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  1. It's looking pretty intact for having been two months in the winter North Atlantic... (tell me again why the skipper had to be rescued...?)
  2. Veeger

    Really... Is there a better boat for the money?

    RM and Pogo are at the top of my production cruiser-of-choice list. But I think the Admiral would favor the RM over the Pogo. Unfortunately, (or possibly it's fortunate in a 'next boat' sort of way) she's been lured by the interior of a Sense 57. Fortunately, between the price and my pleas for a slightly more easily handled craft, I think we can probably steer her away from the 57 after having thoroughly acclimated her to a high 6 figure purchase price!
  3. Veeger

    Dark side

    If you can get her to 'not notice it', I totally WANT your secret.....!
  4. Veeger

    FL2KW Multi Ratings - Say What????

    And that's the whole thing isn't it? In racing it's Conditions, Conditions, Conditions that affect the outcomes. Single number ratings NEVER work for all conditions. But we knew that already, didn't we?
  5. Veeger

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    I'm also becoming thoroughly unimpressed with this current voyage of hers. When one undertakes a voyage of this duration, difficulty and is seeking a record as well, one needs to be thorough and meticulous in preparation. Otherwise, it becomes an ill-conceived stunt that ends in tears. I had held her in a somewhat respected position of experience, pluck and determined seamanship. It's becoming evident to me that, perhaps, my respect was falsely elevated. For sure, she's a tough gal, but perhaps not as thorough at exercising good sense and seamanship, especially with regard to preparation. It's also becoming obvious, if it weren't already, that resources to do this trip properly were less than adequate. But this is why it's a matter of seamanship, one doesn't just 'do it anyway' if it can't be done properly. Will this trip end in rescue and abandonment? or worse? Methinks, the odds for such have gone up dramatically.
  6. Veeger

    Gunboat 68

    My understanding is that immersed sterns ARE faster above 10-12 knots boat speed, but draggier below that. (compared to sterns out of the water....) Similarly, more rocker is slower, but allows the stern to squat a bit more, thus raising the bows at speed. These long, extended bows already have enough buoyancy so that the 'squat' isn't needed. As I have observed my own cruising cat(s), I've long felt that the greater rocker was definitely slower. My current ride has wonderfully long bows (relatively) and their buoyancy is a joy to watch and experience. All very 'plebeian' however, compared to this speedster....
  7. Veeger

    Dark side

    This is a very significant statement that needs to be highlighted. Years ago, I went to a designer for a custom catamaran design. (would've been a pretty cool PNW fast cruiser). However, at some point in the process, I realized that there were decisions that needed to be made that I couldn't make because I had never owned a cruising catamaran! When one considers the huge investment entailed in a custom design and build, having a practice boat really isn't too expensive in the scheme of things. What's expensive is going through the whole process and discovering the mistakes and changes that may or may not be able to be rectified.
  8. Veeger

    Dark side

    I was going to post almost the same comments yesterday as well. The interior leaves a lot to be desired..... I only recently deleted my browser bookmark for her.
  9. Veeger

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    The FP is ded 2 me...
  10. Veeger

    Dark side

    Safe? Sure! Comfortable? Well, better to have some active stabilizers I suppose but..... comfy is relative...
  11. Veeger

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Yeah, but the first question the salesmen get asked is "How many does it sleep?" Consequently......
  12. When you figure you're already going to take out a small boat, you do everything. You KNOW someone is going to say, Why didn't they at least sound the danger signal? ..... So you do. I also left out a few details. i.e. it wasn't the first time we sounded the horn in that incident.... (the point was to demonstrate what 'insisting' looks like)
  13. Sometimes. It might actually go 'somewhat' as you imagine... Me: (as I navigate a 40,000 dwt tanker inbound in a coastal waterway) There's 3 little WAFI's crossing from stbd. It would be nice if he/they didn't try to cross ahead. WAFI: Hey Mildred! Look at that big ship. Concerned bride: Isn't he getting pretty close dear? WAFI: Yeah, but he's a 'motorboat' and we're sailing so we've got the right of way. Me: He's not really gonna do this is he?.... Me: SHIT! Yes he is. Okay, we've just got enough room here to tuck right a few degrees... Right 15 degrees rudder! Sound the danger signal! Concerned Bride: HONEY, he's really close! WAFI: Yeah, okay, I'll tack out of his way. What an asshole! Thinks just because he's bigger.... Me: Crap! He's tacking back now??? HARD LEFT! (ticking of clock slows down while rudder goes from right 15 to 35 hard left and swinging of bow slows and begins to respond to left rudder....) Me: Asshole! Idiot! F'n WAFI (while walking out to stbd bridge wing to ensure we clear and ordering right rudder to bring the stern back away from the WAFI) WAFI: (muttering) SOME PEOPLE just seem to not know the rules of the road! Yeah, this is what 'insisting' looks like.... from a very real life experience in Naragansett Bay......
  14. Here's what it means for us as sailors: Any small boat (under about 80' or so ) 'sailor' around here would be absolutely crazy to insist on their right of way over commercial or military vessels. To the best of your ability get out of and stay out of the way. Maneuver EARLY to let them know you're not intending to come near their projected path. Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you should. The 'ole', "I gots my RIGHTS"! shit won't make you or your heirs any happier (well, unless, perhaps, you've got a sizable estate...) Keep life simple (for everyone), stay away from 'em. (btw, from a big ship perspective, 'early' is measured in miles...just fyi)
  15. Veeger

    what is it?

    Bett's yard