. ALWAYS! Always, Always, yield to the Admiral's preferences. Especially when it's a toss up!
  7. I've noticed Russell's tracker seems to update much less often than others. From what I'm seeing, it's been almost 6 hours since an update. He could be moving already.
  8. Always sad to have to drop out and early, but this is wisdom on TPSR's part. The really fantastic part about this race are all the variables that a competitor has to prepare for and have things go in their favor No wind? A good human powered design. Lot's of wind? A fast sailer. Cold, wet, windy? Shelter on going. Singlehanded? Take the rest stops strategically, but take those stops. (Russell is currently demonstrating this discipline well). Debris damage? Take spares and tools to fix it (hopefully). It's not just speed, or primary propulsion method, or total minimalism. No one team or boat is a guaranteed win-- very fascinating! I love the epic individual stories and examples of courage, perseverance and endurance. One wonders, "Could I do it?"" Would I do it?" "Should I do it?" fun to play along anyway....
  9. When you have 35 knots of wind and a flood tide, low powered boats are not going to be able to fetch Victoria. This start has, what, 36 hours time limit for this very reason. That's not lack of preparation, that's prudence and part of the strategy of surviving 750 miles to Ketchikan. Competitors must think long haul not sprint. Of course, the fast multis going for the $10k, work with a different paradigm.
  10. Webb Chiles has used a Pelagic on his Moore 24 round the world trip. Reliable but a touch noisy.
  11. I have the Jefa unit and am totally in love with it. It's likely about 500% overkill for my boat but quiet and accurate. No problems downwind either. Being a direct drive and not having a ram that can leak or collect dirt/salt/gunk is a real plus.
  12. It looks like crap on a computer screen but the 360 view capability on an iPad is kinda neat....
  13. SS ladders held in place with a pin or two rattle and vibrate at different rpms. Not a good solution--good idea but tough or impossible to implement. ( and stainless--isn't )
  14. Or a Chris Craft Apache 37
  15. My english report card once said "has difficulty expressing himself..." None of the designers gave me what I wanted. They gave me what they wanted that 'somewhat' paralleled my requests. They forgot that I was the client. I didn't ask for unsafe, or weird or ugly. Consequently, they got fired.... I spent a bunch of money learning that I needed to push back a bit harder. The only thing I'm trying not to do is name names....