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  1. Veeger

    Daysailer for old people

    Nope. That traveller will mess with his/her knees and shins and send him/her all-a-splatter heading one way or the other in a hurry. Move along.... Bruises, blood and curses lie here.
  2. Veeger

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    It sounds like the outboard is a good match. Low rpm, quiet but adds a nice boost to sail power. Outboards don’t even have the problems diesels are purported to have at low loads. To Kris’ point, I think the usual knock on low rpms operations on boats likely has more to do with short run times where the engine never gets up in temperature, combined with poor maintenance, water condensation and other abuses. As for electric, while solely on electric, your range is indeed pretty limited but doing the motor sailing thing at reduced rpms really extends the time available on the battery. But for the money, it sounds like the outboard is already achieving most of what you want to do in combo mode. True motor-while-sailing mode can be very efficient, greatly improve passage times and quite pleasant, especially vs running solely under power with a well loaded, high(er) rpms of diesel only.
  3. Veeger

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Ah, well, yes.... there is always a downside. But, underway, behind glass, warm and dry ,most often compensates for many things...
  4. Veeger

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Dylan, you must be in hog heaven with inside steering, cabin heat, etc, etc. Congrats on stepping up to luxury while staying small. Great solution.
  5. Veeger

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Hmmm, well, better plumb a 'high level' return from the day tank to the fuel tank. It just wouldn't do to overflow the day tank with all that there fu-ell coming back from the engine...
  6. Steve, thanks for sharing these details. I can’t ever get enough info about Red Herring, She has always been a sweet design and it’s good that’s she’s always been in the same family and improved with love. If I had a spare million, I”d be wanting to give her a sister. I might even accept the deep draft (necessary for obvious reasons). I love long, lean and low, with light displacement and commensurate small relative sail area. Red Herring is the epitome of this.
  7. Veeger

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    I think Dylan’s on the right track... okay, I’d be thinking like him... An old, power hungry, seldom used radar probably isn’t worth it’s weight or ‘view obstruction’ 99% of the time. Prudent avoidance of fog conditions will help as well and the big boys have AIS so the risks are small. Now, when he hits it big with his Patreon Patrons*, a nice new solid state broadband radar connected to his tablet might just show up... * I know, not on the list....but
  8. Veeger

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    My thoughts EXACTLY, when I first saw that pic
  9. Veeger

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    The listing pics show two things I’ve never seen before. A boom gallows frame suspended between the two running back stays. An innovative dodger extension. Of course, I’m not too keen on running back stays in principle. Nor would I be particularly pleased with using the center of my jib sheet winches to support that dodger extension, but creative nonetheless.
  10. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

    Dang! I think I missed the double plank part. That’s actually a method I had considered at one point. I was ‘interested’ but apparently not serious enough at the time to do serious enough research. ....... hey, but I WAS interested...!
  11. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

    She was available on the used market a while back. I was seriously tempted but she’s plank on frame and the only wood boat I’ll consider must be cold molded / epoxy. I have ‘memories’ of leaky garboards....
  12. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

    Well, there’s a whole thread on these on the Wooden boat forum. You won’t likely have any more room than what you’ve got in your H Boat.
  13. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

    Ostkust design by Al Mason, I think. 24’ loa
  14. Great idea! Have been thinking along these lines for Wednesday night racing... maybe with a partner.
  15. Veeger

    Nesting dinghy designed to plane under power?

    Sure! A panga... I like it!